Tuesday, August 23, 2011


One of our long term goals has been “fixing the economy,” by which we really mean improving how often components drop to establish rarity by design and enable us to truly give value to basic, improved and advanced recipes. Sounds easy enough right?

In order to accomplish this goal we had to in some cases actually create rarity where there was none or, in the case of dozens of cooking components, create common items where there were only rare and uncommon. As we changed rarity in components we also adjusted how they were used in recipes. Generally speaking, basic recipes will only use common components, intermediate recipes will use common and uncommon components, and advanced recipes will use common, uncommon and rare components. While this will alter existing recipes, it will give more value to recipes that SHOULD be more valuable while making all basic recipes easier to craft than more advanced ones.

The changes to cooking are along the same lines, but a bit more extensive. Cooking currently has some issues that are unique to its recipes and components, where a lack of truly rare ingredients is compensated by requiring large numbers of various common components for advanced recipes. In order to make cooking more fun and make component gathering less of a grind we’ve removed many equivalent level redundant components (rat meat, rabbit meat, chicken leg) and added tiers of uncommon components. This should add the necessary cost to the recipes without filing them with large amounts of ingredients that are difficult to gather.

Along with this whole process we are also looking at the buffs that consumables give. We want to make sure that players are getting their components worth and that each tradeskill’s consumables have something different to offer. Per our usual disclaimer, more details will be available closer to release



  1. i like where youre going.
    just please pay attention and dont make the rich people that have 6 chars' vaults full of components richer and those who dont have the time to grind 24/7 for rares even poorer. because that wont fix anything :P

  2. Even if this did improve the value of currently held stockpiles (though I see it doing the opposite as recipes require less low level items and whole new rare items have been developed)I can't see that creating a gameplay imbalance. There's only so much stuff your clone can use personally and skill and level restrictions on alts limit it in another way. I suppose someone could bankroll a private army, but that sounds way too cool and full of RP to be a bad thing.

  3. great more rare. Paint chems were so rare that i have ever only found 3 on my own, but that was ok b/c painting was optional. Food isnt really an option and your going to make it harder?

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