Thursday, June 16, 2011

Welcome to the Fallen Earth development blog!

Starting today we’ll be using this space to post ideas and discussions about the conversion to free-to-play, as well as patch notes, details about what’s currently being worked on, issues related to Fallen Earth, the post-apocalyptic setting, and anything else that relates to the development of the game. Our goal is to fully explore ideas along with the community to make sure we’re all on the same page AND that we are accountable for communicating exactly what it is we intend to do, along with schedules, plans, and all sorts of scary details make me rethink whether talking about this stuff before it’s done is a good idea :)

If you are allergic to walls-o’-text, though, look away! This one's massive.

Here’s a quick rundown of what we’re looking at in this post specifically:
1. What free-to-play model will Fallen Earth follow?
2. What will change as a result of going free-to-play?
3. When will the full transition to free-to-play be complete?
4. What do I get out of all this?!1/1?!111
5. What are the design priorities during and after the switch to free-to-play?

Question the First: What free-to-play model will Fallen Earth follow?

Fallen Earth, when it is transitioned, will follow what’s come to be known as a hybrid model that incorporates the best elements of F2P combined with a tiered membership system.

Three different Premium memberships will be available, but it will be possible to play the full game from Sector 1 to Sector one billion* forever without ever paying a dime. Literally. You don’t have to buy quests or zones or classes or skills or levels or anything. You can download the game and start playing, and as long as you’ve got electricity and internet, you don’t have to pay a dime. This might sound counter-intuitive when compared to some of the current implementations of free-to-play, but we have a feeling they’ll come around soon!

One of the main reasons for going free-to-play is so that when you’re playing and having a great time, you can call your friend and have him or her join in with you. Gating cool areas behind content walls or velvet ropes doesn’t accomplish that instant join-my-buddy experience, since in the velvet-rope world your friend would still be forced to pull out a credit card in order to join you. We want you to be able to call up whomever, have them join in, and after a while hey, you’re having so much fun, maybe you want to improve the experience by buying an item or two, or maybe getting a Premium membership along the way.

Just please don’t break our poor little idealist hearts by playing free forever, okay?

Now while content, quests, levels, and all that will be available, here is the list of ‘limits’ that will exist on free accounts; free accounts will continue to have the trading and auction house limits that trial accounts currently have, they’ll have only a single character slot, a limited number of time each day in which they can craft, and a limit to the maximum chips they can hold (though this limit disappears if you make any purchase; so if, heaven forbid, you only make a single purchase, there is no subsequent chip limit). Free accounts will be able to do every quest, visit every sector and instance, have no limits on what items they can craft or gear they can use, and most importantly, their accounts won’t be locked after 30 days as is the case today. They won’t be able to send items through the mail (take that, gold farmers!) but they will be able to receive items, so you can send stuff to your buddies if they have free accounts. A free account is the perfect way to get in and experience the game for someone who casually wants to check it out, do a few quests, or catch up with old friends.

Salvage Speed, Crafting Speed, Reward Point accrual, Death Toll, and Random AP will be decreased for free players. The various Premiums (of which there will be three) will increase these, plus add a Fallen Earth Store discount.

So about those Premiums. To start off by putting things in perspective, the current game everyone is playing would technically be considered sort of the "base" level of Premium AND, when all is said and done, the price of this type of Premium will actually be lower than what subscribers currently pay (about $10). For about $15—essentially, what you’re paying now—you would get a Premium membership that grants increases to all the above-mentioned things plus adds a slight experience increase as well. The third Premium package is a bit more interesting, and again, putting things in perspective, should not necessarily be considered an escalation of the previous two but something different altogether. The third Premium grants all the same things as the previous with some minor increases PLUS you become a shining beacon of concentrated awesome because you’ll emanate a special aura that bestows some of your benefits onto your group members. So if you’re paying but your buddies aren’t, at least they can get a little leg up because you’re such a great guy or gal! We haven’t settled on a price for this level yet, but we have something special in store for veteran players that we’ll be revealing in the coming weeks. Again, this is entirely geared towards generous people -- if you want to be the one who pays but your friends don't, you can, and you can share some of your benefits with them.

