Friday, February 10, 2012

More on Global Territory Control

Check out the below update from Neverender on Global Territory Control!

Global Territory Control

Hey guys, Neverender here. We wanted to give you guys an update on one of the upcoming features we’ve been working on and give you a chance to get an early look at how it’s shaping up. We’re taking elements from the Faction Territory Control mechanic that was introduced in the new zone north of Sector 2 and applying them to the rest of the game (except for Sector 1).

What Exactly is “Global Territory Control”?

Well, I’m glad I asked! We’re taking existing Conflict Towns, Faction Control Points, and open PvP zones all over the game and using them to track each Faction’s global dominance. The longer your Faction holds any Keep, Conflict Town, or Faction Control Point areas, the more points you will contribute toward becoming the most dominant Faction in the canyon!
Most existing Timed Conflict Towns are being converted to use either Faction Control Points or Keeps that help contribute toward control of the town. Select open PvP zones, such as Office Park, will have a keep added to them.

Why Should You Care?

We’re looking at several different ways to make it desirable to both take and maintain control over Keeps and Conflict Towns. You should already be familiar with the Harvester system that was added with Faction Territory Control. We’re also looking at making some changes to how the exclusive merchants work, including a type of merchant that sells limited quantities of items that will replenish as you continue holding the Keep.

On a global level, the Faction that has accrued the most points (earned over time from controlling Keeps, Conflict Towns, and FCPs) will be rewarded with the Global Territory Control buff that we think will be attractive for all styles of play. We’re still working on balancing things so it’s subject to change, but right now we plan on having this buff provide a nice boost to the following:

- Crafting Speed
- Harvesting Speed
- Random AP Gain
- Death Toll Gain
- Faction Gain
- Experience Gain

A little something for everyone, right? Just one problem, only one Faction can have it!

Will Lower Level Players Be Able To Participate?

Yes! In fact, they’ll be needed. There will be areas in Sector 2, Sector 3, Deadfall, Terminal Woods, and Alpha County that contribute towards Global Territory Control. Only level-appropriate players will be able to take control of these points, so all players will be able to stake a claim in their Faction’s dominance as early as Sector 2.

A new Keep in Office Park was constructed from Scavenged materials


  1. Could also give a token to faction members that have participated once the faction controls 90% of the control points, for example.

    And a merchant like citadel one which would exchange those tokens for, let's say : reward points / keys / boosters / death toll points / faction points / special items ?

    Could be an incentive to get into? Rather than letting your fellow faction members do the job?

  2. Sounds good - I particularly like the AP gain.

  3. Wider territory control is to be welcomed.

    As long as some thought is required and it dosn't start spilling over to PvE too much and we end up in a situation where you have to Pvp.

    I would gladly see big, meaningful Pvp but keep it "opt in" please. PvP is as important as Pve or vice versa, lets keep the ballance.

  4. This is seriously interesting! Well done!

  5. whats going to happen with the higher level players in those areas?Currently you see level 55 toons holding the various areas which makes it very very hard for lower level players to participate.Will these higher level players still be able to partake such as healing and defence ie able to shoot the lower levels or will it be a case of if you are not within the prescribed levels you are unable to participate?

  6. To break up faction alliances even more I suggest you should remove positive shoulder faction totally.

    Loot in Faction Crates should only be lootable by the faction that holds the town !
    Merchants ( like in Haietta / Park City should only sell to the one faction holding the town )
    ( This is the main thing Id implement cause this will hurt most ! )

    No Allies at all One Faction and thats it !

    If a faction chooses to support another faction make it clear that the supporter is the biatch with no gain for that them at all other then the DT earned in the fights.

    Atm pretty much all Factions are well represented maybee the Enforcers having the most bodies not sure
    If you manage to break up the Alliances and can manage a free for all that would be fun and increase the fighting on the server

    GIve us a Faction Respec that lets us choose 1 faction and have our main faction points moved to the faction of our choice but have us LOOSE our shoulders

    Make it mandatory so no one can have more then one positive faction

    MY 2 cents

    And Neverender please fix your Guns ( Neverenders Revenge )
    They are unplayable in 1st person mode

  7. I'm glad you guys are excited about the upcoming patch!

    This system will not force PvP on anyone anymore than it is currently. No new PvP zones are being added. PvE players that belong to the same faction will still receive the Global Territory Control buff, so those players will still have an incentive to help out the PvPers in non-PvP ways. It is still very much an "opt in" system, perhaps even more than it was previously.

    What makes the Neverender's Revenge guns unplayable in first person?

  8. I'm glad to see the development, but this sounds complicated. I'm only L32 so I am still learning and enjoying the game. My PVE experience thus far has been positive, but open world PVP and Blood Sports seem to be lacking in participants.

    My concerns are:
    - Faction population balance: If one faction dominates Global Control Buff, new toons stand to gain by joining that faction.
    - Solo player/Small Group impact: Contribution might be insignificant if a globally coordinated faction-wide effort is needed to win enough domination points.
    - Zerg mentality: The faction with the buff knows where to fight (either retake nodes or defend). They will have numbers since they stand to lose the most. (See previous point)

    I'm interested in hearing the Dev's goals and concerns for the new Global Territory Control.

  9. Ct97 I don't see problem nr 1: global dominator will probably change in time.I don't expect 1 single faction to dominate the world all the time.
    2)It sounds quite logical that a single player can bring a significant contribution. That the role of the faction chat: coordinate quickly players belonging to the same faction. It works quite good imho.
    3) Mentality can't be changed by developers, but still doesn't seem to me a huge problem. ;)