Friday, November 18, 2011

Happy November (and Factions)!

Happy November!

It’s been a while, but the PTS is now back in action! We’ve got the first version of Territory Control up for testing, and we’ve been reading all your feedback and having some really great design conversation, so keep testing and keep posting!

Next week we will be starting our Thanksgiving event. There will be questors in Embry, Needle Eye, Sunshine corners, Trader’s Flat and Los Alamos, so be sure to talk to any new faces you see hanging out in those towns. They’re eager to reward clones with a new trinket and Achievement for helping them out.

In addition to the PTS and Holiday events we’ve also been working on changes to the way player get faction. To explain the technical aspects I’m going to hand this over to Affa:

The Future of Faction

We will require players to choose a "main" faction if they want to participate in Territory Control or Conflict Towns. This choice will affect which titles you have access to, which faction channel you belong to, how you appear to other players, and what faction you give when killed. You cannot change this choice easily. You can choose to officially join any faction you are friendly with (not just your current highest faction) by visiting a mission giver in each faction town. Once you've made your choice, you can only change it by going negative with that faction. At that point, you no longer have a chosen faction and can choose again from your current friendly factions. We want players to be able to choose a new faction, but we don't want it to be easy.

You will not need to choose a faction to run missions in Faction Towns or do any PvE content. Your chosen faction will only affect PvP systems.

We are also removing shoulder factions. If you do a mission that gives you Enforcer faction, you will only lose CHOTA faction. If you kill a Tech, you will only gain Vista faction. This will open up more content to players who have maxed two factions instead of having all three. This prevents players from being punished for running missions for both shoulder factions, and it will open up the possibility for players to have unusual alliances. If you want to max Tech, CHOTA, and Lightbearer, you will be able to do so. But as far as PvP is concerned, you are only one of those three factions. This will also fix some bugs where players who have maxed two factions are sometimes treated as one faction and sometimes treated as the other faction.

Because these are large changes, we will add new faction respec missions, each of which resets one axis (i.e. one mission will reset just your Traveler and Lightbearer factions to zero). Just like the existing faction reset missions, they will set those factions to 0 and each one can only be used once. Since players will no longer be receiving extra points from shoulder factions, we will increase faction rewards to match.

So, that will be showing up on the PTS before too long. We know it’s a large change, and we want to get plenty of feedback on it.

Hope everyone has a happy and safe November!

See you in the Wastelands

Aro Sei


  1. How are you going to keep the outnumbered and therefore losing and therefore outnumbered factions fighting ?

  2. TL;DR

    PLEASE, stop adding crap you can't maintain, while the servers are still going down on a bi-weekly basis and people keep leaving because of heavy lag and the extreme volume of bugs.

    If your server foundation is made of duct-tape and ghosts - You really don't want to add weight to what is already disintegrating under the heavy pressure.

    I love you. I love your game. But GOD, please stop being THIS bad at developing -.-

  3. I don't like the replacement of 'shoulders' by ' axis'. Oversimplifies faction relations and ignores inter-faction politics.
    I don't like he decoupling of faction from pve. Makes factions even more meaningless.
    Will faction content be revamped? Faction towns in sector 2 still have quests from the system before this one (giving faction-specific mutation knowlege). Will the representatives from ' shoulder factions be removed from faction towns?
    Are you willing to waste resources like this recicling the same old instead of releasing trully new content?

    Please consider these questions.

  4. Guerreiro,

    Actually, they dumped "giving faction-specific mutation knowlege" a while ago. You can get injectors for what used to be faction-specific mutations in a number of ways now.