Of course, as the game grows and expands in terms of features and systems we’ll constantly strive to reflect those updates by adding to the Premium memberships as well.

What’s more: We know that parting with your hard-earned money sucks, and we want to show our appreciation towards everyone who supports Fallen Earth. Each month owners of Premium accounts will receive a special gift from the teams here as our way of saying thanks.

Question the Second: What will change as a result of going free-to-play?

Content updates will happen more frequently; you can look forward to a lot more things being added to the game that have been requested by the community but which have, for various reasons prior to the acquisition, not been possible. The focus will be less on huge expansions, and more on incremental feature rollouts.

The role of Reward Points is going to change slightly. Instead of being a heap of points that you amass over time and then blow on a big purchase, we’ll be taking items from the Fallen Earth Store and putting them on the Reward Merchants, and increasing the amount of Reward Points you get as a result. The intent here is that if you are a Premium subscriber then you should be able to sort of have your run of the place without needing to buy anything additional if you don’t want to. If you want fourteen pairs of goggles in every shade of the rainbow then hey, you might end up having to fork out a couple bucks, but that’s good news for us and our families because we get to continue enjoying such luxuries as food, running water, and not being thrown in debtor’s prison (not sure if they still have those)!

I sort of feel like I shouldn’t have to say this next bit, but I will say it anyway because this is the Interwebs (with a capital I) and if you leave something up to the imagination, some imaginations just sort of run with it and draw all kinds of random conclusions. Adding stuff to the Fallen Earth Store—and into Reward Merchants—doesn’t mean that’s our only focus. It doesn’t mean the team is going to stop working on The Game just to Make Money. It means a portion of time will be spent on adding new things to the store with the express purpose of giving everyone on the dev team more freedom to develop an awesome game. Removing the payment barrier is a means to an end to allow more people to experience Fallen Earth; game mechanics, systems, and features are now--and will forever be--the primary focus, because that's why everyone started developing games in the first place and a new payment model doesn't change that.

Question the Third: When will the full transition to free-to-play be complete?

We’re looking at early Q4. Yes, that’s a ways off, and yes, that's vague, but we felt it was better to start communicating now rather than to wait a few months and suddenly do a grand reveal where we’ve suddenly changed the whole game without the input of the community. There will also be some interesting new gameplay content going out (for free) around the same time as well, which we'll expand upon in later blogs.

Question the Fourth: What do I get out of all this?!1/1?!111

First, you get a development team that can truly focus on evolving Fallen Earth and making it the best game it can possibly be, unhindered by having to focus its resources on things like business, marketing, and technical operations.

Second, we’re working on two packages to roll out for players who have stood by Fallen Earth all this time: one for players who have ever bought the game, and one for players that maintain their subscriptions throughout the conversion to free-to-play.

We’re not quite ready to reveal exactly what’s in each, but I will say that a) like I mentioned above, longtime subscribers won’t ever have to pay full price for the top-tier Premium, and b) we have some awesome gifts for you if you keep your subscription during the wait. If you want to drive yourself nuts wondering about what that is though, I can reveal that it was suggested during one the fireside chats, after which we kind of smacked our collective heads and went OHMYGODTHATISSUCHAGREATIDEAWENEEDTODOIT!!

Question the Fifth: What are the design priorities during and after the switch to free-to-play?

Anyone who’s played Fallen Earth knows there are three core groups— sometimes always at odds with one another—that form the basis of the community: PvP players, PvE players, and Roleplayers. The design priorities for the future will look towards building specific features and content aimed at each group, making the world much more robust and, we hope, exciting to experience.

To that end, I offer you these enigmatic, fortune-cookie-like bits to make you salivate until a future blog expands upon them!

