Friday, July 13, 2012

What's Up?

Greetings Wastelanders,
While we have been working on a bunch of new stuff, we aren't ready to share what *exactly* our Next Big Thing is going to be. Most of our time right now is dedicated to fixing a host of issues and bugs (like nodes, mounts and more), along with said Next Big Thing(s).

While more will be said about our Next Big Thing(s) (ie it's more than a few images can reveal) in the coming weeks, here is a 'lil preview...


  1. Good Luck :)!!hope you guys fix the bugs and we are eager to see the new weapons and the new stuff you guys prepare :)!hope all works well!

  2. Third image = Shishkebab, same weapon of Fallout 3 (lack of originality??!).

    Seems the second one is a prototype of a Pulse Rifle, but I like this.

    But, not willing to understimate your work ... *Next Big Thing* for me would be a new big feature that most people have been asking and dreaming ... no need to say.
    But good to know you guys are focusing on bug fixes. Keep the good work, let's see about this Big Thing (and pray to not "degenerate" any existing feature)

  3. les see, new cross bow, new high powered rifle, and new blade that looks like the flaming sword from fallout 3 and NV. But glad to head about workings on fixing the bugs in the game.

  4. Please Fix the enforcer armour!!!!!

  5. Tell me you're going to revamp mobs AI so that's almost decent *cries*

  6. And these are for endgame players I bet?

  7. Is that last one an electrified sword?

  8. The only thing that interests me is fixes for things that have been broken and bugged since launch.

  9. Oh here we go. "Everybody look at the nice shiny guns and forget about what's really going on" You fucking lazy bastards! Fix the 4 long year bugs that have plagued this game and nearly killed it off!

  10. I have to say The new shiny crap is pretty much petty attempts of distraction. Monthly rewards for June and July are articles of clothing that cannot do ANYTHING with as they removed the trade feature of many items including monthly reward wearables that most either can't use, or don't WANT to use. If they want to keep customers they need to focus solely on the bugs within the game and NOT try and win us over with new shiny crap. G1 I hope your listening because if it keeps up your gonna lose customers FAST. Focus on the bugs and issues within the game. Yes new stuff is great, BUT the bug fixes should ALWAYS be first priorty.

  11. Heck yes, I'll take that laser pistol!


  13. Just what we need... weapons?

    The only "new" weapons we need is a 195 shotgun. Outside of that there are a number of bugs that require fixing over some silly weapons. Or even re-vamping the skills to make specialization more appealing and effective all at the same time.

  14. fix bugs and we need back the old faction system...this new one is **** and kill the game.

    1. Exactly.. they pretty much wiped out all of our lore with this change and fixed it so smaller populated factions have no chance of competing .. ever.

      For the love of god please stop giving us stuff we don't want and give us what Fallen Earth needs to survive.

    2. While the faction system currently is broken to an extent, taking it away will only make matters worse in terms of good players fighting others but losing because they lack HPS or DPS in a set area. Plus the faction populations are evening themselves out at this time. But yes... "New Weapons" is not what is required in this game currently.

  15. Can we have some balance for the character system please? We don't need more guns, we need more viable character options.


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