Friday, June 13, 2014

June State of the Game
With the launch of the Outpost creeping closer it seems like a good time to talk about what’s going to be in the new area as well as give a bit of behind the scenes info on how production has gone. 

While The Outpost primarily refers to the new player built town in the new county it’s become a bit of a nickname for the area itself.  The area itself is the first look players will get at the rest of Alpha County . From a visual and lore perspective it combines elements of Terminal Woods’ un-radiated forest with the creeping contamination and rot that GlobalTech brought to Alpha.  

Players will be able to spend time in small faction camps learning  as each group tries to establish a foothold in the new area.   While there are some missions in each area the bulk of the content is accessible through world events as each faction fights for control against external and internal enemies.

The Outpost itself is a more ambitious town then previous progress towns. Not only is it larger, but it is designed to last longer and contain more buildings and enemies.   However the attackers, when they do come, will be significantly more challenging than those players have previously seen. 

All of the storylines in this new county will be evolving and growing over time. This is a story designed to be told in chapters with more frequent updates and releases, which is also one of the factors in the length of development time. 

If you’ve been around for a while you know one that server stability will always be our biggest priority. Far more important than the release of new content is making sure that new content will not disrupt existing players. During the development of the Outpost we had unintentionally created a situation where we could not guarantee that stability.  We had changed too much too fast and as a result had to spend a chunk of time addressing those issues.   While in a perfect world I would have liked to seen The Outpost on live sooner rather than later in the year, the extra time did give us the opportunity to get more player testing on the combat changes as well as give us time to improve the overall quality of the area.   

So bottom line when is The Outpost coming? That’s still largely dependent on player testing and feedback. The good news is that now that we have addressed the issues we were seeing on our internal servers we are in a much better position to open up for full player testing, so keep an eye on FB and the forums for PTS updates

See you in the wasteland

Friday, May 9, 2014

May State of the Game!

Hello Wastelanders!  It’s May and that means Decon members are on PTS working on some stability testing for the Outpost as well as working through come skills and mutation improvements – more on that in a bit, first let’s talk about The Outpost!

The Outpost itself is a player- crafted town in the same category as Citadel, only much larger, with longer between attacks and much more dangerous attackers.  To get the most out of The Outpost players will want to continue to participate in Citadel while they keep an eye on protecting their interests to the South.
In addition to the town itself, the area continues the faction storylines introduced in Alpha County and centers on GlobalTech and their involvement with some of the more malicious groups wandering the wastes.
The rewards for completing the missions and World Events in the area include several new chopper and vehicle recipes, new armors schematics and some other goodies.  

There are a lot of moving parts with The Outpost and with every new bit of content added stability is out number one concern.  It’s taken a while to get the Outpost even to PTS because of these concerns. We want you to have new content and new places to explore, but we need to ensure that when it goes live it won’t have a negative impact on the rest of the game. If you’re itching to see it the Decon team is always looking for good testers.


We are all super excited to introduce the newest member of our team – please give a warm wasteland welcome to our newest developer – The Scapegoat!   Why the scapegoat?  Mostly because Goat is a systems developer, one of the more challenging roles. In the short time we’ve worked together on FE’s skills and Mutations  I’ve been impressed with his understanding of not only how all of FE’s systems interact with each other, but his grasp of the problems players are experiencing in the current system.   He’ll mostly be floating around on PTS testing and breaking things. 

So what is he changing?  We will be posting patch notes for the PTS skills/mutations tweaks in the next day or so, but one of the main things we wanted to address is the current dependence on burst damage.  If you guys see him in game, feel free to say “HI” and drop some feedback on him!

See you all on the PTS!

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

April State of the Game

April State of the Game

It's finally feeling like spring around here.  Birds are singing, flowers are blooming, the trees have coated everything in a fine yellow mist and the art department is hard at work on new armor suits, terrain for The Outpost and some new cosmetic gear for everyone.