To the PvPers: Factions matter. Clans matter.
To the PvEers: Hope you brought your keys, because it’s time for you to drive this economy.
To the RPers: You are a beautiful snowflake. There’s no reason you can’t be a deadly snowflake too.

Thanks everybody, that’s all for now! Remember that this blog is going to be an ongoing thing, so feel free to ask questions and leave comments. If I can answer here, I will, and if it requires a larger explanation I might make it the subject of a forthcoming blog.

- Linus


  1. I like the idea of being able to play the game free, but only one character slot? I think that's a little bit absurd, considering the limitations you do have. I mean, we are allowed to do the quests, etc, etc, but I know enough that free gameplay will be the bare-bones of the game: Will accessories like mounts be free? What about certain armors and weapons? How many advantages over free players will paying players have?

  2. I know this is much to ask but do u think ur do a closed beta first or open beta? Im stoked i cant wait!

  3. This seems to have sealed the deal for me. I'm now looking forward to seeing what you can deliver on versus what you've brought to the table. Of course, the servers have to improve or else it won't matter much anyways but I remain optimistic at this point. Nice job.

  4. omg what was suggested during fireside?! i need to know!!
    and when will you finally release alpha and the combat changes!?

    i just hope you guys can keep your promises and make fallen earth as great as it should be.

  5. Congratulations! Exciting news, and definitely looking forward to it.

  6. Congratulations. The model you propose seems to hold great promise. A couple of suggestions:

    FE's has always had the potential to break in to markets not well served by other MMO's and attract players who were older with more resources but less time to play. The game as it exists will continue to attract that crowd but the challenge will be to convert them to paid subscribers.

    The key? Create elements inside of FE that compel the player to get "deeper" into the game. With my current schedule, it could take months to take a character from S1 to Alpha Country. Given that pay to win is off the table, why would I pay money to advance my character faster or get unique cosmetic items? A useful model for kids but the game has to offer something to BUILD to attract players to upgrade their subscription.

    Building means more than just player or clan housing (although those are critical). It is building a bus route or shipping business to supply outposts and move players around. It is owning an armored tow truck that can pull player vehicles out of danger. Or tuning a combat vehicle to support a clan/faction attack.

    It is also about participation. Combat should be deep and require skill but a noob should be able to have SOME degree of success...or at least feel that they have contributed to something. Combat should be about accomplishing something...not just killing the other player. Dueling has its place but the small scale PvP actions are so skewed in favor of the highly skilled that most folks who try feel shut out.

    In CounterStrike, a noob (with a bit of luck) can get enough success early on to get enough intermittent reinforcement to stick around to develop higher level skills. If this was the perception of FE along with meaningful goals, PvP, Hybrid-PvP/PvE and straight PvE would flourish.

    In summary: Get me hooked on (helping to) build a fortress or see some value in joining a raid on someone else's. This world has a huge potential to make folks a lot of money....

  7. I'm with John! I like the idea of being able to setup a small business like he describes. I would definitely be interested in paying if I could do things like that. It sounds like fun and it adds another element to the game.

  8. "longtime subscribers won’t ever have to pay full price for the top-tier Premium"
    What does longtime mean? How many months does one have to have in order to be eligible?
    I have the account for: 1 year 50 weeks and i have payed so far for 10months since i've had the account.
    I like what i've read, you guys seem to have listened to the community and you are doing your best to avoid p2w.
    You have my full support!

  9. ** Also add to those 10 months, 1 name change from fallen earth store for 20$, 1 Kaibab Cur for 10$, the original iphone app which was 1,99$, and after that the 9,99$ for android :>
    Top it all with the fact that in closed beta i submitted tens of bugs.

  10. Locking new free players out of the economy is a bad idea, and a massive 'velvet rope' around crafting. A better idea is to allow free players to buy anything from the AH, incidentially creating a market for crafters, and sell one item at a time, and charge "free" players $10 for a token that gives unlimited AH and trading access.

