Thursday, February 7, 2013

February State of the Game

With our next update (tentatively 2.62) just weeks away, we’ve been hard at work finalizing the effects changes, balancing the Coresuits, and squeezing some major bug fixes in. We’ve been able to collect a lot of really useful  information, and although this has been a long process, taking the time to gather feedback from the PTS was well worth the time investment; we’re very confident in the changes going live later this month.

After the Stage 3 Coresuits hit live, we will turn our attention to our Next Big Thing. We’ve been looking for more ways for PvE’ers to distinguish themselves and provide a competitive outlet to test their mettle outside of PvP. This led to the Dome – a two man PVE arena where players will be able to enter and trigger a series of battles that are played through consecutively in a (semi) controlled environment. The farther the teams get, the tougher the opponents, and the better the rewards.

We are doing a bunch of pre-production on the Dome, designing the encounters to make sure no one build has a consistent overwhelming advantage and finalizing the design concept for the dome itself as well as the rewards. So while we are still a ways off from having any concrete info, we’re looking forward to sharing more in the next 30 days as things progress. The good news is that as part of pre-production for the Dome, we will be focusing on things like instance stability, and hopefully those fixes will be incorporated even before the dome itself. 

In addition to the Dome, we’re looking at adding ways to improve and enhance existing weapons beyond their given capabilities. We’ve tried several iterations of this feature in the past and none of them really satisfied the goals we set for them. The latest version feels solid, giving more freedom while working within the existing systems in a very satisfying way. Expect more info on that when we’re on a bit more solid ground design-wise!