Monday, September 19, 2011

Free2Play Questions Answered

Thanks everyone for your input on the Free2Play reveal! Everyone on the team is thrilled to see that the overwhelming reaction to Fallen Earth's Free2Play/Premium benefits was positive; you build up a certain amount of anxiety as you hope that what you feel is right and fair turns out to actually be right and fair in everyone else's eyes...and yet still be compelling enough to make anyone want to buy it. We're confident we've struck a nice balance here but, as always, we're interested in as much feedback as you're willing to give us.

We're having a lot of fun gearing up to go Free2Play, but I'd like to take a moment and answer some of the questions that we're seeing on a regular basis.

What happens to my existing subscription when the game goes Free2Play on October 12th?
On the day of the conversion, the remaining subscription days in your current billing cycle will automatically be upgraded to the Commander Premium level for free; enjoy! This will last until your next bill date, at which time it will revert to the Wastelander level (which costs the same as your current subscription, but provides increased benefits). 
For a more concrete example, if you're on a monthly recurring subscription and you have 25 days left when the Free2Play conversion happens, then you'll have Commander Premium for 25 days.
This also holds true if you have one of the longer term subscriptions; your account will be automatically upgraded to Commander for free regardless of if you have 5 days, 90 days, or 300 days of subscription left on your account. 
One important distinction: The free upgrade affects in-game benefits only; Reward Points already given out for purchases made prior to the conversion will remain unchanged.

Since free players only start with one character slot, what happens to my existing characters if I go Free2Play or Survivalist? If I already have four, will any be deleted? Will I have to choose which character(s) I want to keep?
Absolutely not. If you had ever bought the game or paid for a subscription, those character slots were included with your game, so they belong to you regardless of the change in business model. No characters will be deleted, and you will not have to pick your favorite one or anything silly like that. When the game goes Free2Play, you can play all four.

Will free players be able to access the auction house? Mail? Use trade?
Yes. We are taking a risk here, so we're going to constantly evaluate this and if we ever have to change it, we will. We want to take this risk because we believe that using the Auction House, being able to trade with other players and send and receive mail are functions that are integral to getting the full Fallen Earth experience. Traditionally, however, these functions (trading, etc) are prone to abuse in Free2Play games, and restricting it is the first line of defense against gold farming. We think these functions are vital enough, though, that we'd rather prioritize finding other ways to limit gold farming (such as the chip limit on accounts that have never paid). So right now we're hoping for the best and planning for the worst; we'd like free players to be able to permanently use the AH, mail, and trade, but if gold farmers get totally out of control we may have to change this.

What will the chip limit be for free players?
Currently the chip limit for free players is set at 10 red chips. We feel this should be sufficient for experiencing the game and doing what you need to do, while also protecting against rampant gold farming. This limit goes away if you ever buy anything, so even if you don't want to get a subscription, you can buy something small just to prove to us you aren't a bot and then you can amass as much wealth as you want!
It probably goes without saying, but if you are a former Fallen Earth subscriber then you of course won't be subject to this limit (since you already have paid at some point).

What price will vets have to pay for a Commander Premium subscription?
All players who had ever redeemed a Product Key (ie, bought the game) prior to the transition to Free2Play will see a price of $19.99 for Commander Premium. Thanks for sticking with us and helping make Fallen Earth great! We couldn't have done it without you :)

Will I still be able to subscribe, or do I have to buy a new Premium every month?
You will still be able to initiate new recurring monthly subscriptions to any of the three Premium Subscriptions (Survivalist, Wastelander, Commander) available.

What happens to free players' crafting queue if they try to craft for longer than eight hours?
If you're on a free account, after eight hours of crafting your crafting queue will pause. Your queue will automatically resume at the beginning of the next 24 hour period regardless of whether or not you log in to check on it. For instance, you can queue up 24 hours worth of crafting and leave for three days; when you come back on the fourth day everything will be done (and you'll of course still have your eight hours for that day to use as well).

I don't think Commander is worth the price you're asking, and I'm not going to buy it! Don't you want me to change my mind?
Not at all! Free2Play games are all about deciding what your experience in the game means to you. To some, it means a great deal; to others, it means a little; and others just flat out have different things they want to spend their hard-earned money on. That's all OK! We created Commander specifically to deliver an abundance of "stuff" to those who will truly value that stuff, including the 500 Reward Points and the Commander aura. If these things don't matter to you, then it stands to reason that you won't purchase this package. And you certainly shouldn't feel like we're trying to make you! 
If you're cool with Wastelander or Survivalist, or nothing, we're cool too. All we ask is that if you do find yourself having a great time with Fallen Earth, to maybe consider buying something as a token of appreciation :)

What's in that teaser image?!
Keep an eye on the blog this week, as Marie is going to drop some knowledge on y'all with a new State of the Game including details on the events planned for Fallen Earth's Two Year Anniversary, the upcoming economy changes, and might let something slip about the upcoming World Event system content patch!


  1. "Vet players will NEVER pay more as they do now" LINUS...
    You just lost 3 subscribers,that would pay 15$ for next year.I know, thats not much for you guys, but just sayng.

  2. you wont, if you dont sub commander :P
    seriously, you couldve guessed thats something not going to happen. if they would give 85% of the server commander for $15 a month, it'd be very hard to convince the rest of paying $30 :P

    anyways, i still have one question: if someone had a trial account with 4 chars on it, but never upgraded, will the 4 chars all be available when fe goes f2p?

  3. 20 a month even as someone who had the game is pushing it way to much IMO. even worse is the 30/month sub fee thats worse than a p2p mmo. Come on now.. should be like 10 for the first maybe 13 for the 2nd and 15 for commander for everyone. As a previous player I am digusted at the 30 buck or even 20 buck price tag for commander.

  4. This game is not f2p if your still charging a subscription to access game features, You should not be advertising it as f2p. if parts of the game are locked to non-subbers. F2P means u can fully access everything without having to pay for basic game features like crafting etc. Considering just making ammo to kill for a hour or 2 can use up 8 hours of craft time.

  5. Does using Reward points count as a purchase?

  6. i bought 2 keys and boosters does that take my chip limit off i bought it from the fallen earth store?

  7. I boguht the game when it got released - about 66-70 Euro's. That Price was the first to be this high on steam. You stopped patching and the game was so buggy even a year later. Now its free and i feel like iv'd been flipped off since the beginning, i actually never got anything of my 70 Euro's. You wanted to make Money without paying back the players, wich i can see indeed succeeded, and now you want those who payed alot of Money for a full game to all of a sudden pay for ekstras in the game?. This game and the developers screwed everyone from the start and i cant say anything positive of any of my experiences with this game. #ThumbdownMadsmiliesPissed

  8. Ok, who thought it was a good idea to add a crafting limit to non paying players. That is just a load of bull. I really love Fallen Earth but with adding a crafting limit and a chip limit its just sounding like a horrible game now, and I don't want to say that about the game either. Honestly have some common sense and don't just feed non paying players a bunch of bs.

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