Friday, August 5, 2011

1.9.2 Patch Notes & More

There's kind of a lot going on. Not sure if that was obvious!

Patch 1.9.2 will go out during our scheduled weekly maintenance on Wednesday morning. We may start it a bit earlier than usual.

Now to the fun stuff! Here are the version notes for the upcoming patch:

1.9.2 Version Notes


• The armor reduction values of Bend Metal, Dirty Steel, and Overwhelm have been increased.

• Power/Precision bonuses have been changed to 90% Power/Precision and 10% weapon skill from 75% Power/ Precision and 25% weapon skill.

• Players once again gain faster Health, Stamina, and Gamma regeneration rates from sitting, sleeping, lounging, and related stances.

• The Stamina Regeneration penalty from movement has been decreased.

• Precision's critical hit chance bonus has been increased.

• The damage bonus from critical hits has been increased.

• Gamma regeneration is now also reduced while moving.

• The Health derivation is now: Three per Level, Three per Strength, Four per Endurance.

• NPC resistances in low to mid-level ranges have been reduced.

• Experienced gained from PvP kills has been increased.

• Combat damage variance is now 0 to + 10% (previously it was -10% to +10%)

Skills and Mutations

• Added skill/mutation books to level appropriate trainers across all sectors.

• Stanch Wounds 7 can now be used while moving.

• Benevolence will no longer heal vehicles.

• The errors in the text on the Benevolence 5 and 6 injectors have been corrected.

• Soften 'Em Up now reduces opponent resistances by the stated amount.

• Renew has had its activation time decreased.

• Dent Armor now lasts ten seconds and has had its stamina cost reduced.

• Lucky Break's stamina cost has been reduced.


New volatile weapon recipes have been added:

• Volatile Redstone .40

• Volatile Z. I. Custom

• Volatile M-Croall Shark

• Volatile Bloodvine Axe

• Volatile Heater Club

• Terminal Weapon, Armor and Ballistic upgrade books have been renamed to Volatile Weapon, Armor and Ballistic upgrades.

New Fast Travel System

• A new fast travel system has been added to the game. Players can travel between certain LifeNet pods.

Activating the Fast Travel System

• Previous Fast Travel destinations (Watchtower, New Flagstaff, Trader's Flat, Los Alamos, and Shackleton) remain enabled. Players who already have these destinations unlocked will be able to travel between them with the new system immediately.

• Other destinations must be activated as players help restock LifeNet's supplies. Players need to turn in missions at each LifeNet pod to unlock the ability to use Fast Travel in those pods.

How to Use Fast Travel

• Once a destination is unlocked, all you need to do is talk to the LifeNet Transport Terminal. By talking to the terminal, you will get Knowedge required to transport to this location.

• The list of destinations has a red "exit" x if you do not qualify for that desination. You can select that destination for more information about what you need to enable transportation there.

• The list of destinations has a yellow "conversation" arrow if you meet the qualifications. Any cost associated with that destination is also listed.

Fast Travel Requirements

• The currently used requirements for Fast Travel are the Knowledge for each destination, the chip cost, positive Faction for any Faction towns, and player Level.

• The level requirements are 1 for Sector 1, 15 for Sector 2, 23 for Sector 3, 35 for Deadfall, 35 for Terminal Woods, and 45 for Sector 4.

• New Flagstaff and Barret Manor have a level requirement of 1 to allow low level players easier access to player-run events that often occur in New Flagstaff and Barret Manor.

Setting a LifeNet Pod to Home

• You can set any LifeNet pod as your Home position and transport there with a new item on Reward Point Merchants, the LifeNet Hack: Return Home. Once you have set a pod as your bind point, you can transport there at any time by using the LifeNet Hack: Return Home item.

Other Changes to Fast Travel

• Fast Travel now costs chips based on your level and the distance traveled.

• Removed the transport cooldown. You can now use Fast Travel as often as you want, provided you have the chips required

• The missions to unlock Fast Travel have been removed. Players who have already done these missions will still be able to Fast Travel to the old locations.

• The level restriction to enter Alpha County from the terminal near The Wall has been removed. These terminals are not attached to the new Fast Travel system.

• The old LifeNet Collar Hacks have been removed from Reward Point Merchants.

New ATV Mission Chain

• The ATV chain has been streamlined for clarity and optimal gameplay experience. This chain will now begin with a system pop-up in your quest log and/or can be taken from John Harris in Embry Crossroads starting at character level five. These new missions will grant the knowledge required to craft an ATV in entirety (including components). Previous ATV missions will remain in the game and now reward components from the ATV recipe – this remaining content is entirely optional. You do NOT need to play the old ATV content in order to craft your vehicle.


