Friday, December 7, 2012

December State of the Game

This month:

Farms! Specifically, farms are in QA as we speak, and very shortly will be heading to PTS so you guys can provide feedback before they go live later in the month.

HOW THEY WORK: Farms are crafted through construction. There are three levels of farms, 3 plot, 6 plot and 9 plot. The number of plots in the farm determines how many seeds or cloning kits you can plant. Seeds (used to grow plants) and cloning kits (used to grow animals) are crafted through construction.  Each farm has a farmhouse attached, with the higher level farms having larger rooms and more amenities including vaults, mailboxes and those super comfy couches.

Once crafted, Farms do have a few restrictions on where you can place them. You’ll need a nice patch of mostly flat land that’s not too close to another camp, player, node or hostile. Farms last for four hours, long enough for several good harvests. You can also find or buy items that will extend the life of your farm for up to three days as well as items that will generate more produce from your farm or speed up the growing cycle.
Along with Farms we have a new set of vanity clothes inspired by some of our favorite western movies and steampunk styles that we think you guys will enjoy. These will be available inside a new lockbox, THE DUSTY BOX.

Aaaand since it wouldn’t be the holidays without huge greedy mutants rampaging through the wasteland! Tee Affo and Ninjanomicory have been working on some world events with some new unique rewards, inspired by familiar seasonal tropes.

Next Month:

Happy New Year!

We’ll be kicking things off by completing the effects revamp and the next stage of the Coresuit. We’ve put some very rough drafts of the effects changes on PTS and gotten a lot of amazing feedback. We’re going to look at those numbers and what we want the Coresuit to do and make sure they are working together the way we intend. There will be more iterations of these effects changes and the Coresuits on the PTS starting in January. This is something we really want everyone’s feedback on, so please keep an eye out for PTS announcements!

And yes, when these changes hit live we will be sending out respecs and Combat Knowledge Recalculators!


Are there any other player structures incoming any time soon?

So, we’ve talked about players housing on an off for many years. We’re made no secret that it’s something that could be good for FE. It is, however, a huge project from a technical and artistic perspective. So rather than tackle the whole thing at once we look at what the smaller components are what problems they present and how to solve them. And sometimes we split them up into test projects- like farms. So what does this mean for housing? It means we’re looking at what it takes and how long it will take to get there and in the meantime we’re working on the player made structures that won’t contain full blown resident management, decoration etc. systems that might be a piece of a later version  of housing.

Any chance we will get updates on mounts?

We’re introducing an update to a mount you may recognize for our holiday event. You might have seen some pics of this on our Facebook page.

What are you looking at with the effects changes?

We’re looking at everything and how it works together. Most of the mutations are due for some type of modification. At this stage however nothing is carved in stone.

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Mutations and Effects Changes on PTS

As mentioned in the November SotG blog, we've been monitoring player feedback and wanted to begin addressing the strength of mutations and effects overall, as well as audit their actual functionality, removing redundancy and creating more differentiation. Starting tomorrow at noon PDT we are going to be pushing the first round of these updated effects to PTS and opening it up for you to check them out

We’re going to be doing a lot of tweaking to the initial numbers we put on PTS. These are by no means final numbers. They are not designed to be final numbers. We will be continuing to change and modify add and remove based on the feedback we get. 

These numbers are a starting place for a new balance point, so please get on the PTS rip them apart. Try all the builds and go nuts!

We’re also making some tweaks to weapon damage at high levels. Some weapons are too high, others are too low. We had to look at the time investment required for players to get these weapons and make some decisions on what that time meant to in terms of damage then balancing those decisions with feedback indicating a desire for longer battles.We’re going to be rolling the changes on the PTS starting this week and tweaking numbers until we are satisfied. 

Finally and importantly, check out this forum post for a breakdown of the new values that will be live on PTS. Note that because of the numerous revisions and tweaks that are planned, the skill descriptions in game have NOT been updated, so refer to the forum post throughout the testing period for updates and changes.

Thursday, November 8, 2012

November State of the Game

After spending the past six weeks on bug fixing we’re starting to move on to some new exciting features. The first on our schedule is farms. We had intended to get these out sooner, but held off a little bit to get the system different enough from harvesters to be fun.

