Friday, May 9, 2014

May State of the Game!

Hello Wastelanders!  It’s May and that means Decon members are on PTS working on some stability testing for the Outpost as well as working through come skills and mutation improvements – more on that in a bit, first let’s talk about The Outpost!

The Outpost itself is a player- crafted town in the same category as Citadel, only much larger, with longer between attacks and much more dangerous attackers.  To get the most out of The Outpost players will want to continue to participate in Citadel while they keep an eye on protecting their interests to the South.
In addition to the town itself, the area continues the faction storylines introduced in Alpha County and centers on GlobalTech and their involvement with some of the more malicious groups wandering the wastes.
The rewards for completing the missions and World Events in the area include several new chopper and vehicle recipes, new armors schematics and some other goodies.  

There are a lot of moving parts with The Outpost and with every new bit of content added stability is out number one concern.  It’s taken a while to get the Outpost even to PTS because of these concerns. We want you to have new content and new places to explore, but we need to ensure that when it goes live it won’t have a negative impact on the rest of the game. If you’re itching to see it the Decon team is always looking for good testers.


We are all super excited to introduce the newest member of our team – please give a warm wasteland welcome to our newest developer – The Scapegoat!   Why the scapegoat?  Mostly because Goat is a systems developer, one of the more challenging roles. In the short time we’ve worked together on FE’s skills and Mutations  I’ve been impressed with his understanding of not only how all of FE’s systems interact with each other, but his grasp of the problems players are experiencing in the current system.   He’ll mostly be floating around on PTS testing and breaking things. 

So what is he changing?  We will be posting patch notes for the PTS skills/mutations tweaks in the next day or so, but one of the main things we wanted to address is the current dependence on burst damage.  If you guys see him in game, feel free to say “HI” and drop some feedback on him!

See you all on the PTS!


  1. How about some hi-res hand and weapon textures next?

  2. Hopefully Scapegoat looks into balancing Weapons again... Right now, I got two choices, Sword, or hammer? I'd choose neither, but I'm forced to choose one. 2h Sword, Fast, lower damager, 2h Axe, Medium speed, medium damage, 2h Hammer, Slow speed, high damage. . . . Balance.

  3. remove chargeshoots, it be cool

  4. Havent realised yet the 99% of pvpers are female? isnt that a bit strange for devs? when will they change this fucking unbalanced system and making male and female hitboxes same sized? Isnt that strange too no one playing with rifles? its total mad, from outside the game is look like a nice shooter like stalker, then joining and have to realise 90% of pvp is about female bitches runing around with big hammers and pistols. When will the devs change anything wich is really important? same bugs and bad logic for years now, and the game keep dieing

    1. you just mad cus bad pvp is fine