• Road Rally missions will now fail if you die or use any form of Fast Travel.

• Fixed an issue that could cause Escort missions to stop working when crossing a server boundary.

• Fixed a case where the hostile Veterans in Enforcer missions in Alpha County would not despawn.

• Fixed an issue where Sergeant Ives would not complete the mission "Food on the Go" in Post 88.

• Moved the waypoint for the missions "Those You Heal" and "Return to Help" in Blockade to the correct location.

• Adjusted creature positioning around Shackleton so that they will no longer attack players in the crafting facility.

• Fixed an issue where Blockade's town faction guards are not spawning.

• Adjusted the final waypoint for the mission "Food on the Go" in Post 88.

• Fixed a typo in the mission "A Curse on the Blessed."

• Changed the mission "Zone Blitz" in The Repository so that it no longer requires an old skill book.

• Changed the mission "Falling Stocks" in The Repository so that it no longer requires an old skill book.

• Adjusted the mission log text for the mission "Best of the Rest" in Kristo's Rest to properly reflect the required actions to complete the mission.

• Changed the mission "Ants, Schmants" so that both the Venomous Worker Ants would count towards the goal in addition to the Venomous Warrior Ants.

• Changed the mission "Disabling Assault" so that the mission item is no longer depleted until the mission is complete.

• Adjusted pathing issues in the instance "Pathogenic Prognosis".

• Adjusted the goal requirements of the missions "Bethesda" and "Scorpion Bites" in Clinton Farm.

System Missions

The following missions will pop-up in your quest log starting at certain player progression levels. These missions cover various plotlines throughout the game:

• You’re Dying – level 5

• Building Your ATV – level 5

• White Crow Battalion – level 7

• Global Tech Storyline – level 13

Progress Towns

• Added a Crafting Bundle to Progress, Stronghold, and Citadel. This creates a general crafting facility that works for all tradeskills.

• Increased the effectiveness of the Medical Units.

• The Attackers in Progress Town are now level 25.

• The Attackers in Citadel are more dangerous.

• Increased the number of possible attackers per wave.

• Decreased the mission lockout timer to 15 minutes.

• Increased the prices on the the special component merchants.

• Attacker bosses have slightly more loot.

• Decreased the component cost of the Medical Units.

• Many buildings now use updated models which look better and are more efficient.

• The collision on the Bunker model has been updated.


• Increased the default range of Camp buffs.

• The Camp creator now has to be in range of the Camp to get the buff.

• Team members can no longer choose to destroy camps. Only the creator of a camp can destroy the camp.

• When you deconstruct regular camps, there is a chance you will get some salvage from the camp.

• Added an Auctioneer Camp Bundle to Advanced Camps 2.

• Players who attack a Camp in a Progress Town or in a non-PvP area when either the attacker or the camp's owner is not World PvP flagged will be very sad.

• The Training Dummy and Firing Range camps now create multiple targets with different stats.

Faction Control Points

• Faction Control Point guards in Blockade now chat in Region when they are attacked.

• Fixed a bug that prevented a Faction Control flags from finding the correct system event.

• Fixed a bug that prevented Faction-specific harvest nodes from spawning in Blockade.

• The Faction Control Towers have been updated again with different collision. If you still see players or NPCs on these towers popping between the terrain and the surface of the tower, please report it.

New Reward Point Items

• V.A.L.E.T. and W.H.I.S.P.E.R. create a temporary Garage Manager or Stable Manager so you can tow your mount or do one minute worth of mount management.

• Weak Anabolic Enhancer is a speed boost that can be used on horses and other living mounts. Note that this can also be used on pets, so be careful about your target when you use this item.

• Clan Banners can be placed in any outdoor area. These either give a buff to all clan members nearby or give a debuff to all non-members nearby. Clan Banners only debuff players who are not in your Clan in PvP areas, but they can debuff NPCs anywhere.


• Updated the list of destinations available in the failsafe LifeNet pod to include Terminal Woods and Alpha County. This pod is only reachable when a problem occurs while transporting a player out of Blood Sports.

• Blood Sports eligibility is no longer obtained from an event in game, and associated questors have been removed from the world. Instead, all clones will become eligible automatically upon reaching level 5. NPCs discussing the history of Blood Sports and each of the match types will remain in the world, unaffected.


