Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Congratulations and Welcome to the Fallen Earth Free2Play Launch!

Welcome to new players and old to the Fallen Earth Free2Play Launch. With this Fallen Earth has hit new milestones tonight… Fallen Earth has succeeded in having the most players logged in simultaneously since the launch day. This is huge for us and for you as players.

We want to also assure you that we are addressing the server instability that has arisen due to the server load (more players, woot!) and will have this addressed in the next few days. As more players stream in we will do all within our power to keep the servers from bogging down.

Remember that we do have Game Master coverage 24/7. For game issues you can contact one of our Game Masters in-game directly, and for anything billing or technical related please email

Thank you all again for making this a very successful launch of Fallen Earth Free2Play and in the next few weeks you will start to see many fun events happening in game as we move forward to a fun filled game for all.

The Fallen Earth Team


  1. Is the server going to be down for a few days or something?

  2. aahhh how mich time till free launch

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  4. What do you call "milestones", moment when servers dropped dead? That's not milestone, that's fail.

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  6. Dear Admins. This might sound rude, but while you are all thrilled for this, the server is down.

    Server downtime during a launch is pretty much the worst thing that could ever happen: every hour the server is down and more of the "new people" are uninstalling the game and giving bad opinions about it around the internet gaming communities.
    Every hour of downtime could realistically mean hundreds of dollars lost, hope you find a way out of it.

    I for one will wait a couple days more, because I have my own servers myself and know how this works, but I can't guarantee the horde of underages will have the same maturity and patience.

    Best of luck Admins.

  7. Down again... You SERIOUSLY need to buy a new server to merge the new people to.

    One server cannot handle people beyond its limits.

  8. man this server needs to be fixed. do u guys have any idea of when it will be able to stay up for more than an hour before shutting down