For farms we wanted to focus on longevity for the structures and more customization of the resources players can place in their farms. Players will be able to craft either a 3, 6 or 9 plot farms. Once they place their farm in a suitable location in the world , they will be able to plant seeds for organic components, place young animals to raise, or a little of both. We want to make sure that players aren’t locked into one type of resource per farm. Harvesting the resource will give the player a chance to get a common, uncommon or rare component. Players will be able to use crafted, dropped, or purchased items to extend the longevity of their farms, speed up the growth of their resources, or improve their chances of getting a rare component. Additionally, placing a farm in a higher risk area such as a PVP zone can improve the yield of harvested resources.  

In addition to farms we are working on making some adjustments to skills and mutations. We are fixing buggy abilities, increasing the strength of some mutations and adding new functionality to other lines. We should be putting a rough draft of these changes on PTS in the upcoming week or so and tweaking based on player feedback. If you have any questions or concerns this will be a great time to be heard by the devs.

From there we’re looking at adding the long-awaited stage 3 coresuit recipes. There will be three versions; ranged, melee and support. Ninjanomicory has been working his fingers to the bone on the models while Tee Affo is adding the necessary functionality to make them play a significant role in combat. We will be doing a separate blog on the suits and another few new features in the upcoming weeks. 

See you in the Wasteland!

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

October Bug Blog!

I mentioned last time that we were working on some bug fixing, but thought you might appreciate some more specifics on what we’ve been doing, and will continue to work on.

What we have fixed on Live:

We’ve found one cause of a reoccurring bug where players are not getting the correct deathtoll for CFT kills and matches. We’ve put a fix for this on live and are monitoring the situation to make sure we have addressed all cases of this

Also on live is a fix for players with no faction entering keeps.

What we have fixed internally, waiting to be pushed Live:

We have fixed one case of doors not opening in the Earthbound bunker instance.  We had a similar issue with the Briggs Point instance that required a more drastic fix and as a result the Access Denied mission chain is being reworked.

In some cases harvesters were not correctly communicating their state and appearing broken to players trying to use them. We have added more ways to communicate the current state of the harvester to the players.

Neverender has also restored functionality to the broken keep lifenet pods and adding vaults to the keeps that are missing them.

What we are currently fixing:

Cooldown Bug:
Alarik and I were able to track down more information on the most problematic causes of this bug and he is now working towards a solution. 

Commander Aura bugs: 
Our fearless producer Napalm got into the bug fixing action on this one and is working with Alarik on a solution.

Art Bugs:
Ninjanomicon has been smoothing out locations where players get stuck and looking into an exploit or two.  He’s also looking in some issues with weapons causing framerate issues.

Effects issues:
In addition to the cooldown bug, we’re also looking at effects in general. There have been issues with equipped mutations affecting weapon damage so we are working on diagnosing that issue as well.

What we’re going to fix next:

Vehicle bugs:
We have fixed some cases of vehicles becoming “super parked” or vanishing while players are riding them, there are others out there we are working to identify.  There are also some vehicle exploits we will be addressing.

Bloodsports Bugs:
Tee Affo is going to be addressing possible Bloodsports exploits and difficulties players have been having leaving Bloodsports.

So we’ve got our hands full for a while.  We’ll keep you posted on our progress. We will continue to update the Patch Notes page as these fixes are pushed Live.


Monday, October 1, 2012

October State of The Game

October State of the Game:
Summer is finally over, and as the days get longer and colder the Fallen Earth team is doubling down in to one of our oldest fall traditions – bug fixing. We’ve added two new programmers to the NC Team to help us with this, both of them old friends we’re happy to have on the team. So If you see Alarick or Tee Affo wandering through the wastes, please take the time to stop, say “Hi!” and tell them what bugs you want squashed.  In the short term Alarick has been digging in to stability issues while Tee Affo has been looking into World Event issues and cleaning up Road Rally bugs. From there we have a list of issues ranging from further improving Mount behavior to fixing “stuck” cooldowns and reload bugs.

As we get most of these (and other major) bugs into QA, it’s back to content.  In the coming months we are going to be rolling out some new features that are designed to raise the difficulty level for our max level players, and wanted to provide a bit of a power boost before then. The G.O.R.E. system is part of this, and while I can’t go into too much detail yet, I can say that there will be new experiences for crafters, PvErs  PVPers, lore fanatics and everyone generally wondering what’s going on with the District.  We will be adding challenges specifically for small groups as well as larger team based scenarios, new max level recipes and what will be the first step towards a feature we’ve been wanting to add to the game for a very long time… It promises to be one of the most “fitting” additions to Fallen Earth, so stay tuned for more info in the weeks to come!

