Tuesday, June 11, 2013

June State of the Game

It’s been a busy month for us at FE – not only are we moving forward and making good progress with the Dome – with a special thanks to everyone who has been able to help out on the PTS, we’re working on the AP Augmentation system and putting the finishing touches on the preproduction design for the next couple of features we will be going into production on after we get the Dome and augmented weapons on live.

At the same time, we are working on optimizing and improving our server code to improve the overall experience, specifically targeting the latency that you may have noticed around chat and looting (and sometimes other stuff like vaults). This remedy is in the works, and once complete, will also end our current practice of doing 2 restarts a week. Unfortunately, we will have to continue doing twice weekly restarts until more of these changes are in (some are already in place), but we promise it is only being done to create a smoother play experience overall until that time.

So, what are the next features?


After The Dome is released Tee Affo will be working on a new in world non-instanced PVP scenario. This will give PvP’ers a new objective to fight over while making use of their existing space. While we want to give players more ways to play the game the way they want to we don’t want to spread the community too thin or create more of a scenario where it takes to long for PvPers to get to the relevant battles. 

While we’re on the subject of relevant battles, I wanted to take a moment to address an issue we’ve been seeing more of as of late. Without going in to too many unnecessary details I wanted to remind everyone that entering a PvP zone is supposed to be risky. There is a good chance you will get into a situation you cannot fight your way out of and may need to Fast Travel to escape.  It would behoove you to prepare for this possible outcome. 

TLDR - if you’re going into hostile territory pack enough bandages, bullets and chips. 

Additionally, building a PvP community can be a difficult thing that takes a certain amount of cooperation, instruction, patience and the concept of fair play – it is, however, really easy to shrink a community.  So in the interest of getting more people to willingly engage in high level PvP – don’t be a jerk.   We don’t actually want GM’s to babysit you guys or over regulate world PvP

TLDR - Don’t cloner camp.  It’s cheap PvP and it weakens the community as a whole.


While Tee is working on PVP, Ninja, Never and I will be hard at work on building out a new area for everyone to explore, build, defend and enjoy. We will be pulling back a bit more of the radiation surrounding the canyon and starting to answer some of the most frequently asked questions – What was GlobalTech really doing with clones? What do the Outsiders want? And my favorite – is there anything left outside the Grand Canyon?

Our new section isn’t going to be a county in the same way Alpha was, instead of going from mission hub to mission hub, (which is fun – but we do have a bit of that) we’re looking at new ways for players to explore and uncover plot in the area while still focusing on letting the players drive the content while building off of the existing features that players enjoy.

So as you can see it’s going to be a busy summer in the wasteland!

M and Team