Monday, July 15, 2013

July State of the Game

Hey Wastelanders!
Neverender here again, and I thought I’d share some details about The Dome and some upcoming changes to Territory Control Keeps. We are entering the home stretch in the development cycle of The Dome, and we’re all excited about how it is turning out. For me personally, this is probably one of the more exciting features I’ve been able to work on in my time on FE.

The Dome

If you’ve been keeping up with these posts (and seriously, why wouldn't you be?!), you know that The Dome is a 2 person “co-op” arena of 10 consecutive boss fights that get progressively more difficult. The foes range from familiar baddies like Judges, Scorpions, and Blight Wolves to PED-crazed Linebackers, Evil Mascots, and Insects with PhDs. But to top it all off, in the final round you’ll get to face the in-game incarnations of the FE Dev team (see below). So yeah, good luck with that one.

Testing The Dome

As we are nearing the Live release of The Dome, we will be making it available on PTS for all players to come get an early look and help us work out the final kinks in the system. Stay tuned for information in the coming days about when this will happen so that you can be a part of the action.

Changes to Territory Control Keeps

We have received a lot of feedback about it taking too long to successfully assault a Keep, especially when the doors are fully upgraded (or are being upgraded as the attack persists). To combat this issue, we are dramatically increasing the value of the Timed Explosives. The main way we will do this is by doubling the amount of damage that the explosives do, effectively making it so that at most 4 Timed Explosives will be enough to take out any door regardless of upgrade level. We are also discussing other ways the value of Timed Explosives can be increased.

An added bonus of using the Timed Explosives to take out the Keep doors is that they can prevent any opportunity for defenders to upgrade the door (and restore its health) in the middle of an attack. If you blow up the door outright, there’s nothing left to upgrade!

As always, we will continue to listen to your feedback and will consider additional improvements in the future if necessary.

Thanks for reading, and we look forward to seeing you all on PTS when we open it up for testing The Dome!

-Fallen Earth Dev Team