Trick or Treat!

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

August Update!

This July was a pretty great month in terms of what has been done to eliminate some outstanding issues, and also build towards the future with our Next Big Thing update coming in September. Some highlights:
  • Mounts: We've made loads of progress on how mounts are handled on both the client and server side. Expect to see a lot less weirdness (rubberbanding, disappearing vehicles to name a few) when cruising the Wasteland, reducing some of the everyday annoyances that folks have to deal with.
  • The Dump: We know the debuff issue has been lingering for a while, a result of the fix requiring a ton of investigation on how the engine handles area-bound buffs. Our new developer-ninja has been working to eliminate root cause of the underlying issue, and we hope to have a fix out soon.
  • Server stability under load: Some players may be more familiar with this than other, but issues that sometimes cause levels, character models and inventories to display weird/incorrect data should be resolved with upcoming patches.
  • Bloodsports: Our next major project from a "fix stuff" perspective will be focused around Bloodsports, including everything from movement prediction to objective completion bugs. We hope to release this around the same time as our Next Big Thing.
And just because we've been spending loads of time fixing things doesn't mean there isn't still good stuff on the horizon. Next up is Neverender, with a glimpse at some of the upcoming game updates.

Next Big Thing
Ahoy, Neverender here! I’m sure you’ve all been wondering what those silhouettes were in the last update we did. If you guessed “completely badass new weapons that will melt your face off”, you were correct.  GlobalTech Ordnance of Rapid Extermination (G.O.R.E.) weapon plans have been discovered and these babies are unlike anything else in the Wasteland you’ve encountered! But be warned, it can be a bit hazardous to acquire the plans and necessary materials to construct these instruments of destruction.
Some of the materials required can be found at an abandoned GlobalTech dump site, but there have been reports of a creeper den in that area. But this isn’t just any creeper den, as it is protected by the monstrous Crabbahoak. Nobody that has laid eyes on this beast has survived. But they were clones, so they still told us all about it. It’s pretty gruesome; I’ll spare you the details.

In other parts of the Wasteland, the Cult of the Dead has re-emerged with a scheme to use G.O.R.E. technology to further their own interests. Protected by Queen Lilith and her Pale One minions, this technology will have to be pried from their lifeless fingers.

There’s been a lot of buzz about the last area. Well, a lot of buzz, and then some screaming, and a lot of running. As soon as we’re able to get more intel on that we’ll be sure to let you know!
Anyway, the team has had a lot of fun designing and testing this new content and we’re looking forward to sharing more with you soon.

-Neverender and the Fallen Earth Team

Friday, July 13, 2012

What's Up?

Greetings Wastelanders,
While we have been working on a bunch of new stuff, we aren't ready to share what *exactly* our Next Big Thing is going to be. Most of our time right now is dedicated to fixing a host of issues and bugs (like nodes, mounts and more), along with said Next Big Thing(s).

While more will be said about our Next Big Thing(s) (ie it's more than a few images can reveal) in the coming weeks, here is a 'lil preview...

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

July Premium Reward Preview!

For our loyal Premium players, check out July's exclusive Premium Reward!

You can still lock yours in by purchasing any Premium package before the end of the month. Additionally, because your 30 Day (or longer) Premium would extend into August, you will receive next month's reward as well! Oh, and if you don't like the color, fear not, it is dyeable!

If you think this Fedora is snazzy, you can get yours delivered on August 2nd by picking up Premium today here.

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

June State of the Game

How’d that GTC thing work out for you?
We released GTC last month and since then have been busy addressing the bugs that have come up. Now that we have a good handle on those, we will be looking at some of the concerns players have brought up with balance issues for the harvesters and the consumables.

We are looking at the Deathtoll consumables to make sure they are worth the investment for the players.   For these consumables to really play the role we wanted them to have in FE they need to be balanced a bit differently than other consumables, simply put – they need to be a bit stronger, especially for what’s coming.

As for  harvesters we’ve stated in the past that we want to put players more directly in control of gathering resources so in that line we will be beefing the harvesters back up. We are also going to be releasing Farms, the non-pvp alternative to Harvesters. We still want activities with greater risk to have higher rewards, so  before we can get Farms out, we have to make sure Harvesters are giving enough resources to be worth the effort. We’ve got a better balance point now and will be getting those changes on live asap.

