Wednesday, July 11, 2012

July Premium Reward Preview!

For our loyal Premium players, check out July's exclusive Premium Reward!

You can still lock yours in by purchasing any Premium package before the end of the month. Additionally, because your 30 Day (or longer) Premium would extend into August, you will receive next month's reward as well! Oh, and if you don't like the color, fear not, it is dyeable!

If you think this Fedora is snazzy, you can get yours delivered on August 2nd by picking up Premium today here.


  1. I guess all premium reward items will be untradeable from now on?

  2. Please don't make them untradeable. I already have the Jacket that I can't use, at least I thought I could sell it later. While I can understand how it would make many other folks happy, I belong to the group of subscribers who do not have all their vanity slots unlocked. So with two vanity rewards in a row that I can't at least turn a profit on, these rewards depress me. It feels as though my subscriber payment wasn't enough, and the gifts are just taunting me to spend more. I like what you guys are doing, that's why I support you with my subscriber payment. I just wish the rewards could either be traded or more typically usable.

  3. how about something that is useful as a reward? like the insta craft 9001?

  4. "I just wish the rewards could either be traded or more typically usable."Im with the group on this one..... And i Know that the items are gifts.this is the Apocalypse item need to be useful in some way.