Friday, January 10, 2014

January State of the Game

Happy New  Year!

New Content-
Ninja and Wiggles are hard at work on the art for The Outpost , making new buildings and armor and for the new recipe books for the crafters.  Alarik is working on fixing world event issues and  strengthening that entire system to provide a better foundation for us to build new content on as well as improving existing content.

The design for  The Outpost allows us to set  up an area where we can regularly add new content and goals for high level players.  This staged content will give player more to explore as well as give us new ways to challenge and reward both group and solo activities.

Content fixes:
Mission rewards – we are currently going through all the missions to identify which ones are under-rewarded and boosting them appropriately

Nodes- a couple years ago we made some changes to how nodes were placed in order to decrease players reliance on merchants. At the time of the changes  75% of all components were purchased from merchants rather than scavenged.  It’s a situation we’ve been monitoring  and as the population has changed the needs of the community have changed.  We will be decreasing the amount of area generated nodes and increasing the individually placed nodes to help meet these needs.

Keep Improvements – the other major project Alarik is working on is keep improvements. After watching a great many keep PvP battles, we wanted to change the pace of the battle and put the focus back on players killing players rather than keep doors.

Decon –
We wanted to take a moment to thank our Decon team for all the hard work and testing they did in 2013. We look forward to working with you guys in 2014! We are always looking for qualified people to apply to the team!

See you in the wasteland.