What’s next?
I’m glad you asked, we’re working on a few new systems that should keep players entertained and challenged for a while. Since we’ve just spent a good long time on PVP, this time we’re going to be focusing on a bit more of the PVE side for our challenges. While I’m not ready to get too much into detail here, we’ll be working on putting some unloved and abandoned territory to better use as well as getting some new recipes out there for players to experiment with.

How come you don’t talk to us anymore?
We, and myself particularly, have gotten a bit lax about posting lately and for that I do apologize. It’s never my intention to leave you in the dark for too long. We had moved a bit more towards blog posts  than posting.  

We’re still reading your posts and comments, and as things move a bit more into production on our new systems, we’ll be hopping back over to give more info, answer questions, and generally be social - we’ll also try to bring Bob by as well, but he seems a bit shy these days.

See you in the Wasteland!

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Player Experience: Let's Make it Better!

Hi folks!
You have probably noticed a lot of small changes and tweaks popping up FE, from mini-map tooltips to skill detail pages and more. The goal of these small changes is to increase the “accessibility” factor in Fallen Earth, and generally just make it easier to use for everyone. While we want Fallen Earth to remain a complex and challenging game, the challenge shouldn’t come from figuring out the system, but from figuring out how to make it work best for you. We’d like to go through a few of these changes and give you an idea of how they work, where applicable.

With our last patch (2.39) we introduced multiple mission tracking, new icons to better differentiate between merchants and trainers, new faction colors for player radar icons and new mount icons.  We also added pages players can access from the attribute window that give more details on the function and abilities of their Stats and Skills/Mutations.  These pages should help players better design and plan their builds, both at high and low levels.

When our 2.4 patch (Global Territory Control) arrives, you will see even more tweaks and functionality improvements to the basics of Fallen Earth.

Find Nearest Garage (ability)
Now, if you get lost in the canyon with an empty fuel tank or a dead horse you will be able to get the waypoints to the closest garage to refuel, repair or heal your mount.  Since we’re giving you the waypoints you’ll be able to store all the locations of your favorite garages!

Gear Slot Reduction
We have reduced the amount of gear slots necessary to fully equip your character. The amount of resistances are the same, but gloves, lower and upper arm armor and thigh pieces will now function like boots - equipping one will equip the set.   While this does limit some of the customizability, we will be addressing that through more custom clothing options rather than through forcing players to hunt out available matching sets.

Improved Trainers
Trainers and skillbooks are a constant source of frustration, inventory clutter and are just generally a bit clunky.  For all combat skills and mutations, the book system has been replaced with trainers who will directly give knowledges. The recipes that use the books have been adjusted to use other components. 

A Brighter Night
We’ve also made some tweaks to the sky box so players will be able to see the things lurking in the dead of night just a bit better.   The change is subtle enough to not ruin the feeling of trekking across a wasteland, but enough to prevent interruption in gameplay. We’re also making day longer to give players a bit more time in the sun.

We are adding sector chat so players will be able to communicate with all the players in order to better get groups and socialize. This will be available to everyone in the sector regardless of sub level.

Beyond GTC

AI Improvements
A common complaint from players level 1-55 is that the AI can sometimes seem a bit underdeveloped in its decision-making capabilities. We have been spending a lot of time reviewing how AI in Fallen Earth behaves, and improving it for a more challenging and fulfilling experience, across the board.

Other Stuff
We have plenty of ideas and stuff we are already looking at, but do let us know what YOU think would help improve the general player experience. Obviously things that cast the widest net for the most benefit will take priority, but if it's something specific to PvP, or vehicle crafting or whatever, and it's awesome, share it here or on the forums and it might get done!

See you in the Wasteland!

Monday, May 7, 2012

May State of the Game

Welcome to the State of the Game!

As you all know, we are closing in on the final release of Global Territory Control, an exciting and major update to the post-Sector 1 experience in Fallen Earth. We’ll discuss some of the latest additions to this system and the world later in this blog, including the all-new PvP conflict area, The Foothills, in Deadfall.