A new family of clones has settled the Wastes in recent weeks! Meet the Halls: Lance, Samantha, James, Dallas, Annie, Bert, Christopher, and Sally. They’re determined to provide a harder, better, faster, stronger training regime, and they’re ready to go anywhere and to any lengths to meet your needs. The Halls have modified their clone collars for fast travel – going to Trader’s Flat? They’ll meet you there. Need a little training in Shackleton? It’s their next stop, baby. And luckily for you, this service-oriented family troupe is specialized in mutation, combat, support, and physical ability lines. Looking to learn some Suppression techniques – Samantha’s where it’s at. Dallas prefers First Aid among other abilities while James is into Nano-manipulation. The only thing we have to wonder with this group is just who’s a brother/sister duo and who’s husband and wife! So stop by any of these towns on their trade route and introduce yourself today:

• Sector 1 - Oilville, Spider Hill, Coppermine, Watchtower, Trumbull, Odenville, Embry Crossroads.

• Sector 2 - Sunshine Corners, New Flagstaff, Thorne’s Bluff, Haven, Post 23, Picus Ridge, Fracture, Credit Bend.

• Sector 3 & Deadfall - Banker’s Hole, Chemtown, Warhall, Gaia, St. Sebastians, Black Hill, Trader’s Flat, Diesel Town, Los Alamos.

• Sector 4 - Camp Sagan, Desolation, Post 88, Mercy, Scorcher Base, Redemption, Shackleton.


• The Interceptor Security Model no longer states that it cannot be repaired.

• The Interceptor Security Model now has four inventory slots.

Alpha Fixes

• Added Barter and Utility Vaults to Shackleton.

• Added a Bunker Bar in Shackleton.

• Added a garage near the teleport pod on Alpha Zone's side of the Wall.

• Added barter, sector, and VIP vaults to Blockade.

• Added a mailbox to Blockade.

• Added colorful junk scavenge nodes to Blockade and Alpha Zone.

• Added faction nodes to Blockade.

• Added walls to the central area of Blockade.

• Added a crafting facility to Blockade.

• Added crafting facility signs to all towns with crafting facilities in Alpha Zone.

• Replaced the vault models in Alpha Zone.

• Added repeatable missions to gain faction in each faction town in Alpha Zone.

• Mailbox in Scorcher Base is now working correctly.

PvE Faction

• Repeatable missions have been added to Redemption, Desolation, Camp Sagan, Scorcher Base, Post 88, and Mercy to facilitate players earning faction through PvE.

Art Fixes

• Modeled and textured new building asset for progress town social building.

• Modeled and textured new building asset for progress town crafting building.

• Modeled and textured new building asset for progress town storage building.

• Modeled and textured new oil derrick.

• Updated texture, collision, and pathing on faction control tower for Blockade.

• Added a Bunker Bar to the north eastern corner of Shackelton.

• Fixed a fire particle that was floating near the Shackelton garage.

• Added a Garage to the entrance Lifenet facility in Alpha County.

• Changed splash screen.

• Modeled and textured new building asset for progress town merchant building.


• Players who have left the tutorial will no longer respawn at the LifeNet Pod in the Town Chooser room.

• Adjusted the placement and pathing of the Hulk Troopers to the southwest of Los Alamos.

• Added faction nodes to Fender Gate.

• Added faction nodes to Haietta.

• Fixed an issue where several coyotes were spawning as merchants.

• Added a garage to the LifeNet pod between Reyes Mine and Spider Hill.

• Fixed a stamina issue being caused by Black Velour and Maroon Interceptor.

• Slowing Poisons and Snare Grenades no longer stack, and now correctly trigger That All You Got?!

• Added additional metal scavenge nodes across the Lower Plateau.

• The Omega Arms Asclepius now uses the correct ammunition.

• Kinetic hammer damage has been adjusted to the appropriate level.

• Removed Alpha Instructions 4 and higher from vendors.

• Crude, scrap, average and improved gas masks now as stated only provide poison, acid, radiation and disease resistance.

Besides this, I trust everyone has, by now, merged their accounts to GamersFirst, so I won't harp on that any longer. I think any time a large integration along the lines of what we just did happens it's an inherently confusing process, but it was very heartening to see the vast majority of players did exactly what was asked without any real difficulty; they logged in with their G1 accounts, logged in with their Fallen Earth accounts, confirmed the merge, then logged into the game with their G1 accounts. It was also inspiring to see that the day after the merge -- presumably when, if there were a major issue, logins would be low -- the numbers of total logins and concurrent online players were some of the highest they've been all year. My hat is off to everyone in this process, from the teams here at GamersFirst to all the players for undertaking it. We're all working very hard at all hours of the day and night to make this work, and it's great to see even in the early stages that it's beginning to pay off!

