Monday, July 25, 2011

Subscriber Appreciation Gifts detailed


Have you been wondering what the Subscriber Appreciation Gifts will be?
Check them out here!

If you are allergic to pictures, here they are in text form:
  • Having an active subscription or game time code at any point in July will get you some Fancy White Boots and a Skindog pet in August
  • Having an active subscription or game time code at any point in August nets you a Snazzy White Hat and a Chupacabras pet in September
  • Having an active subscription or game time code in September means you'll get the Sexy White Jacket and the Old Creeper pet in October

As long as you're currently subscribed to Fallen Earth, you won't have to buy these or do anything out of the ordinary to get them; they will gravitate towards you like mosquitoes to freshly exposed skin. It's our way of saying thank you, and we appreciate your support during this transition process. These should not, however, be confused with the Veteran Reward item which we'll be giving out to anyone who has ever bought the game or upgraded a trial. That is a separate thing altogether, and will be going out when the transition to Free2Play is complete.

All signs point to it being super nifty.

As mentioned in the last couple blogs, we're also currently working on tweaks to combat here and there based on all the feedback we're getting. Maenad is putting together a list of the changes being made, and a new post will be available later this week detailing the upcoming changes. We're looking forward to another round of feedback once these changes drop.

Also, there are seven Earth days left until the Fallen Earth/GamersFirst merge process is available. Make sure you have a GamersFirst account now so that you are prepared!


  1. white cowboy clothing? really? ah well, at least the pets are looking cool, even though pets are useless. and its cool you guys are handing out stuff either way!
    im looking forward to the veteran reward hoping it will be something more complying with my taste. ;)

  2. Sorry guys but this sucks. Pets are cool, but the white clothing ? Lame.

  3. meh.. pets are cool, but the clothes? comeon guys you can do better then this really, pure fail. I'm gonna have to agree, not to impressive when it comes to the clothes, the rest, SPOT ON!

  4. I'd be a little happier if they were dye-able at least

  5. I disagree on the white clothing being lame.. I've been hoping to dye my Duster white so it would match my Fedora but with the Sexy White Jacket I won,t even need to spend a white chip on dye!

  6. its all dyeable said linus on the forum. but still.. cowboy's not my style.

  7. @Dunkare Correction, actually, courtesy of Affa -- only the jacket is dyable. The rest is fancy enough as it is ;)