First off, a couple of the Free2Play restrictions will be modified soon with the 2.4 (Global Territory Control) update. This is being done to fit better with the capabilities of the engine, and allow us to grant even greater benefits for supporters. The Crafting Queue (meaning how many recipes you can have in progress at once) will be set to 1 for free players (EDIT: 3 for free players who have paid previously), 20 for Survivalists (this is what it currently is for everyone) and an increase to 30 for Wastelanders and Commanders. The upshot for free players here is that you’ll never hit an artificial wall preventing you from crafting for the rest of the day, so as long as you’re actively playing you can always craft something new once the previous item is finished. Most notably, this will eliminate the dreaded “stuck” crafting queue bug for all players regardless of paid status. The amount of Death Toll free players can gain is also being reduced, as currently there is a surplus of Death Toll in the system, and the Premium benefits do not offer a very noticeable increase in comparison. Reducing free Death Toll makes more sense than going in and raising all Death Toll costs of individual items to bring everything in line. It’s not all negative, however; free players will no longer have an XP penalty, and will earn 100% of the available XP from quests, hunting mobs etc (versus the current 75%).

We’re also working on addressing some calculations on the client and server that a portion of players have been abusing via third party tools. Until then, consider this an automatic first and only warning: Everyone caught for exploitation/modification of any kind will be banned immediately with no further discussion and no appeals process. So instead of cheating and then blaming it on your cousin/brother/best friend/dog, maybe just don’t do it in the first place? That seems like the best route, if you ask us.

Now, enough of that stuff, let’s talk about THE GAME.

We’re closing in on the finishing touches for Global Territory Control! In addition to tweaking some values and adding  specialty merchants, one of the things that was most important for us to include before GTC goes live was a new more centrally located area for high level players to fight over that provides a good amount of Faction Control Points towards the GTC faction buff.

We wanted an area that would be between two important destinations for level 55 players—Los Alamos and Citadel—as well as a town layout that utilized some of the most requested and favored features from Haietta.

The central road in the area cuts straight through the center of town, and the discarded vehicles and abandoned houses give plenty of vantage points for snipers and ambush points for the unlucky traveler who happens upon the wrong end of a Volatile Bloodvine Axe.

The Foothills is an abandoned settlement that never quite made it despite its proximity to Los Alamos and as the settlers were driven back to safer towns, the factions have moved in eager to take control of the area and further their influence over the entire canyon. Check out some screenshots of The Foothills below!

With The Foothills added, we’re in the final stages of testing, balancing and tweaking for the Global Territory control patch so stay tuned for all the final details, as well as a few surprises we’ve managed to sneak in. We are hoping for a launch of the 2.4 update next Wednesday, if our final tweaks and additions come along smoothly.

See you in The Foothills!

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Revamping Haven: The Revampening

Today's blog post comes courtesy of Ninjanomics, Fallen Earth's (awesome) art ninja, which details the revamp of Haven (because it hadn't been vamped enough yet, so we decided to do some extra vamping)

Hey, Wastelanders! Ninjanomics speaking; I’d like to give you a sneak peek of our upcoming revamp of Haven. So let’s check it out!

Why Haven? Why now?

Up until now, Haven has performed pretty poorly. The town had a confusing layout, was cruelly prohibitive to frame rate, and didn’t well reflect the serenity of the Lightbearers as a faction. Being that Haven is one of the first things you see in Northfields, it needed some love. Given the success at boosting the performance and layout of Embry, the time seemed right to use the technique on another area that needed cohesion and an improvement in performance.

The style of a Faction
The Lightbearers have lacked a cohesive architectural style to their areas thus far in FE’s Art palette. Giving the faction a central hub with a firm basis to use for all future LB architecture seemed like a must. We went with large quarried rocks carved into obelisks to give the buildings a monolithic feel. The patchwork banners with the Lightbearer insignia convey a nice reverent feel to the buildings, which is rounded out with wooden beams lashed together with rope. The effect wound up in a style that keeps with the faction’s core ideas, while still looking post-apocalyptic.

One of the new style of Lightbearer dwellings

Layout and Flow
Formerly the town had no layout or logical flow to speak of. We wanted to try making the area both interesting, and logically lay it out to maximize ease of use for players. The town is divided up into two sections: There’s Haven proper, which contains most of the functionality of the town, and there’s Haven Grove which is an area of trees to the southeast of town, but still within the town walls.
Haven proper is laid out with the town’s defense in mind. There are large walls which encircle the town, and guard towers placed every couple hundred meters. In the center of town is the outdoor Haven Dojo where Initiates spar in mock combat.
Atop the hill overlooking the pond is the Haven Temple, with nearby crafting facility, vaults, and auctioneer. Just across the pond over the narrow land bridge is the Haven Sundial, the Lightbearer shrine to the sun, their emblem. Up the hill from that are the Haven Archives, also revamped to reflect the scholarly nature of the LB Archivist sect.
There are footpaths for traveling to and from different areas of town, patrolled by Lightbearer Initiate guardsmen. There are two omni-crafting facilities on opposite ends of the town, one by the clinic, the other by the temple and AH. Veterans of FE will find the new Haven much more easily navigable.

