Tuesday, May 7, 2013

May State of the Game

In the March State of the Game Neverender gave you guys a bit of a sneak peek at The Dome, an arena based PVE challenge for high level players that he, Ninja and Tee have been working night and day on. While this is still the case, we have also been chipping away at many of the smaller bugs that folks are submitting to us via /bug. Most urgently, we are underway on implementing fixes for the chat and loot lag issues that have worsened over the last month or so. We are getting much closer to a resolution, so hang in there for another week or so!

The majority of our non-bugfix related work has been focused on the Dome, and while we have made tremendous progress, there is much, much more to do.  However, after many months of Dev time, we are now at a point where we need your help! Specifically (or PAcifically, as Tee Affo would say), we need testers to subject themselves to hours of being mauled by the fiendish and highly experimental boss fights Never and Tee have been assembling. 

We are specifically looking for level 55 players with killer builds – literally. If you have the best gear and stats we want to see how long you and a partner will last. Of course you’ll be sworn to secrecy as to the mechanics of the bosses you will be testing but will also be richly rewarded for your time, in the form of a special in-game currency used to purchase augmentable goods when the system is released.

So, how do you take advantage of this limited time offer? Simply send an email to DeconLead@Fallenearth.com with the subject line “Dome Alpha Testing”, and in the body include the following information:

  • Your forum name (required)
  • Your typical hours of play
  • Your build
  • How often you participate in PvP vs PvE (ie 80% PvE vs 20% PvP)
Do note, this testing program is separate from Decon, and your participation does not you mean are a member of the official Decon team, nor are you responsible for any duties normally associated with the Decon team. Of course, more helpful participants may be asked back to be official Decon team members once this focused testing program is complete.

We hope to see some of you on the PTS (which will be closed to the public once testing starts) in the weeks to come!