    Similarly, charge $10 for a second character slot, or they will just create a second account for their Alt.

    Finally, RPers love housing, love appearance items and love vanity pets. You can sell all of these ;)

  11. Good info, took away all the doom and gloom from the misinformed for sure! :)

  12. I'm REALLY glad to hear this news.
    I LOVE the world of Fallen Earth, and have since I was in Beta - at the same time, it's also not a game that I've been able to fit into my schedule to the tune of $15/mo.

    That said, you would be very wise to study Turbine's LOTRO Free-to-play model, and emulate that to the very best of your ability, as that's another game that I didn't find myself playing $15/mo worth for the vast majority of the game's lifetime. Since March, however, I've spent around $160 in a combination of VIP subscription and LOTRO Points.
    Just knowing that I still *can* play even if I'm not a subscriber is a HUGE step in the right direction.

    Also, most of the LOTRO points I bought went to increased wardrobe space, and amazing cosmetic clothing to fill it. Hint. Hint.

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  14. You sell FE through Steam now, Steam just went live with 5 F2P Games / MMOs? Will there Be any steam integration? If so how will this work and Can I Link my FE acct to Steam like in Forsaken World and Use that to purchase any subscription and goods?


  15. Well this is now dead to me. Gamersfirst isnt about gamers its about the developers wallets.

    Take APB for example. All guns bought with in game currency have a 10 day expiration period and are hella expensive. You want a perm gun? Its gonna cost you around 50 USD. You want more customization options? Its gonna cost you a couple bucks. You like that hat? You need to buy a 500 point pack to afford it.

    IMHO this was not a great choice for your customers, but that doesnt really matter does it? You will be raking up the dough now.

  16. Some of Fallen Earth ideas sound interesting, but I think perhaps Gamersfirst need to take a serious look at Fallen Earth and then rethink the idea of restricting crafting time allowed on free accounts.

    Crafting in FE is not something you can decide if you want to do or not. It's something you either do, or you die.

    Now my first thought was that this could actually encourage activity on the auction house, but then I read about the restrictions of free accounts to use the auction house as well. :\

  17. I am both excited and disappointed... excited that it will be free, but disappointed at the restrictions. I am not a veteran player, i only played a trial. Game looked great, but didnt play too much. I understand it costs money to support a game, but the object of f2p is players shouldnt have the unsaid feeling of needing to pay to just be basic. On another note, a payment method doesnt necessarily have to be monthly, and could be by gametime, for us who have jobs and other business. Thx. Gl

  18. Good luck guys, always liked the concept of Fallen Earth, just having multiple subscriptions killed it for me (WoW, Rift, Fallen earth and so on).
    Might drop in again when its going live :)

  19. Started in Beta and subbed for a year, then resubbed for a second. Not seeing anything that will stop me doing it a third time.

  20. Can't say I didn't see the move to a F2P model coming. I'm actually surprised it took so long. The Turbine model is by far the best one to go with. Too many restrictions and you end up with something broken like EQ2 Extended. One thing that Turbine DEFINITELY does right is having achievements in the game give you TP. This is a VERY important thing to emulate. Having at least 3 tiers also seems to work best from the F2P games I've played: tier 1: fairly restrictive for people who've never paid anything, tier 2: a less restrictive tier for people who bought the game before f2p or who've bought whatever F2P currency you'll be using and tier 3: a monthly subscription that has few restrictions and a monthly allowance of the F2P currency (again, Turbine's model). I've played A LOT of F2P games and I can plainly state Turbine's model is not only the best but they've gotten more money from me than any other F2P game.

  21. Great news! Can't wait for the f2p to go live:)

  22. Linus, you'd better not to break your promises as Icarus did, and you might have yourself a deal.

  23. As well as making players feel good, the other advantage of the Turbine drip-feed of game store cash to players is it gets them used to spending money in the store. After all, the first hit is always free, right ?