Performance, where art thou?
The view standing at Haven sundial and looking
out over the pond toward the Temple
The performance boost for this town was easily dispatched. The former incarnation of the town had way too much going on. Too many buildings, objects, and npcs were placed in the area. Consolidating the important aspects of the town and getting rid of the excess proved effective in keeping the performance in check. Lowering the number of textures used to just a few really helped free up memory to do things like interesting landscaped hillsides, valleys, and the town’s centerpiece, the pond surrounded by the Sundial, Archives, Temple, and outdoor Dojo. The land bridge in the middle of the pond makes the whole town come together, and it’s easier on player’s machines in the process.

The Polish pass

In addition to getting the town to make sense physically and perform better, we needed to dial in the awesomeness factor and crank it to eleven. New assets were made for the area like Lamp posts, Shrine gates, fire pits, sparring equipment, and Lightbearer themed throw rugs and furniture, each of which make the area feel lived in, which brings the town alive with activity.

A peaceful refuge

The changes we have made to Haven have morphed it from a muddled, poor performing mess, to an easily navigable, peaceful refuge, that won’t drop your frame rate to 12.
We're very proud of it, and we hope you like it too!
Brother Florens stands in the shadow of the Haven Temple

Friday, March 9, 2012

March State of the Game

Happy Pi Day!

For this month’s State of the Game I wanted to recap the recent changes and upcoming features and talk a bit about some things we are doing to help new players find their role in the apocalypse a bit more easily.

The next major feature you will see is Global Territory Control. We’ve talked a bit about this and it’s been good to see the discussion about it in the game. So while we will be getting it on PTS at the end of this month, I want to give you a bit more information about the extent of the changes.
Neverender did an awesome job of running down the system in the last blog we did, so I’ mostly going to fill in the left over details.

Where Can I Play?

To give players an alternate method of taking conflict towns we will be adding keeps to several of them, including Tinkersdam, The Dump, Fender’s Gate and Park City. Keeps will also be added to the open PVP areas of Feral Boughs and Office Park. Other conflict towns and PvP areas (Blockade, Terminal Woods, Haietta, Waste Farm, Wind Farm, and Hollister Point) will have Faction Control Points that provide significant bonuses toward capturing the town itself. All “timed” conflict towns have been converted to regular conflict towns.
Controlling these towns and keeps will contribute points to your faction. The central keeps and conflict towns are worth the most points and the faction with the most points gets a buff which improves crafting and harvesting speed as well as Random AP, Death Toll, Faction, and Experience gains. This buff replaces the current game-wide faction control buffs. You will have to choose a faction to receive this new buff.

Who Am I Playing Against?

While Neverender has been working on Global Territory Control, Affa has been working on the core faction system. As mentioned, this update will see the elimination of shoulder factions.Completing faction tasks (ie killing a faction-aligned mob) will only affect the specific faction you completed it for, and its opposite on the faction wheel. Additionally, players will have to choose a single faction to ally with for the purposes of PVP. This allows for a clear definition of who you are fighting for and against. You can choose any faction that you have a positive reputation with (even if it’s not your highest), and the only way you can change to a different faction is to get a negative reputation in your chosen faction.

The formula for how many faction points players gain has been adjusted as well. The current system on Live reduces the number of faction points you earn as you gain ranks in your highest faction. The new system removes this penalty but gives a lower amount of faction overall. The amount of faction gained for a particular target remains the same regardless of your current rank. Overall the new system should require a bit less time to get to the highest ranks.

Experience and Faction gains in PvP have been changed to work more like Death Toll. Currently, each time a player is killed in a short period of time, they give 20% less Faction and Experience until they eventually give 0%. In the new system, each kill in a short period of time reduces the amount in a triangular progression down to a minimum of about 5% (1/21).The amount of faction gained from PvP kills will be closer to the amount given by PvE kills.

The faction-based harvesting knowledges will also require players to choose a faction, meaning you will only be able to harvest nodes owned by your chosen faction.

When Can I Play?

