Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Combat Changes and Merge Questions

Two things on the agenda today! Later on in this post I'll address a lot of questions I've seen regarding the transition to using G1 accounts, but first off Maenad has some notes she’d like to pass along regarding revisions to combat in the upcoming patch. The main thing we want to stress here is that we ARE currently looking at everything and taking feedback into account.

Hello again!

In the last version we had up on the PTS, combat was too fast…
But on live right now it’s too slow. We’re trying to get a bit of the Goldilocks solution going here. With that in mind, here are some of the changes for this coming patch:
  • The extra player health from last patch is going away. Given the base formula changes to mitigation, health is just too high. We don’t want you to spend a lot of time getting patched up out of combat though. As a downtime reducer, if you are in any resting stance (Sleep, Lounge, Squat, Sit, or Sitchair) your regeneration rates will be greatly increased. In a relative sense, this increases the speed of combat WHILE still calculating mitigation of each point of damage taken in the ways intended and providing for little time out of combat.

  • After re-evaluating Precision, critical hit damage is being increased, and precision will provide a greater increase in critical hit percentages for the same number of spent AP.

  • Armor debuffs in support and non-passive lines are getting boosted.

  • There has been a lot of debate over the usefulness of power. One of the cool things about the new system is that thre are no mandatory skills, and some skills have more noticable benefits for different types of weapons. You will notice a bigger difference using power with slow large damage weapons. Sniper rifles and two handed melee weapons are greatly benefited by power, where someone using a faster wepon may see a more noticable benefit to maxing precision.

And now, questions regarding the transition to using GamersFirst accounts to log in to Fallen Earth:

Will we get to use our old accounts when Fallen Earth transitions to Free2Play?
Absolutely, hence the account merge. The first time you log in to the game following the transition, you will be directed through a short merge process where you verify your characters, and then voila, you're done. From then on, you'll log in to Fallen Earth using your GamersFirst account (create one here for free so you're ready when the merge happens).

Why is this change being made? Why can't we just keep logging in with our Fallen Earth accounts forever?
GamersFirst is a universal service and uses a single log in across all of our games. This may not concern you terribly if you only plan to play Fallen Earth, but what's more relevant in your case is that everything that makes up GamersFirst -- logging in, payments, customer service tools, and everything else -- requires a GamersFirst account in order to function. Thus far, Fallen Earth has existed sort of on its own in mostly the same state as it had been before it came under our ownership. When the transition requires a GamersFirst account, it will have completed its first big step towards becoming a Free2Play game.

Can I merge my account before August 1st?
It's likely, given the pace of work right now, that we may roll the transition out earlier than the originally schedule date of August 1st, but you will have to wait until this day to perform the merge.

What if I don't have the game available but I want to merge? Can I?
The process you're directed through when you log in to the game is web-based, so when that process is available it will be linked to here, on the forums, and through Facebook and Twitter.

What will happen on the day of the merge?
The Fallen Earth game and website will go down for a period of maintenance. When the game comes back up, you will log in using your existing account as you already have been doing; from there, you will be prompted to complete a short process for merging that account with a GamersFirst account (which you should already have created by this point). From then onwards, you will log in to both the Fallen Earth game and website using your GamersFirst account.

Will I have to do anything to make sure my subscription transfers?
Credit card payments will continue to recur without your needing to do anything. This is something we wish we could implement across the board, while transitioning payments, we must undergo slightly different processes for various payment providers. If your subscription is paid with PayPal you will need to go into your subscription settings and reinitiate recurring payments. Please note that doing so will not immediately charge you -- it will just set things up so that your subscription will successfully recur on the next day that it is scheduled to. Unfortunately, it will not be possible to initiate recurring payments through ClickandBuy; in this case, we would encourage you to pay directly with a credit card, or use PayPal.

What do I get out of all this?
If you complete the merge process by August 5th, you'll receive some free G1 Credits the following week to familiarize yourself with the new environment. There is also, of course, the Subscriber Appreciation Gifts being given out each month for having an active subscription the previous month, the Veteran Reward Item being given out to all Fallen Earth players that have ever subscribed prior to the Free2Play transition.

Thanks for reading! Got a question? Post it in the comments.



  1. Will we get new respecs for these changes?

  2. So you have undertaken the merge BUT no Combat Changes??? When are they to take place?? 1st August?

    Also I too would like to know details on Respec Injectors for these changes...many of us have gone through the previous ones AND bought more testing the failed implementation of the Combat System post last patch.

  3. In previous games I have played, when something as big as this past combat patch, the devs provide test servers or respec options until the system is properly working. Hell, make the respec injectors character bound, and limited to one at a time, then have the cool down to using another one last 24-72 hours so that people could get a real feel without abusing the system. Another way to go about it would be to provide unlimited respec injectors free of charge for a week after a new patch is dropped.

    Just my $0.02

  4. They've been pretty good about handing out extra's if you ask nicely and don't abuse it

  5. How on earth can you abuse it? Also I fail to see how they have been nice about handing out Injectors, doy uo even know the history here? What game have you been playing or are you new to FE?

  6. I've been playing FE and if you ask nicely for injectors if you screw up your toon they'll normally give them out but if you abuse it by asking over and over again I wouldn't expect them to give you anything. They want people to stay subscribed and they know there has been issues. The only people that use up injectors so much are the PvPers who whine because they don't have a PTS to test everything on. Just be happy you had a PTS. I think it'd be a waste to put up another PTS. Throw the recalculator up on marketplace as well as pristine but do it like Bloodspor said except make people pay. Like a true drug dealer, give the players a taste and then charge them for each additional taste. Sure it'll piss off people but that's why it's going F2P. Not a massive player base yet all the players want massive content. If you love the game so much you shouldn't be bothered by shelling out extra cash here and there. To some that may seem like pay-to-win but at the same time those dumbasses who choose to p2w are helping to financially support a game you love to play. To me it's like getting mad because your g/f's a stripper and guys like to pay her alot. You should just shut up and be happy they're paying your bills. You're the one getting the most enjoyment out of her, not them.

  7. I see so you have been screwing up and begging for injectors. Yeah I wasn't talking about anyone doing that, didn't think anyone seem to be missing the obbvious here so will state it for you.

    The point is its not the player that screwed up, its the FE Team thus if YOU pay for more injectors then not only are they screwing up the game...they are screwing you.

    Not sure why you think it would be a waste to put up another PTS, players have been asking for it, espec since this last patch and FE Team themselves think its a good idea and are going to put one seem to be alone here.

    Sounds to me like you are new to FE, don't PVP, have an issue with those who do PVP and are angry at your stripper girl friend (or wish you had one?) ...whatever.

    The Injectors discussion has nothing to do with the "future planned f2p".

  8. Pls pls pls, put up PTS before you make such FT system, new CS changes. give us a week to test it.As you see, your team isnt really able to find a ballanced CS, cause you guys dont let US test it.

    Sir Corona: we my friend are suporting this game for almost 2 years now. And whis game is going f2p. But not yet !!! I am payng 3 subs,and i dont want see the game i love is dieng.


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