Friday, December 7, 2012

December State of the Game

This month:

Farms! Specifically, farms are in QA as we speak, and very shortly will be heading to PTS so you guys can provide feedback before they go live later in the month.

HOW THEY WORK: Farms are crafted through construction. There are three levels of farms, 3 plot, 6 plot and 9 plot. The number of plots in the farm determines how many seeds or cloning kits you can plant. Seeds (used to grow plants) and cloning kits (used to grow animals) are crafted through construction.  Each farm has a farmhouse attached, with the higher level farms having larger rooms and more amenities including vaults, mailboxes and those super comfy couches.

Once crafted, Farms do have a few restrictions on where you can place them. You’ll need a nice patch of mostly flat land that’s not too close to another camp, player, node or hostile. Farms last for four hours, long enough for several good harvests. You can also find or buy items that will extend the life of your farm for up to three days as well as items that will generate more produce from your farm or speed up the growing cycle.
Along with Farms we have a new set of vanity clothes inspired by some of our favorite western movies and steampunk styles that we think you guys will enjoy. These will be available inside a new lockbox, THE DUSTY BOX.

Aaaand since it wouldn’t be the holidays without huge greedy mutants rampaging through the wasteland! Tee Affo and Ninjanomicory have been working on some world events with some new unique rewards, inspired by familiar seasonal tropes.

Next Month:

Happy New Year!

We’ll be kicking things off by completing the effects revamp and the next stage of the Coresuit. We’ve put some very rough drafts of the effects changes on PTS and gotten a lot of amazing feedback. We’re going to look at those numbers and what we want the Coresuit to do and make sure they are working together the way we intend. There will be more iterations of these effects changes and the Coresuits on the PTS starting in January. This is something we really want everyone’s feedback on, so please keep an eye out for PTS announcements!

And yes, when these changes hit live we will be sending out respecs and Combat Knowledge Recalculators!


Are there any other player structures incoming any time soon?

So, we’ve talked about players housing on an off for many years. We’re made no secret that it’s something that could be good for FE. It is, however, a huge project from a technical and artistic perspective. So rather than tackle the whole thing at once we look at what the smaller components are what problems they present and how to solve them. And sometimes we split them up into test projects- like farms. So what does this mean for housing? It means we’re looking at what it takes and how long it will take to get there and in the meantime we’re working on the player made structures that won’t contain full blown resident management, decoration etc. systems that might be a piece of a later version  of housing.

Any chance we will get updates on mounts?

We’re introducing an update to a mount you may recognize for our holiday event. You might have seen some pics of this on our Facebook page.

What are you looking at with the effects changes?

We’re looking at everything and how it works together. Most of the mutations are due for some type of modification. At this stage however nothing is carved in stone.


  1. Why seeds and clone kits crafts through Construction? Farms itself - yes, understandeabe, Construction. But seeds & clone kits - it's Nature by implication. Clone kits - it can be Medicine, but Construction.. Really strange from reason point.

    And where our 55 lvl shotgun? We waiting for this weapon from september!

    Multipassengers vehicles, and vehicles with changed appearance & characteristics - you talk about it in pre-last note?

    And last question, how i can connect with you and try to suggest some impovements and optimisations? It seems what "suggestion" theme on forum no one read.

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