We will be putting both Global Territory Control and the faction changes on PTS towards the end of the month. It’s a huge system so get in there and hammer the hell out of it! This is one of our largest patches in recorded history, so we will need all the feedback we can get.

New Players

You may have noticed a few small changes to the radar and map while wandering around the wasteland. Recently, we’ve added mouseover tool tips to the radar and a scrolling function to the overhead and sector map. In the near future we will allow players to track up to five missions at once so players can better chart their path through the wasteland.

We’re also going to be looking at how to improve the skill and mutation interface. Rather than using books to learn combat knowledges (crafting books are unaffected), we are switching to a system that allows the players to talk to trainers and have the abilities applied directly to their characters. It’s a more streamlined system that will show players more information about the skills they are purchasing. Along with these changes, we have several other smaller tweaks designed to make Fallen Earth a less cumbersome experience for new and existing users alike.

So that’s what we’ve been working on lately (well that and Steam integration, server stability and a whole lot of bug fixes). See you on the PTS!


Friday, February 10, 2012

More on Global Territory Control

Check out the below update from Neverender on Global Territory Control!

Global Territory Control

Hey guys, Neverender here. We wanted to give you guys an update on one of the upcoming features we’ve been working on and give you a chance to get an early look at how it’s shaping up. We’re taking elements from the Faction Territory Control mechanic that was introduced in the new zone north of Sector 2 and applying them to the rest of the game (except for Sector 1).

What Exactly is “Global Territory Control”?

Well, I’m glad I asked! We’re taking existing Conflict Towns, Faction Control Points, and open PvP zones all over the game and using them to track each Faction’s global dominance. The longer your Faction holds any Keep, Conflict Town, or Faction Control Point areas, the more points you will contribute toward becoming the most dominant Faction in the canyon!
Most existing Timed Conflict Towns are being converted to use either Faction Control Points or Keeps that help contribute toward control of the town. Select open PvP zones, such as Office Park, will have a keep added to them.

Why Should You Care?

We’re looking at several different ways to make it desirable to both take and maintain control over Keeps and Conflict Towns. You should already be familiar with the Harvester system that was added with Faction Territory Control. We’re also looking at making some changes to how the exclusive merchants work, including a type of merchant that sells limited quantities of items that will replenish as you continue holding the Keep.

On a global level, the Faction that has accrued the most points (earned over time from controlling Keeps, Conflict Towns, and FCPs) will be rewarded with the Global Territory Control buff that we think will be attractive for all styles of play. We’re still working on balancing things so it’s subject to change, but right now we plan on having this buff provide a nice boost to the following:

- Crafting Speed
- Harvesting Speed
- Random AP Gain
- Death Toll Gain
- Faction Gain
- Experience Gain

A little something for everyone, right? Just one problem, only one Faction can have it!

Will Lower Level Players Be Able To Participate?

Yes! In fact, they’ll be needed. There will be areas in Sector 2, Sector 3, Deadfall, Terminal Woods, and Alpha County that contribute towards Global Territory Control. Only level-appropriate players will be able to take control of these points, so all players will be able to stake a claim in their Faction’s dominance as early as Sector 2.

A new Keep in Office Park was constructed from Scavenged materials

Thursday, February 2, 2012

February in the Wasteland

Hey Everyone,

As work continues on Global Territory Control and the systems that will follow it, we have some stuff in store for February that might interest you:

  • Steam - As you have already noticed, you can now link your Fallen Earth account to a Steam account, and set Fallen Earth to securely authenticate your login via Steam. This means no more typing account credentials for Steam users. Later this month we will be adding full Steam integration, meaning you can track other friends playing Fallen Earth, check out their FE achievements, and download and install the game quickly and easily via the Steam platform.
  • Wasteland Warrior Tournament - This tournament, the first of its kind in Fallen Earth, will separate the casual newbie ganker from the seasoned Bloodsports and Faction Territory Control veterans. Testing one-on-one PvP prowess, this laddered event will play out from February 20-26, and will bestow riches and glory on the victors. Sign up details will be posted on the forums in the coming weeks, so keep your eyes peeled!
  • Marketplace Packages - Do you want to try out all of the boosters, but are a bit strapped for cash? Maybe you think a Flame Cowboy Hat just doesn't make sense without a matching Duster and Pants. If so, then you'll appreciate our Booster Mega-Pack and Flame Suit packages which include the above mentioned sets at a discounted price!
  • Valentine’s Day Sale - Give a gift to a loved one! In addition to reduced prices on a variety of best-sellers and items, ALL marketplace goods will be tradable!

