Thursday, November 15, 2012

Mutations and Effects Changes on PTS

As mentioned in the November SotG blog, we've been monitoring player feedback and wanted to begin addressing the strength of mutations and effects overall, as well as audit their actual functionality, removing redundancy and creating more differentiation. Starting tomorrow at noon PDT we are going to be pushing the first round of these updated effects to PTS and opening it up for you to check them out

We’re going to be doing a lot of tweaking to the initial numbers we put on PTS. These are by no means final numbers. They are not designed to be final numbers. We will be continuing to change and modify add and remove based on the feedback we get. 

These numbers are a starting place for a new balance point, so please get on the PTS rip them apart. Try all the builds and go nuts!

We’re also making some tweaks to weapon damage at high levels. Some weapons are too high, others are too low. We had to look at the time investment required for players to get these weapons and make some decisions on what that time meant to in terms of damage then balancing those decisions with feedback indicating a desire for longer battles.We’re going to be rolling the changes on the PTS starting this week and tweaking numbers until we are satisfied. 

Finally and importantly, check out this forum post for a breakdown of the new values that will be live on PTS. Note that because of the numerous revisions and tweaks that are planned, the skill descriptions in game have NOT been updated, so refer to the forum post throughout the testing period for updates and changes.


  1. Question,will be thermal adjusted as well as its damage to level 5 abilities and 6 are a joke?with today`s data i believe they should be updated to a more competative status,especially for pvp which is very weak?.Thank you for checking and updating systems and skills and mutations :)

  2. So far the changes are nice in concept, would be testing more but currently the PTS is down. Needs extreme tweeking in FA, Suppression, Patho, and many others I've addressed under Reaps989 and IGN is Nysek.