Let's talk about the armor first. We've been wanting to get some new styles of armor out there to give high end players a few more options. We are also looking toward future armor progression. Originally, the plan was to introduce Augmented Armor with the Outpost, and while we do want to eventually move in that direction, we plan to smooth out a few more balance points first. Augmented Armor is still coming, and these suits will be a step towards that eventually happening.  

These new suits will be part of the new crafting recipes available once the Outpost itself is player controlled. Both the outpost buildings and the new suits will require some of the high level mats that have been floating around for some time now. 


In addition to working on the Outpost, one of my main projects has been tweaking world node balance.  What this will look like is an increase in hand placed nodes that reflect the setting and environment better and fewer nodes scattered willy-nilly.  We will be completing this project in stages. Alpha County, Terminal Woods, Deadfall and the lower half of sector 1 are completed as of this writing. If you are interested in giving feedback, please hop on to the PTS where you can see some of the changes. 

And speaking about PTS – this rather extensive node project and other ongoing tasks would not be possible without the help of the Decon team.  If you are interested in joining the Decon team check out this link for more information -

I'd love to hang out and chat more but The Outpost is calling!

See you in the Wasteland

Monday, March 10, 2014

March State of the Game:

It’s been a hectic few months around the Fallen Earth offices , between the malicious traffic of January and the hardware improvements of February we’ve had our hands a bit full. However that doesn’t mean that we haven’t been moving forward with the Outpost  as well as working on some of our other priorities.
So to give you some more information on what’s coming with the Outpost here is a behind the scenes look at the art from Wiggles and Ninjanomicory

Wiggles and I have been working on The Outpost this month. It is going to be a player built town similar to Citadel, but larger and more robust. The buildings are larger than those found in Citadel, including two story buildings for the social and crafting facilities.  Since the plot for the area revolves around the Outsiders and GlobalTech we wanted to take advantage of those groups love of technology and give the buildings some high tech pieces as well as keeping the aged pre-fall feel.

We’re currently in the process of finishing up the models for the buildings that players will be able to build and testing them internally.  In addition to these structures we are also working on new armor for The Outpost, but we’ll get more into those next month.

So for the big question is – when is it coming? Now that we are able to focus 100% on The Outpost  we are looking to get a testable version on PTS in April with an eye on releasing in May.
Our other priorities are fixing the issues we found with the Keep Turrets , continuing to shift the balance of node places from random to hand placed and working on improving mission rewards. 

Next month we will start going more in depth with the new armor suits as well as giving more details on the plot and the mysteries behind The Outpost.

See you in the wasteland

Friday, January 10, 2014

January State of the Game

Happy New  Year!

New Content-
Ninja and Wiggles are hard at work on the art for The Outpost , making new buildings and armor and for the new recipe books for the crafters.  Alarik is working on fixing world event issues and  strengthening that entire system to provide a better foundation for us to build new content on as well as improving existing content.

The design for  The Outpost allows us to set  up an area where we can regularly add new content and goals for high level players.  This staged content will give player more to explore as well as give us new ways to challenge and reward both group and solo activities.

Content fixes:
Mission rewards – we are currently going through all the missions to identify which ones are under-rewarded and boosting them appropriately

Nodes- a couple years ago we made some changes to how nodes were placed in order to decrease players reliance on merchants. At the time of the changes  75% of all components were purchased from merchants rather than scavenged.  It’s a situation we’ve been monitoring  and as the population has changed the needs of the community have changed.  We will be decreasing the amount of area generated nodes and increasing the individually placed nodes to help meet these needs.

Keep Improvements – the other major project Alarik is working on is keep improvements. After watching a great many keep PvP battles, we wanted to change the pace of the battle and put the focus back on players killing players rather than keep doors.

Decon –
We wanted to take a moment to thank our Decon team for all the hard work and testing they did in 2013. We look forward to working with you guys in 2014! We are always looking for qualified people to apply to the team!

See you in the wasteland.