As mentioned, keep an eye out on the website and forums for more details on the each of the above. Next week we'll post more info on the upcoming Global Territory Control patch.

Friday, January 20, 2012

Faction Changes!

Check out the below details on upcoming Faction changes from Lead Designer Marie "Aro Sei" Croall:

We’ve been working on putting in more features to give factions something to fight over with Global Territory Control and related systems. In addition to these features, we wanted to put in some long needed changes to the faction mechanic itself. These improvements are designed to make identifying your enemies clearer and allow players more freedom in their choices while still highlighting conflict in a post-apocalyptic environment.

Chosen Faction:

With the introduction of Global Territory Control, a system that combines the recently introduced Faction Territory Control keep mechanics with conflict towns and allows players to capture territory to contribute towards a global advantage for their faction, we also want to make sure it is clear to all players who they are fighting for and who they are against. Currently the situation can exist where Player A can be allied with Enforcer and Lightbearer while player B is allied with Lightbearer and Vista. Player B can be hostile to Player A but will appear friendly due to the shared Lightbearer faction. It can get kind of messy, and not knowing who will attack you can really put people off of PVP. FE has a bit of a learning curve and this is one of the places where we feel we can soften that without dumbing it down.

In order to accomplish this we will be removing the shoulder factions. Players will need to pick a chosen faction, this is the faction they will be loyal to and earn points in. When they earn points with Lightbearer they will lose points with Traveler. No other factions will be affected.

Players will be able to take missions from any three factions they want, but they will only be in one chosen faction, which will control their access to PvP objectives, certain merchants and missions, and faction channels. You can choose to be in any faction you have a positive reputation with, and it doesn’t have to be your highest faction. You can only leave a chosen faction if your reputation with that faction goes below zero. At that point you can choose a new faction. New missions will be available to assist with this process, but it is not intended to be quick or easy to change faction in this way.

Faction Friendly Fire

In addition to creating a chosen faction we will be eliminating Faction Friendly Fire except in cases of Clan Wars, Bloodsports, and dueling. This change is aimed at reducing same-faction griefing, hopefully contributing to a less jarring PvP experience in Fallen Earth.

Friday, January 6, 2012

January State of the Game

January SOTG from Marie below!

Happy New Year! This month we’re focusing on improvements to existing systems and areas while we lay the foundation for some major new systems that will make their debut later on this year.

Current Projects:

In January we will be releasing the much requested bomb mechanic for use in Territory Control which will give players another method of taking down the keep doors and allowing for some new strategies and tactics. Post January we will be adding Territory Control to all sectors to give players more ways to capture towns and areas for their factions. In the coming weeks Affa and Neverender will be giving you a behind the scenes look at how we will be taking the concept of a limited area Territory control system and applying it to the world, how it impacts existing control mechanics and what’s improved from the original design and where we are going with faction mechanics.

Kaibab Forest will be getting a little more love with some new level 30 -35 missions that focus a bit more on LifeNet and its “capabilities”. As we move forward with more dynamic systems we will also be working to expand the lore and getting back into the rich history of the plateau and the people responsible for it. We’ve also started cleaning up some of the flow in the starter zones addressing some continuity issues and working on overall improvements to the sector one missions.

Systems has been adding improved rare treasure drops to our Master, World, Scavenger and instance bosses, as well as some of the harvesters and nodes, giving players a chance at all of the rare components and other goodies available in FE.

As for art - based on the feedback we received with the Embry reworking, the art team has jumped in to a slightly more ambitious project – revamping and improving Haven. In addition to fixing the frame rate issues around the town we wanted to pull the Lightbearer aesthetic more in line with a post-fall world while also improving the gameplay and flow of Haven.

The future!

Since the world is coming to an end in December (trust me, I know some Mayans) that doesn’t give us much time, so we’d better get moving on some of those big important systems we’ve had in the pipeline for way too long. The augmentation system is first up, giving players a way to customize and improve weapons and gear. Maenad will be speaking more on this shortly as we finalize the design and move into production.

This month we’re also breaking ground on one of the biggest systems we’ve ever done. It’s still too early to really get into details on but we’ll make sure this one was worth waiting for.

On that admittedly cryptic note…

…see you in the Wasteland