Tuesday, August 13, 2013

August State of the Game

Now that the Dome is on live, we can turn our attention to the AP Augmented Weapon system. We delayed releasing these with the Dome to ensure that we were able to fully focus on one major project at a time.  Now that we can give the weapons our full attention, we can also tell you more about them!

What are they?
AP Augmented weapons are high end weapons that have stats and skills you can spend excess AP on. These stats and skills will add buffs to your character, increase the amount or change the type of damage weapons can do, and give you another path to improve your character beyond just leveling up. 

How do I get them?
The recipes and components for the AP will be purchasable from either the Dome merchant or at one of your local neighborhood Deathtoll Merchants.

Are there going to be shotguns?
Yes, a rifle and a pistol shotgun

Are you going to fix rifles?
When we introduce the new AP weapons we are also going to look at the balance point of several different types of weapons that already exist in FE and bring them more in line with what we want the damage levels to be.

Are they going to be on PTS?
Yes.  We want to get everyone’s feedback on these so we are going to make sure they are on PTS for a bit before we take them live.

What are you doing after that?
We want to look at opening the map a bit but in less of a traditional, discover quest hub, do missions, and move on kind of way.  After looking at the player response to features such as Citadel and Farms, we want to focus more on the players impact on the world and let everyone drive the action more.  We have a rather ambitious plan for both PvE and PVP and once we get the AP weapons on live we can start revealing more details about it.

See you in the wastelands – and on the PTS