Friday, June 13, 2014

June State of the Game
With the launch of the Outpost creeping closer it seems like a good time to talk about what’s going to be in the new area as well as give a bit of behind the scenes info on how production has gone. 

While The Outpost primarily refers to the new player built town in the new county it’s become a bit of a nickname for the area itself.  The area itself is the first look players will get at the rest of Alpha County . From a visual and lore perspective it combines elements of Terminal Woods’ un-radiated forest with the creeping contamination and rot that GlobalTech brought to Alpha.  

Players will be able to spend time in small faction camps learning  as each group tries to establish a foothold in the new area.   While there are some missions in each area the bulk of the content is accessible through world events as each faction fights for control against external and internal enemies.

The Outpost itself is a more ambitious town then previous progress towns. Not only is it larger, but it is designed to last longer and contain more buildings and enemies.   However the attackers, when they do come, will be significantly more challenging than those players have previously seen. 

All of the storylines in this new county will be evolving and growing over time. This is a story designed to be told in chapters with more frequent updates and releases, which is also one of the factors in the length of development time. 

If you’ve been around for a while you know one that server stability will always be our biggest priority. Far more important than the release of new content is making sure that new content will not disrupt existing players. During the development of the Outpost we had unintentionally created a situation where we could not guarantee that stability.  We had changed too much too fast and as a result had to spend a chunk of time addressing those issues.   While in a perfect world I would have liked to seen The Outpost on live sooner rather than later in the year, the extra time did give us the opportunity to get more player testing on the combat changes as well as give us time to improve the overall quality of the area.   

So bottom line when is The Outpost coming? That’s still largely dependent on player testing and feedback. The good news is that now that we have addressed the issues we were seeing on our internal servers we are in a much better position to open up for full player testing, so keep an eye on FB and the forums for PTS updates

See you in the wasteland


  1. Awesome (: keep up the work. Hopefully it's done before I come back from Europe!

  2. 60 % resist with glitch players, you like it?

  3. I'm just excited for the new map. I could care less at this point about the resists for players. -Darshon

  4. just curious if we will be able to get our lvl 20 toons there to power lvl them like we do at cit. that is all many of us really care about

  5. now game dead for me

  6. Its been so long guys whats happening with the game? I Mean are we ever get something ELSE then PvP Update? The game is in dire need ofa Cosmetic update! HECK even a Weatherbox can be a massive improvement in all sectors of the Game! Wouldn,t hurt to see gust of sands going across the streets of Embry Crossroad or EVEN realligning all the misaligned landscape and texture out there! Adding more rocks and plants to the wasteland making it less empty and lifeless is a key! Heck! APB Reloaded is on the turbo right now to polish their game graphical wise while nothing is done in Fallen Earth.. I'm sick of this crystal clear wasteland clean sky without any particles in the atmosphere.

  7. I am so sick and tired of PVP - i can't stand constant PVP when i keep facing only aimboters and cheaters that snipe me no matter what i do with fucking pistols.
    Let harvesters out of PVP zones.
    PVE should be fucking PVE and who wants masochism PVP can go to PVP zones!

    Some PVE Random events like "mutant invasion of Embry" - and then lvl 55 mutants in huge numbers overwhelm the AFKing idiots in Embry - would be nice.

    Apart from the horrid PVP this game is dying !!