Monday, August 1, 2011

Accounts Transition Recap

Changing the foundational infrastructure of a live MMO and keeping it operational in the process is a gargantuan undertaking -- some might call us insane for even attempting it! From the beginning, though, we've had no intention of bringing Fallen Earth offline while we update the hardware, software, account system, payment system, and gameplay, so we're moving forward! There are a few outstanding issues that we're tackling left and right, so on behalf of everyone here I'd like to extend a big thank you for your support while we get everything taken care of. If you've been affected in any way, please send an email to Most problems will be resolved in time without your having to do anything, but we do want to make sure that we're communicating individually together throughout the process to make sure everything works for you.

What's Done So Far:

On Friday we completed the account transition: GamersFirst accounts can now be used to log in to Fallen Earth; new accounts automatically start a 14 day free trial the first time they log in. Pre-existing Fallen Earth accounts can be linked to GamersFirst at a ratio of one GamersFirst account per Fallen Earth account. Having seen the numbers over the weekend, I'm happy to report that the vast majority of players completed this process without incident in just a few seconds, which was our goal. We've noticed that some continued to try to log in with their Fallen Earth account, but once they realized they had to log in with their GamersFirst account things got sorted quickly.

When the merge process launched there was functionality included for correcting a merging mistake; if you, for instance, merged the wrong Fallen Earth account with your GamersFirst account, you could merge a different Fallen Earth account with GamersFirst on top of the old one. We have since discovered that there were far more people trying to merge multiple FE accounts into a single GamersFirst account than were trying to use that functionality for its intended use, so we have disabled it; now it is not possible to merge more than one Fallen Earth account with a GamersFirst account yourself. If you wish to do this, please email support.

On Saturday we brought subscriptions back online, as well as the item marketplace (if it interests you, we also added the new Spirit Mask that you see on the right, as well as the Lightbearer and Traveler T-shirts -- for a limited time only, of course). These can only be purchased with credit cards for the time being, because...

What still needs to be done:
  • PayPal - we're still working to bring PayPal online to use when purchasing or renewing a subscription. ETA soon as possible.
  • Expired accounts - Some accounts are erroneously reporting to be expired. We are fixing these now. If you are experiencing this, do email support.

On a lighter note, have you ever been planking in the wasteland? We have!


  1. You need to stop planking and get with the game.

    WTF are you talking about "we've had no intention of bringing Fallen Earth offline" ... you have had major outages and post implementation outages since you took the game over. The Server was offline for how many hours while you did the Accounts Transition...?

    What drugs are you on?

  2. Hi we were told:

    If you complete the merge process by August 5th, you'll receive some free G1 Credits the following week to familiarize yourself with the new environment.

    whats happens if we cant resub because of:

    PayPal - we're still working to bring PayPal online to use when purchasing or renewing a subscription. ETA soon as possible.

    Its now a few hours to the 3rd and we stil cant resub because paypals still not sorted out.

  3. Edited because I wrote Vista instead of Traveler shirt!

    @JimmyQ That was referring to shutting the whole game down during the duration of the transition, not the odd long maintenance here and there

  4. Linus,

    Here is the Post from the Server Status Forum on the day when the Server was down for 6+ hours for the Transition.


    Hello Folks,

    Just wanted to give everyone a heads up. The server is currently offline while the account transition is being done. We apologize for the downtime, and will update you with more information as it becomes available.


    Here is todays post for maintenance

    Server will be going down at 9am PDT for maintenance. Downtime is estimated at 30 minutes

    What part of "The server is currently offline while the account transition is being done" do you not understand?

    Why did YOU not know that the Server was taken offline for the duration of the transition?

  5. JimmyQ, I think the fundamental thing that I'm somehow failing to convey is that "offline" means really offline, for several months -- as in, from June to October, during the transition. This is the question we were asked several times, and is what we did not want to do. I apologize for the confusion.

  6. I see, you need to state things clearly then cause I never got that from fact I never considered that anyone would need to take the Server offline for 5 months to do what you have wonder you think some people are calling you insane.

  7. @SicCorona, JimmyQ

    Let's just be happy this game is going free2play, okay?

  8. sounds like a good idea. I wouldn't spend a dime on these hippocrites.

  9. @SicCorona If you would be so kind as to elaborate, I would love to understand why you would say that :( There have been bumps in the integration process, but nothing I would consider hypocritical

  10. I just find it funny how some people on a game get banned for alleged "griefing" or "exploiting" while others that were caught blatantly exploiting and/or griefing never get banned and barely chastised. Also watching my forum posts get removed because they are inflammatory? Half the things a certain few people say in the forums are inflammatory and I don't see infractions/bans being handed out. It's very hippocritical. It will basically turn into an even more elitist community once it goes F2P. No one see's that. It's not worth subscribing now when the game will be F2P in a few months and looks like it will turn more into "APB: The Aftermath" rather than staying true to Fallen Earth.

  11. lol linus he's just throwing a temper tantrum because the ban hammer came down, justifiably might I add for him and another asshat griefing in citadel

  12. Yes I must say had people in region chat really upset (I was in region when that went down), pretty obvious what the outcome was going to be I really can't see any reson for you to cry poor.

  13. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  14. lol. no matter how hard you cry, you know you deserve what you got.

    and people are afraid of idiots coming with f2p.. idiots are already there, all over the game. its just that there were times when people got away easily with exploiting and griefing - i guess because every single paying longtime customer was desperatly needed. but not anymore. hopefully it will stay that way! make them suffer, ban them all!
    g1 should keep a zero tolerance policy towards these kinds of actions.

  15. @Linus
    You do know what Trolls are, right? And I don't mean the kind that gives Norway a reason to have powerlines. I mean the kind you're wasting time answering to here.

    High Five!

    @the above blog post
    Less planking, more working!
    In all seriousness, my only disappointed so far is server instability. It seems GamerFirst's servers are less stable than those FE used to be on and that's a bummer. Let's hope today's update fixes things.

  16. It's ok, I'm a troll myself so it's only fair I respond to other trolls!

    The servers appear unstable...that I can't deny. What's really going on is that the servers were sort of comfortable sitting in their place. Icarus, and later Fallen Earth LLC, had over time built up a lot of custom, supporting infrastructure that was supplementary to the game servers themselves. So moving them over from their old, comfortable home to our new house -- even though it's got new wiring, new carpets, and a fresh coat of paint on the walls -- they're still not quite comfortable. We need to put the pictures of their grandkids back up on the walls, let them grow a garden, and all kinds of other disturbingly concrete examples that prove my metaphor has gotten away from me. Long story short, they still have to settle in and we need to write some custom stuff to make that happen. It'll get better :)

    But the guy who did the planking doesn't even work on Fallen Earth. So I don't think we're going to stop him!


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