Friday, September 2, 2011

Free2Play Details and More!

Fallen Earth goes Free2Play October 12th! 

In this issue: 
Free2Play secrets revealedVeteran Appreciation • World Events Detailed Two Year Anniversary Events
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On the morning of October 12th, 2011 Fallen Earth will go into its regularly scheduled maintenance. When it returns, the game will officially be transitioned to Free2Play. This means that all current and former accounts (that have been linked to a GamersFirst account) will be able to play for free!

Here is an image showing the mostly-finalized* structure of free accounts and Premium Subscriptions, with a description below of each of the packages and who might choose them:

*Finalized but still subject to balance tweaks. Veteran pricing on Commander Premium Subscription is intended to be discounted, details of which are coming soon.

This is a free account, the default starting level for all new accounts. This is for those who are new to Fallen Earth, or returning players that aren't sure what to expect. You'll have access to 100% of the game content from level 1 to max level. The efficiency at which you advance is not quite comparable to subscribed players, there is a limit to how many hours per day you can spend crafting, and how many chips you can have (this is to limit gold farmer impact, and goes away if you ever subscribe or buy anything, which essentially just "validates" your account). You do receive Reward Points each month, which you can take straight to the Reward Points merchants and spend right away, or save up for something bigger. Your primary reasons to purchase a Premium subscription will be to maximize your rate of advancement, to
get unlimited crafting time, more character slots and reward points, and because you want to show support for Fallen Earth's continued development :)

The entry level Premium Subscription, Survivalist, is directly analogous to the game current subscribers are playing in terms of Reward Points and rates of advancement (except for the addition of a 5% marketplace discount), but costs $9.99 -- $5.00 less than the current subscription. You probably want to go Survivalist if you're into playing Fallen Earth enough to want to remove the minor restrictions to which "Scavenger" accounts are subject, and don't mind playing at the current default advancement rates. Your biggest reason to upgrade is that you want to improve all of the aforementioned gain rates plus you want a bit more Reward Points to spend at the Reward Merchants (which isn't a bad idea, as we're adding more stuff to them all the time).

This costs $14.99 -- the same as a current subscription -- and provides dramatic increases your harvesting and crafting speed, as well as the rates of gain of EXP, AP, Death Toll, and faction. You want to go with Wastelander if you're a current player who understands the game and wants to benefit from the efficiency increases this Premium subscription provides. If you're truly a solo player, this is all you need -- it comes with a 15% discount in the Marketplace and 300 Reward Points (versus the current 100 Reward Points you already get with a subscription). Note: If you have an existing subscription, it will transition to Wastelander without your having to do anything.

The Commander Premium Subscription is what you'll want if you're someone whom others look up to as a leader. While it is in most respects similar to Wastelander, the key difference here is that this package includes the Commander aura, a stackable buff that increases salvaging speed, EXP, Random AP, Death Toll, and Faction gain rates for all players in the Commander's group. It also includes a massive 500 Reward Points. You probably want to go Commander if you have friends that you want to help out with your aura, and/or you plan on buying a lot of items from the Reward Shop (which includes marketplace items as well).

Veteran Appreciation
We want to say a deep, heartfelt thanks to all the vets out there that have helped us get so far! To that end, we have a few courtesies we'd like to extend in addition to the existing monthly subscriber rewards. This includes some free Marketplace items, a free subscription upgrade when the game transitions, and the soon-to-be-revealed Veteran Reward Item.

Dying to know what the item is? Here's an annoyingly small teaser image!

World Events
In our town hall we promised that we would focus on both PvE and PvP content, and this system is a first step in honoring that commitment. Coming soon is an exciting new "World Event" system which enhances PvE gameplay by dynamically initiating special events in various locations throughout the world. Players participating in World Events will have chances to scavenge rare nodes, defend towns against attacking creatures, support populations in dire need of medical attention, receive buffs for attending social markets, and more. Through your actions (or inactions), you will influence the world of Fallen Earth for better or worse!

This system gives us an unprecedented way of combining Fallen Earth's robust lore with interesting and new gameplay, so expect to see constant additions to the World Events as time goes on!

Two Year Anniversary
Fallen Earth is turning two-years-old coming this month! To celebrate our terrible-twos, we’re throwing an anniversary live event where participating players will be able to battle it out in a wasteland-wide tantrum involving the factions at war! Brewing tensions have reached a boiling point and now factional armies are on the move! Which group will take the lead when Fallen Earth’s six sides go head to head? Both PvE and PvP participation is welcomed, and players attending the anniversary event will be rewarded with a special novelty item in game!


