Thursday, November 8, 2012

November State of the Game

After spending the past six weeks on bug fixing we’re starting to move on to some new exciting features. The first on our schedule is farms. We had intended to get these out sooner, but held off a little bit to get the system different enough from harvesters to be fun.

For farms we wanted to focus on longevity for the structures and more customization of the resources players can place in their farms. Players will be able to craft either a 3, 6 or 9 plot farms. Once they place their farm in a suitable location in the world , they will be able to plant seeds for organic components, place young animals to raise, or a little of both. We want to make sure that players aren’t locked into one type of resource per farm. Harvesting the resource will give the player a chance to get a common, uncommon or rare component. Players will be able to use crafted, dropped, or purchased items to extend the longevity of their farms, speed up the growth of their resources, or improve their chances of getting a rare component. Additionally, placing a farm in a higher risk area such as a PVP zone can improve the yield of harvested resources.  

In addition to farms we are working on making some adjustments to skills and mutations. We are fixing buggy abilities, increasing the strength of some mutations and adding new functionality to other lines. We should be putting a rough draft of these changes on PTS in the upcoming week or so and tweaking based on player feedback. If you have any questions or concerns this will be a great time to be heard by the devs.

From there we’re looking at adding the long-awaited stage 3 coresuit recipes. There will be three versions; ranged, melee and support. Ninjanomicory has been working his fingers to the bone on the models while Tee Affo is adding the necessary functionality to make them play a significant role in combat. We will be doing a separate blog on the suits and another few new features in the upcoming weeks. 

See you in the Wasteland!


  1. Wow!!thank you guys!!i cant wait for the farms!!i hope they will be good!! also please fix the mutations i want to try thermal :)cause it was very weak in the past!!cant wait for new core 3 ,hope will cut GORE weapons down and more new stuff!!some more bugs squash would be nice!wish you the best!

  2. Buggy Abilities? nothing like that warm fuzy feeling you get of lighting people up, and watching their blood spew across their once intact body..

    Im looking foward to these new addition


  3. least its going on the pts first this time. If there are future stuff try to release new armor/weapons at the same time.

    Curious what the skill changes will look like.

  4. Lets hope that one does not have to be at the highest Construction level to build the smallest farm. I think the size of the farm should be tied to ones level.

    I think it is good that we can harvest outside of PVP areas. There are players that do not want to fight with other players.

    I believe the PVP areas are more for the bullies of the world than for good folk.

  5. Farms? Well, it's not houses but I suppose it's a start. :) Glad to see new features being introduced. Thank you FE team! Can't wait to see the changes to skills/mutations. Some better self heals for loaner characters would be greatly appreciated.

  6. The more you go towards the direction of crafting and sandbox, the better your game will get and the more players you will gain.

  7. Eegad when did fallen earth buy zyngas farmville.

    I wonder if it will have the same issue starwars galaxy had, where you could not find a place to put your structures after a while - the virtual urban blight.

    oh well not my cup of tea. I hope it work for you guys that stay around.

  8. So, are new sector's bits coming or what? Being here since beta and waiting for new lands for years now :/
    Fuck the coresuit!!

  9. PvP areas are packed with the griefers/bullies. (often in Dumps, got the 55's coming to take out noobs, just for lulz. Got a few there also who don't seem to be killable (level 20 EASILY taking out 10 level 50+ chars.
    So, something of importance, out of the PvP area is a nice change.
    (SICK and tired of dealing with the bots, cheats, and outright douchebags that don't fall under the previous 2.

  10. Good thing looks dont concern me, VIVA LA WARDROBE!

  11. When people crying about disbalanced GORE weapon (and no simple high level shotgun!) developers make farms... Well, Quake with some farming will be looks nice :/ I'm choose to not continue my subscription after you refuse balance GORE and make it cool but not overpowered weapon. And want to ask pair of questions:
    1. Cooldown bug present all time what FE exists. And people at forum regularry tell about this really irritate thing. But this bug still present - why you don't want fix it?
    2. Blood Sport bugs. Blood Sport is walking bug itself. People inside walls, more often then anywhere cooldown bug, random crashing, appear in cloner after match, and many more. Not all people love PVP, but many want to relax on BS. Why you don't want fix this bugs?
    3. People want new transport, new appearance (and characteristics) of exist vehicles, multipassengers vehicles, trucks. And please you more then year about. But you completely ignore all this suggestions. Why? Or, may be it useless to use forum to write suggestions and we must write here (or any other place?) to let you hear us?
    4. I don't say now about totally unbalanced quest rewards, broken plot lines, disorderly craft book (and some minor errors in recipes, and some completely useless recipes, and "not include yet" recipes), and many other things, what we, FE players, want to see in game - and about what we write in suggestion forum regularry.

    Where and whom i must connect to send lots of suggestions and possible ways of decision? I write many guides about FE and have good knowledge about gameplay - from players side, of course. And can conceive many suggestions, sadly, only with my english - i'm easily read and translate, but write only basic english.