Wednesday, March 25, 2015

State of the Game:

We haven’t done one of these in while, partly because we were using other channels to communicate, from direct emails to Facebook messaging and even in-game chats, but also because we needed some time to hunker down and fix the game.  While the lag was terrible, in fixing it we were able to address a few more issues and make some marked improvements to the overall stability in several areas.  We also wanted to hold off on making a large “It’s fixed” announcement until we had the opportunity to watch the servers in action.   We were all pleasantly surprised when we realized that the fixes likely resulted in a better situation than we had prior to the lag.  If things continue to look good we will be able to go back to a once a week maintenance schedule, something I think we’ve all been looking forward to. 

So what’s next for FE? We’re back to doing what we love most, developing the game and working on new ways to keep players engaged.  Our first priority for new content is continuing the storylines we started in The Outpost. We’re moving into pre-production on this now and will release more info as it becomes available. 

While the art department is working on that, the rest of us are keeping busy with bug fixes. We’ve been going through the list, fine tuning drop tables and cleaning up various missions to make them less of a grind.  Some of these fixes have made it on to live already with others still in progress on our internal servers and as with all balance issues, some recent changes may still be tweaked a bit.

While 2015 started a bit rough, we’ve got some cool things planned in game and some exciting possibilities we think players will be really interested in. 

See you in the wasteland