Monday, March 11, 2013

State of the Game - March Madness

March Madness
Wastelanders! Neverender here, and I want to tell you about the madness going on behind the scenes at Fallen Earth HQ. No, I’m not referring to my amazing MSPaint concept art skills or Tee Affo’s continued improvements on his sheep imitations (But seriously, good job Tee Affo. We are all proud of you.) Whether you prefer PvP or PvE, we have some exciting new content in the works for you to look forward to.

Before I jump into what's on the horizon, I'll tell you a bit about what's we've been working on over the course of the last few weeks. In addition to pre-production for the below stuff, most of our time has been taken addressing minor issues and bugs with the Coresuit and effects changes, in addition to several major bugfixes and server-side improvements to instances and stability. The final frontier, which we are in the middle of work on now, is improving and stabilizing the Blood Sports experience once and for all. Recent issues provided us an opportunity to dig deep and address some core issues that have lingered for a while, and once those things are fixed and tested (in the next week or two) Blood Sports should markedly improve for the better.

As we wrap that up, we will begin to transition onto some new and exciting features that we'll discuss starting NOW.

New Death Toll Weapons
I am saddened to report that my Neverender’s Revenge pistols may only have a short time left as the most badass Death Toll weapon available. Here is an early look at two of the upcoming additions to the Death Toll arsenal. First we have the quite clever and very reliable Jet Engine Hammer, for those of you who enjoy getting up close and personal to beat the competition into submission.

Some of you may have noticed a dearth of weapons of the shotgun variety at higher levels. We aim to change that, and the new Murder of Crows sawn-off shotgun is a direct hit. DISCLAIMER: No crows were harmed in the making of this glorious shotgun.

The new Death Toll weapons are special not only because of their raw power, but also because they will be among the first that will be a part of a new AP Augmentation system that Skathi will tell you about later in this post. 

The Dome
The Dome is a 2-Man PvE gauntlet of 10 bosses that will require a combination of skill, strategy, and teamwork to conquer. The arena itself (crafted by our own Ninjanomicory) is a run down Football stadium that the Bankers got their hands on and repurposed for their entertainment. 

Level 55 players will be able to queue as a pair or can queue solo to be matched with another player looking to participate in The Dome. Gear will not degrade and ammo will not be expended from participation in The Dome. The difficulty and rewards will scale up with each boss encounter completed successfully. 

The Dome bosses will feature some before-seen foes, as well as some familiar faces that have been given a new look. There will also be a few surprises, but I won’t spoil those here...

The main reward for success in The Dome will be the recipes and necessary components to craft new AP Augmentable weapons that will be patterned after the new Death Toll weapons. Other rewards include AP to spend upgrading the new weapons. 
AP Augmentation System:
Some of you might remember that a few years ago we had started to work on an augmentation system. Unfortunately when we took a step back and looked at what we had, the original draft of that system ended up not fitting the needs of the game mechanics or the community.  

What we really wanted from an augmentation system was a way for players to continue expanding their builds after reaching max level, while using existing systems and resources they had already gathered – AP, in this case. 

Through Deathtoll and Dome rewards we will be introducing weapons that players will be able to stat out similar to building a character.  While we don’t have a lot of details to release at this point, I can say that weapons will have various stats that players can put AP in that will enhance aspects of the weapon. We will focus on weapons for max level characters first and then expand the system to armor.

Stay tuned for more previews, and keep an eye out for this stuff to hit the Live server later this year.

-Fallen Earth Dev Team


  1. Looks good however I have 1 concern/worry regarding the shotgun and another regarding the Dome. The shotgun worry is more pressing however.

    You stated it's a sawn off shotgun and referanced that it's going tob e better than the neverenders revenge. From this I assume it's going to require pistol skill (as all sawn off's do in FE)? If this is true, then the people that have been crying out for a new shotgun/range of shotguns are going to be pretty annoyed. The last sawn off shotgun that I can find (I may of missed one) required level 30 and it too required pistol skill. All the others from then on required rifle skill.

    Now 99.99999% of people that use shotguns are riflemen at max level using the modified 2100, elephant gun or any of a small selection of rifle based shotguns. This change to making it a pistol requirement to be able to use the top end shotgun I feel is a little bit backwards.