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  2. About time you all said when it was gonna go F2P, but only 8hrs of crafting a day? That is gonna be used up on crafting Ammo faster than anything. Guess no more crafting horses, weapons, or armor for free players then.

  3. Are the premiums monthly payment subscription?

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  5. @ AndymanSE8 Yes they are.

    @jbomb99 I think $0 is a pretty good price to pay for 240 hours a month of crafting. Too good, some might say!

  6. Ok, I have gotta ask. I am a Veteran Program member. How are your changes going to affect me if I go Survivalist? I have and play 4 toons, I paid for the game and as part of the game it came with 4 toons. Am I now going to lose the use of 2 of them? As a player who has been with this game since closed beta I want to know this.

  7. @Ranph The # of characters rules apply to newly created accounts after the conversion to Free2Play, so you will of course keep your characters :)

  8. Some people will always complain. Guys it's FREE what more do you want? Should the devs give you 14.99$ per month?
    Let's be serious here you get more than enough for F2P.
    Want more crafting? Fork some $$$

  9. commander is $30 a month? seriously?

  10. @Dunkare

    dude i agree with you, starts out 9$ then 15$ then jumps to 30$ wtf guys are you really trying to rip my wallet into pieces. please don't let this great game get the rep of just another money hungry f2p game. it should be 20$ for the Commander id so pay that monthly. but not a penny more. who would agree to this reply!

  11. Yea 20$ would be a fair price. Now it's really really overpriced

  12. FUUUU, you dissapointed...I mean wtf? You even take from us, free members, the exp rate monsters give? Thats so dumb and it sucks...If I had the money I would even look at this and pay 15$ per month to play an awesome game, RIFT. Not this...But meh...

  13. I don't know how many of us 'Old Early Beta Folks' are still around but I am proud to have been a part of this game and to see it 'grow up'.

    Now I just hope we can finally get some lifetime memberships going! :D

  14. Nice. I hope you fulfill the promise and veterans will receive Commander subscriptions for the price of Wastelander sub...

  15. I will keep Commander it it was $20
    And by the way, nice T-Shirt, nice and stylish.

  16. I have to agree $30 for a damm buff! I also would be more willing to upgrade my account if it was only $20.

  17. Will premium subscriptions permanently upgrade an account to said status and therefore incur recurring charges or will they be monthly, with the account in question revert to Scavenger status(obviously with the chip limitation removed)?

    And also, will it be possible to access and account upgrade with G1coins?

  18. GamersFirst, money hungry since... forever. What did you expect folks, this is a really good F2P company with some really good IPs but JC... stop charging so much. 15$ a month should be the maximum amount anyone has to pay ever.

  19. If we only get 8hrs a day (I don't care about the monthly amount as I have to craft for 30 days to get to that amount nice try tho.) dose that mean if I want to make a crafting character for my clan I can only be of any real use for 8 hrs out of every day? (Assuming the said character was never suppost to fight or any of that sorta jazz. Some of the guild/clan I play with only enjoy crafting and hate combat related stuff.)

  20. What about the Auction House for the F2Pers? How much of my sub goes into the pocket of Games First and how much goes to my beloved Fallen Earth team? I will stick with my $15 a month... ONLY because I support the FE team.

  21. So if I have 4 characters now, then it goes to free play, I get to still play all 4 of my characters?

    Also, someone new to the game, do they have to purchase the game to play for free?

  22. I think you should have two auras for commander.
    1: with faction gain rate, death toll gain rate and salvage speed.
    2: with XP and AP boosts.
    not everyone wants faster leveling boost.
    And, you can make another aura for Wastelander, with salvage speed boost, harvest boost and extra space in the backpack.

  23. You have talked about the 2nd year anniversary, it would also be nice to be able to run some missions and get 'boxes' of worthwhile goodies, not those stupid hearts that were growing wilder than dandelions.

    Also do you have plans for in game events that coincide with RL 'holidays'. FE had a decent 1st Halloween & Christmas event. Its 2nd sucked in that there really wasnt any. Many games have holiday events and we gamers start to expect them.

    30$ for commander is steep, plus if you have to pay VAT on top it gets even steeper. I cant see paying 2x what I used to for this.

  24. So if I am reading this correctly, a Survivalist subscription will basically be the same as what current subscriptions are right now?