  24. No matter what you do people will complain. Why are you guys so cheap? Come on you want unrestricted AH and full crafting for free??? They already said the game will be free all content, what do you want more? Take your cheap hands and put them in your wallet and pay at least for the lowest subscription type. Stop being cheap!!!

  25. This is an interesting move. Not sure if it's good or bad, guess we'll see, but I am a bit skeptical. My personal feelings aside, some things to ponder:

    1. All the restrictions you mentioned for free accounts seem fine, except for one - AP limit. As we all know, in FE AP is king. If free players don't have same, or close, amount of AP as paying players by the time they hit top level, they will feel severely gimped and that leads to disappointed customers leaving the game. AP is too serious of a currency to limit, as it creates the most disparity between players. Just recall the days of faction wheel spinning before AP/level limit.

    2. Making it longer for free players to gain XP, faction, crafting, etc. is the best way to promote paying. This way everyone that plays for free can still achieve all the same things as paying customers, but it just takes them longer, but they can accelerate that by paying (either through subscription, or one-time-buy, like $5 and your current item in crafting queue is instantly finished). heck, even paying customers might pay extra for that sort of stuff once in a while.

    3. Another great way to bring in cash is through appearances. Custom paint job for your vehicle, or super swanky suit of armor that has same stats as a a base model, but just looks cooler. Jealousy is the main driver in real life economy. People often go "Man, I want to look like that, or drive a car like that," and they are often willing to pay for that.

    4. One of the biggest advantages of FE today is also one of its biggest disadvantages - crafting. I love it, and most everyone that plays the game now does as well. As someone else said - you can't play the game without it. But that is also what has been turning away most players. I've been playing FE since Beta, and I love it. I honestly think it's the best MMO on the market currently. I tried to get many of my friends to play it. They don't mind paying $15/month to play the game, they're used to it. But most of them couldn't get past the crafting part. Even to start out, it's too complex and overwhelming. There are too many skills, with too many books, components and mats. New players have a hard time figuring it all out. You can make the game F2P, but that's not going to address this issue, thus still having the same barrier to entry for new players. Here are some thoughts:

    4a: Limit the number of crafting "skills" and number of recipes by level. When players first start, they can only pick one school, like Ballistics, then at lvl 5, they get another, etc. This allows them to focus on one at a time while they get the hang of it.

    4b: Create specializations. You want to get into ballistics - great. Pick: rifles, pistols, shotguns, etc. This is especially bad for Weaponry and Cooking, where you have to do all the research in every tree, including all the Improved and Advanced, because you never know which category might have the best item for you. There needs to be a more linear progression, without having to spend countless hours researching every possibility, just so you can see all your options. Also doing so will help the economy, as I may specialize in pistols and have to buy my shotguns on AH, or create another char, thus having to pay for a premium account or extra fee for another char slot. You can also make craftable items available through on-line store, for cheap. So players have a choice - craft in-game, spend time in-game farming chips, or pay real cash on-line.

  26. 4c: Players should be able to play without crafting. Not everyone enjoys it, but currently this route is impossible. Items you get through quest rewards are not sufficient on their own to keep you adequately geared. Buying stuff on AH is rarely an option, as through normal gameplay you hardly get enough chips to pay for new skills (especially mutations). So most players don't have much extra chips to buys stuff on AH, resulting having to sell items for less than the mats and crafting time warrants. Give PvErs and PvPrs more chips and Crafters would be more encouraged to spend time crafting items for sale, allowing others to be able to play and fully enjoy the game without having to craft. You can also make craftable items available through on-line store, for cheap. So players have a choice - craft in-game, spend time in-game farming chips, or pay real cash on-line.

    Well, I think that's the bulk of it. I know it was supposed to be about the F2P model conversion and sort of turned into a crafting rant - sorry, but in my experience that has been the biggest challenge for new players and a different subscription model alone is not going to fix that. Sorry for a wall-of-text, but hey, I've read yours ;).

