Tuesday, June 5, 2012

June State of the Game

How’d that GTC thing work out for you?
We released GTC last month and since then have been busy addressing the bugs that have come up. Now that we have a good handle on those, we will be looking at some of the concerns players have brought up with balance issues for the harvesters and the consumables.

We are looking at the Deathtoll consumables to make sure they are worth the investment for the players.   For these consumables to really play the role we wanted them to have in FE they need to be balanced a bit differently than other consumables, simply put – they need to be a bit stronger, especially for what’s coming.

As for  harvesters we’ve stated in the past that we want to put players more directly in control of gathering resources so in that line we will be beefing the harvesters back up. We are also going to be releasing Farms, the non-pvp alternative to Harvesters. We still want activities with greater risk to have higher rewards, so  before we can get Farms out, we have to make sure Harvesters are giving enough resources to be worth the effort. We’ve got a better balance point now and will be getting those changes on live asap.

What’s next?
I’m glad you asked, we’re working on a few new systems that should keep players entertained and challenged for a while. Since we’ve just spent a good long time on PVP, this time we’re going to be focusing on a bit more of the PVE side for our challenges. While I’m not ready to get too much into detail here, we’ll be working on putting some unloved and abandoned territory to better use as well as getting some new recipes out there for players to experiment with.

How come you don’t talk to us anymore?
We, and myself particularly, have gotten a bit lax about posting lately and for that I do apologize. It’s never my intention to leave you in the dark for too long. We had moved a bit more towards blog posts  than posting.  

We’re still reading your posts and comments, and as things move a bit more into production on our new systems, we’ll be hopping back over to give more info, answer questions, and generally be social - we’ll also try to bring Bob by as well, but he seems a bit shy these days.

See you in the Wasteland!


  1. I beleave you should focus on your npc's a tad bit. Wile they can be hard to fight they still seam quite unrealisticly dumb when it comes to finding a player. you should make it easyer and make it posoble for them to see you at farther distences. Could make it easyer to see you at longer and closer distences when your runing or just standing there, and make it harder for them to see you when crouching and even harder when you are proning.

  2. Seem like some PR bs and fluff....

  3. My biggest concern is still game balance and role diversity between characters. When will that get addressed?

  4. Thank you M *hugs* well taking as a more mature person in mind how hard is to maintain a game like this withot been the magnitude of a certain rich company with the "B" starting letter and the limited resources i understand.My only wish is for some diversity,some new pve and rp and bug fix big patch and balancing bugged skills and eradicating cheaters from pvp and please ,more armours we are stucked in the same suits :)some new recipes for vehicles and weapons would be most welcomed and also 2 seater vehicles including the famous mad max gyrocopter if possible!well I wish you M good luck and strength to you and your team :)

  5. PS:Player housing if you please?*smiles*

  6. What finally is released from the PVP.
    What finally ends long penance......

  7. Feels as though there's not enough love for end-game players. As a non-crafting PVPer I find it somewhat difficult to make chips, which I'm thankful you guys are bringing the harvesters back. There's also not enough incentive for PVP in Territory Control anymore. The keep DT rewards are minuscule compared to what you can earn in Bloodsports, which doesn't make sense as real world PVP has much more at stake. Foothills was a nice addition, but it's too small and cluttered, resulting in long and somewhat boring furballs inside houses or even keeps at times. A lot of my veteran friends are starting to leave the game, as there's just not enough reward / incentive to play anymore for end-game characters.

  8. Devs, love the game keep up the great work. I would like to request that you make harvesters stackable. I really do not see a reason why they aren't.

  9. First of all I wanna thank u for this great Game. I´m playin Fallen Earth just since 3 days, but i´ve never seen an MMO Game, which is as beautiful and complex as your game.

    Some things which would bring the game to a much higher fun level would be the following points:

    1. is there a possibility to let the player build his own home? this would be great!

    2. More weapons would be a nice idea. but not only any random weapons. Big and mighty weapons which are look huge and powerfull.

    3. It´s a damn huge Landscape that u have created. I love huge landscapes which are completely open. but in these huge landscapes there must be very huge vehivcles, too! is there a possibility to create new huger vehicles?

    4. It would be cool to have a vehicle which can fly. encountering the air :)


    5. What I am missing are vehicles which can be used by two or more players the same time. We have Clans and Teamplaying functions, so vehicles which can carry two or more players at the same time! This would bring the teamplay and of course the Multiplay to a completely new level. In my opinion for example a big Truck. the creator or owner of the truck is the driver everytime. a second player of the same team or clan could sit on a second seat as a gunner with an on board mashine gun for example. the same for a third and perhaps for a fourth Player.
    This would be really great!!!

    I am drawing many pictures and modelling huge skulptures from any kind of Material. so if u need healp to design a truck or something like this, i would be proud to help :)

    At last sorry for eventually language failures. I´m just a german dude :)

    Many Greets and big ups for this game

    1. i forgot.. a german translation for the game would be nice xD

  10. Yes at last! More PvE - open at last those new areas which "leaked" on Grainway map: epsilon, theta and omega zones. Plz rise of level cap and new recipes for each crafting area - we have alot highest tier materials no one recipe use still. And don't hear those minority PvPers whineing - most here are PvE and craft. PvP is so or so stupid and only for greenhorn youngster to meathure their e-peens :)

  11. More recipes, more missons in PVE, a level cap increase. I for one hate PVP and having to go there to harvest for mats. There is not a viable alternative to getting mats in any quantity for recipes anymore.
    Mutare Nebula

  12. Can we get some multiplayer mounts? I would buy a 2 person transport from the Market place for sure! I bet this would make you guys some extra income :) And how about a troop transport? maybe 6 guys.

    Can we also fix the team icon indicator lag? Its very hard to find someone when the yellow icon lies

  13. I've started to notice allot of instability every time you guys mess with something. It's almost as if you do no testing before taking something live. You're starting to piss off your player base. As much as I hate to say this as I play PvE and your last major update was nearly all PvP, I'd suggest putting anything that doesn't contribute to bug fixes and server stability and such on the back burner and get what you have now working correctly. In my own clan I've heard players talking about leaving the game for awhile just to get away from the aggravation that comes with attempting to play it. All of them (myself included) have decided not to renew subscriptions as it's hard to justify paying money toward a game with more bugs and instability than most Betas. Fix your existing content or watch your game fail, simple choice. Let's see which one you choose.

    Also, while we're on the need to fix stuff ticket, I'm not sure how many other clans have lost crafters, but mine has lost a good number of them over that crafting queue castration you pulled. Yet another move that is ultimately going to sink this game. Might want to see about fixing that as well.

  14. They need to stop neutering the returning players that get lumped into the Free Slot. Being PUNISHED for not subbing is not a good way to get players, but a VERY good way to turn them away. Also a good way to end up segregating their community the same way Flagship Studios did when they ran Hellgate.