  25. @Erin: yes, except you get less reward points each month than now. and if you create the account after fe goes f2p, youll have only 2 char slots.

  26. Shouldn't current subscribers actually be at Wastelander level? I mean, the game was $14.99 a month (and cheaper still if you paid annually) so a direct correlation is the Wastelander level?

  27. well to me this does not sound good what about us that already paid for time code?? what do we get?

  28. I don't think commander aura worthy of extra $15
    Let me explain.
    Harvest/salvage from 5 seconds to 3.8 not much, need at least 250% boost.
    XP and AP boost? many LvL 50 vets don't need it.
    For those who PVP a lot? death toll will stack up too much unless there is a way to spend them.
    Monthly reward is OK, crafting needs 250% not 135%.
    Since you jack up price on commander twice as much as wastelander? you should double everything on what wastelander have. That would make a fair price.

  29. For a F2P game, getting the full benefit is pretty pricey... $10 for the original game, basically (minus 2 character slots...)I think that's pretty fair. But then there are the two upgrades.

    Whatever, it still isn't as expensive as many games out there. Heck, you could burn more cash on FaceBook "free" games.

  30. Was going to play this game since it was going to open up with F2P but after looking at this stupid tier system NO THANKS. If I want to choose a pay to win game it won't be this! I actually will never support a pay to win game EVER. The advantage goes to the higher tier to pay. My question to the devs. Why even go this route you greedy bastards? Either be a subscription game or truly F2P. Epic Fail if you were trying to gain more people to join this game that is losing it's luster.

  31. @Unknown.
    How do you suppose they make cash to support their project?
    If you want to have more you should support the game.
    The only I don't agree is $30 for commander that only have almost same tier as wastelander.
    If you want us to pay $30? give us double of what wastelander has, then you have our support.

  32. Disclaimer - I did QA for PotBS during the subscription to F2P transition, so I am a little biased.

    I think that tiered system looks fair. For what we pay now we get a decent boos to just about everything, or we can pay $5 a month less to play the game exactly as we do now (except for new players getting only 2 slots).

    The free account looks pretty solid and fair to me. One character slot per account. If you want more, just create a new Gmail account to use for an new account. Limiting in game money until they are "verified" is a decent idea, but it does feel like a money grab.

    The complaint about the bonus' being the same for the top two tiers is a little off. Keep in mind that the person with the Commander account will always have the buff going on them, so they are really always at the "with Commander Aura" levels. You guys might want to make that clearer.

    My only real question is how do those of us that have paid for time in advance (I just re-upped for my second 12 months pre-paid) upgrade to Commander? I am unsure if I will be wanting to do that, but it would be nice to know just in case. I appreciate that current subscribers are being given Wastlander.

    As someone mentioned, it would be very nice to be able to turn on or off specific bonus' so that we don't out level the content with new characters.

  33. Yeah so you delete posts of people saying theyre impressions. Very un-profesional, usually you shouldnt get that far if you do this to your community.

  34. i dont agree with some values in that list, like reward points that is for us that paying for this game its our reward for sticking around, i believe that free account should have zero, survivalist should have 50, wastelander, 100, and commander 150

    you have to remember there crafter in this game and there a interceptor and a buggy in that reward point vendor so if ya make everyone able to grab that within a few months what the point of making us past weeks training up the mounts skills, it will not be worth it at all

  35. I think the F2P benefits are pretty generous TBH

    If you want to craft more, get a subscription.

  36. I think it's a cool, well thought out system. Good choices for players to continue to support Fallen Earth according to what they can afford to spend.

    Also, glad to see it's not as much a pay-to-win type of deal, rather than something more based on economy (crafting) and social/teamwork (auras). Pretty innovative really.

  37. (this is to limit gold farmer impact, and goes away if you ever subscribe or buy anything, which essentially just "validates" your account).

    Does this mean it is a one-time purchase? or if I cancel afterwards I retain the bonus?

  38. Having a lower experience rate for free players makes it completely pay-to-win. After reading that, I instantly had no interest in this game, and will not be trying it out.

  39. ok so i was looking at the crafting system and it really pisses me off because you can only cfrat 8 times per day that's the worst BS i have ever seen no wonder the game went F2P to keep it alive...but dont get me wrong it's still a good game

  40. I am glad that I read this. I now know that this is not the kind of game I am looking for. Thank you for a clear review of the system utilized by this game.