  27. Cristian,

    Im fine with an EQ2X-style system of purchasable AH tokens. Im more than happy with a limit on a number of crafted items per day. Im good with gathering, crafting and so on being slower for FTP types. Im even ok with EQ2X 'attunement tokens', and Im ecstatic about Turbine selling content in lumps.

    What I dont want is the new, initally free, players going 'this game sucks. I cant talk to people, I have the wrong crafting mats and I cant buy more on the AH, and I cant even buy a new weapon on the AH', and then leaving for some other game. Fallen Earth needs a newbie fire hose very very badly, and that means making the free experience good. *Then* you can sell them ways to get around the limitations, either via subscription or a one-off payment.

  28. "Random AP will be decreased for free players" They did not say it will be limited ;)

  29. been playing FE since last few months of beta.

    I have to comment on a thing you said :
    "Random AP will be decreased for free players"

    Fallen Earth's AP is more important than anything else ingame. and they are available in fixed amount as for current version.
    (20 AP per level so you'd have at 1780 base AP at 60. some Quests give you APs but you can't finish literally all of them due to faction rep or quest branches or some other reasons)

    I hope "total AP possible" stays same for BOTH Free and Paid members.
    "skill boost for X points but won't apply to equip/consumable requirements(means 139+25 wouldn't get you 164 gear. you need 164 BASE skill in that case)" option sounds better than less random AP for me.

  30. "Random AP will be decreased for free players" means that it will be either limited for FTP players, as they wouldn't be able to farm as many APs as paying customers; or, at the very least, this means they will have significantly less AP when they first hit top level,at which point the disparity between them and the paying players will be too much and enough to make most quit, as they will feel severely disadvantaged. With the FE's current system, you can't mess with APs.

  31. Stas Blade,

    Personally Im expecting some sort of AP Potion that, for a limited time, allows a Freemium player to accrue AP at the same rate as a player who makes a monthly payment.

    Fifteen one-dollar "Rapid AP Gain" Potions make the same revenue as a monthly sub.

    Remember Paid does *not* equal a monthly subscriber - it means people who pay Icarus money.

  32. Is 'early Q4', Fiscal or Calendar ?

  33. "To the PvPers: Factions matter. Clans matter."

    Maybe, but shared doctrine, shared trust and shared vent servers matter more. Clear comms beats uber DPS.

    "To the PvEers: Hope you brought your keys, because it’s time for you to drive this economy."

    If you are removing crafting mats, ammo and so on from vendors, I have three words for you ; 'Guidance Systems Jita'. If all components have to be manually gathered, great fortunes *will* be made by those who stocked up before patch day, and once prices stabilise the tears from ammunition users will refill the Grand Canyon.

    This is especially true if needed ammunition components are gathered from Sector 1 by lowbies, the majority of whom under the current FTP plan will not have access to the Auction House. I might be wrong, but Scrap Copper, Im looking right at you.

    "To the RPers: You are a beautiful snowflake. There’s no reason you can’t be a deadly snowflake too."

    An appearance tab, so you can wear combat armour without looking like you're in combat armour (btw between you and me, we'd like Housing more).

  34. @Bigboy: There is still a gigantically expansive free game waiting for you if you never pay. Guns, mounts, etc, can all be gotten in the game now and that's not something that's even remotely going to change.

    @Jordan When the free2play changes first are instituted it will be consider a sort of "beta," though we'll likely never tag it as such

    @GoreGamer we'll try to work something out like that, sure

    @Tikigod crafting time for free accounts will be generous. Again, the philosophy here is to give as much of the game as possible to "casual" players; and if you decide to go "hardcore," you'll be willing to make the investment to open up more possibilities for yourself

    @Anton de Stoc reward points should be accomplishing the very drip-feed of which you speak (yes, even on Free acconts). I also appreciate the insight you've put into responding to each of the comments for PvPers/PvEers/RPers. There is a great deal of nuance that goes into each one that a single enigmatic phrase doesn't capture, but I'm glad you're thinking of these things ahead of time and I'm looking forward to your comments when we unveil just what each of these things entails.