Last bits of business! If you had merged your actively subscribed Fallen Earth account with a GamersFirst account by Friday, August 5th at 11:59 PDT, you will be receiving a small "thanks for merging!" stipend of 320 G1 Credits directly to your account tomorrow.

You may exchange them for such wonderful additions to the Fallen Earth store as the new Flame Pants; alternately, you may save them until something else comes around that you fancy; or you can find people with no G1 Credits and lord your recent windfall over them.

Note that resubscribing, in the case of PayPal and ClickandBuy users, was not necessary to get the free credits. We certainly hope you have--or if you haven't, that you will--but this was just for merging an already active account. Thanks everyone; we know it wasn't super-smooth in every case, so thanks for hanging in there :)

The next blog will be from Marie on the latest State of the Game. It includes some exciting info on what's coming down the pipe from the development team!

Like the patch notes? Like free G1 Credits? Like leaving comments on blogs? Well then you, sir or madam, should leave a comment on this blog.


  1. • Slowing Poisons and Snare Grenades no longer stack
    Does this poisons still stack with other snares? like Agonizing wound? If yes, pls, fix it also.

    btw. This patch notes looks good. I hope they will also work. thx

  2. Great to see a huge list of fixes. I wish I was able to log on to the game since my 14 day trial has been done ever since. I can't wait for some news on the free2play transition. :)

  3. very nice patch notes, its a huge step in the right direction! good work!

    theres just two questions i have right now:

    • You can set any LifeNet pod as your Home position and transport there with a new item on Reward Point Merchants, the LifeNet Hack: Return Home. Once you have set a pod as your bind point, you can transport there at any time by using the LifeNet Hack: Return Home item.

    will the LifeNet Hack: Return Home item be one use only or permanent and how much will it cost?

  4. I like it when reading the list of patch notes makes me dizzy in a good and happy way, except for excessive fast travel WITHOUT any timers. It paints a picture of players meeting only in towns, never seeing anyone outside the are around lifenet FT pods. -.-

  5. I like the Return home addition and would also like to know if it is one shot or permanent. Does this mean player/clan housing is on the horizon? I would love to see clan buildings where people could hang out, meet up etc.

  6. When are you going to start the F2P? Some of us are feeling so so about playing if it's going to go down hill in a few months

  7. Thanks for the patch notes, will there be a regular cycle for the various updates? IE should we expect to see some sort of bugbash or minor content adjustment every x weeks?

  8. So would it be possible to get more...precise numbers about the changes or in future patch notes?

    How was the damage of the kinetic hammers changed?(id imagine reduced)
    What's the max crit chance now or is it just the same and the scaling has been increased?
    How much extra damage does a crit do now?
    How effective are the medical units?
    How much were the costs changed?
    How much was gamma/stam regen changed?
    How much faster is the regen when using 1 of those stances?

    Not mandatory but it'd be nice to have this info without having to run 20 different tests and wasting mats/consumables etc especially as we don't have a pts.

  9. Ok looks ok but when are factions gonna really matter? With the Hall's traveling road show it looks like we are going farther away

  10. hopefully we can get more respec Enhancers, ..

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    Vị trí toạ lạc tại Đại lộ Lê Nin, Phường Hưng Dũng, TP Vinh Nghệ An, Ô TÔ VINH NGHỆ AN rất tiện lợi để Quý khách đến xem xe, mua xe, lái thử, bảo hành, bảo dưỡng…
    Giá tốt nhất với các chương trình khuyến mãi đặc biệt từ Hãng và Đại lý.
    Tư vấn tận tình sẽ giúp Quý khách tìm được chiếc xe phù hợp với nhu cầu.
    đại lý ôtô việt nam
    Thủ tục mua xe trả góp nhanh chóng, trả trước chỉ 20%, lãi suất thấp.
    Hyundai nghệ an
    Lái thử tận nhà, nhanh chóng trải nghiệm xe ô tô mà không tốn thời gian.
    Địa điểm nghệ an
    Bảo hành, bảo dưỡng và sửa chữa theo tiêu chuẩn chất lượng toàn cầu.
    Cung cấp phụ tùng ô tô chính hãng.
    Hyundai vinh
    Trong quá trình tìm hiểu xe, nếu gặp bất cứ thắc mắc nào liên quan tới thông số kĩ thuật, giá chính thức cũng như khuyến mãi hấp dẫn nhất mời quý khách liên lạc với tôi – Ms Mây – Ô TÔ VINH NGHỆ AN, với kinh nghiệm hơn 5 năm bán hàng, tôi tin rằng sẽ giúp quý khách tìm được chiếc xe ưng ý nhất.
    Địa điểm hà tĩnh

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