    Can this be clarified as either a pistol or rifle skill based weapon please? Also can it be clarified that with the AP modifications planned, will it be able to be modified to be a rifle based weapon if it initially starts as a pistol based weapon (stat modification obviously)? Will the new melee and shotgun be attune weapons or will we be able to mail them around our own characters or post on the AH if we find we don't like the feel of them or what have you?

    Regarding the dome: Will we see the Dome released then later on the new weapons the require the Dome to be made/fully utilized? Or will we get both at once? Is it instanced or are we going to have to wait till the team infront of us gets wiped out or wins? It could be a long wait between runs if that's the case. I'm going to assume it's going to be instanced like Blood Sports as that would bring reason to you wanting to fix the instance servers, as they are not in a good place right now.

    Thanks for the news and it looks promising, however I'm worried about the shotgun and the potential player backlash with it needing pistol skill and chances are a very high skill at that (195 pistol is my assumption, no idea if the weapon has +skill like the GORE stuff does however. If it does, would only need 150 pistol to fully use + pistol stance *shrug*)

    Thanks for the interesting update

  2. The sawn-off shotgun pictured in this post requires the Pistol skill to wield. The AP augmentation system will not allow you to change a Pistol weapon to a Rifle weapon. I would caution against jumping to any conclusions here, though. These are only 2 of the new weapons, we'll be revealing more with future updates.

    The reward system for The Dome will be released at the same time as The Dome itself. That is not to say that we'll never expand or increase the available rewards, but there will be rewards launched with the release of The Dome.

    Good question about being instanced. I should have mentioned that it is indeed going to be instanced. You'll be able to solo queue or queue with a teammate in the Matchmaker system and you'll be ported into The Dome instance.

    1. I have an idea that you dislike Rifle as a class which by the way is almost extinct because has a very low DPS and is not able to protect themselves in the melee combat. Old shotguns have lower DPS than the G.o.r.e. sword almost 2 times. I will be glad to see the announcement that work has begun on a fix bugs which also will soon be fulfilled for several years, and of course if you still deign to equalize men and women in your project.

  3. I will try the Dome to see for myself but it seems once again you are giving the bullies more advantages over others that do not do Blood Sport, multi player or PVP.

    When will you make the game fun for those of us who just want to have fun and succeed once in a while? Those us that pay to play.

    I'm sure the Dome will be impossible, as is the Bosses in Alpha Country. Not everyone wants to do joint or multi player missions.

  4. But why sawn-off, new Pistol? Only useful shotgun for riflemens - Streetsweeper at 45 lvl. Elephant are weapon for finishing only. There no rifle DT shotgun, no rifle GORE shotgun. All riflemens cry for new high level shotty!

    And how about make sawn-off shotguns dual wielded? It will be awesome.

  5. Neverender:

    Thank you for the reply, it cleared up a lot of my concerns, however I still have one that is pressing which you gave hope to in your reply.

    You stated that there will be more weapons TBA as time goes on. Now I know you more than likely have got things all ticking along nicely your end and have everything all modeled etc, however may I make a request of you. Keep the Murder of Crows as a sawn-off, that's cool and I understand kind of why you want to do that, however could you also make a rifle based shotgun? We have been waiting for a max level rifle based shotgun for years, threads have been made about it and all that jazz. So my only request is for one of teh weapons to be a standard combat shotgun, not just the sawn-off.

    Again thanks for the reply.

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

  6. Pretty much what Beach Bear said...I dislike group missions, The Dome sounds more like Trapping those Terminal Woods Bosses and Alpha Bosses in one area. I cant kill them already, so offering recipe rewards to kill them in an enclosed area will just piss off old PVE'ers like myself.

  7. Wish complete football uniforms could be obtained/worn in game.

    Already have clets, shoulder pads and etc - so why not offer jerseys and football pants as well....

  8. AP weapons sounds pretty awesome, in the best case you should be able to take any weapon model in the game and build it up into a really badass weapon with enough time. (I don't like that this game goes from having a feel of gritty realism in the early zones to just being wacky and crazy when you reach high level, I enjoy subtlety)

    Still seeing the biggest problem with this game in how homogeneous the characters are outside of weapon selection. I want to see a meaningful specialization system already where not everyone can do everything. It just makes the game boring that nobody can ever truly stand out by what their character can do. That's IMO the #1 flaw with Fallen Earth at this point.


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