    @Stas Blade Your wall of text was a good read :) I agree with a lot of it, as much of it represents some longer term goals. But to specifically respond to your point about AP:
    The AP "limit" referred to in the blog post is "Random AP accrual" rate, not total capacity for AP. Essentially, free players will get random AP less frequently. If a free player intends to max out his or her AP without ever paying (which they're certainly welcome to), that person will want to scour the world and complete all AP quests the way that players currently playing the game must.

    @Dana It refers to calendar Q4

    Thanks everyone! I truly appreciate the level of discussion and comments here. It makes me eager to share more as soon as possible.

  35. As i told you guys the APs are not limited for F2P-layers :). If you could only read.
    Maybe next time Linus you can also answer to my question TY!

  36. As a current APB:R player (and former APB RTW player), I know gamersfirst will get the job done when it comes to getting the content we have all been wanting, but the previously tiny 12 man dev crew couldn't feasibly get to. But again, as a current APB:R player, when things cost, they REALLY cost. I currently pay for premium in APB:R and usually try to keep a premium weapon on all 3 of my toons, and that's expensive, since they only last a month. I'm a pretty hardcore gamer, but I don't dedicate all my time to a single game. Maybe an hour here and there across a multitude of games. So buying items that last a month, I usually end up only using 5 or 6 times. (Also have to mention the recockulous price of lifetime weapons in APB)

    I suppose all I'm really worried about with FE, is that items purchased in the cash shop will have a time limit. I'm fairly new to this game, but enjoy it quite a bit, but also need a few days break often so I don't get burnt out.

    The limitation to in game trading is understandable, but the AH? I don't get that one really. I suppose gold sellers could use the AH to xfer money in some way. But as someone pointed out to me a couple days ago; currency in this game at the moment is fairly useless. Everything you need can be crafted. There really is no economy.

    But all in all, it'll bring new life to the game, and new trolls of course (I suggest not granting global chat until lvl 15 or 20 lol)

    We'll see how it goes!

    -Voxxy Vox

  37. Voxxy,

    In an interview, the developers of FE have already declined to sell rented weapons in some pretty colourful language. In any case, I dont think they need to - they are better off selling high-end ammunition and consumables instead, thus monetising the convenience of not grinding hi-end mats and finding a skilled crafter (or sneakily enabling Pay2Win, depending on your ideology).

    Both DDO and EQ2X had heavy limits on AH usage for non-subscribers, which they then loosened (DDO by just loosening it, EQ2X by selling AH tokens). If you want the FTP masses to help the low end of the economy, they have to be allowed into it. This will also let them have a better game experience - give em one slot to sell items, and let them use their copious cash to buy anything they want.

    Finally, Im expecting Housing to be a major, major cash sink and item shop fodder. Especially if Housing in Progress Towns is destructible, if you and yours lose the big PvE battles. Oh well, time to pay more chips, farm more mats ... or buy new Housing components in the item shop.

  38. To the PvPers: Factions matter. Clans matter.-Clan towns only certant factions can enter
    To the PvEers: Hope you brought your keys, because it’s time for you to drive this economy.-new vehciels
    To the RPers: You are a beautiful snowflake. There’s no reason you can’t be a deadly snowflake too.-a /rp pvp option

  39. I am a fallen earth crafter and I love the crafting system. I have seen what G1 has done to APB and it scares me big time. If my available items gets gutted and all the good stuff can be purchased with real money, consider me no longer a paying customer.

    For the love of god please dont mess with crafting and please dont make everything rent like apb ....

  40. Bonus. Alpha County going live on my day off work.


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