Tuesday, September 20, 2011

September State of the Game

Fall State of the Game

Happy 2nd anniversary! A lot of exciting things going on around the offices – first and foremost being the September push.

We will be celebrating our anniversary with a live event we’re tentatively calling “Faction War”. There will be PvP, PvE, and RP components to the event, and everyone who participates will get an item that truly displays their faction loyalty to everyone. We’ll be running the event at EU and US friendly times as well as hanging out and celebrating throughout the day. This looks like it’s shaping up to be one of our most exciting live events yet.

The other major component of the September patch is part one of the Economic changes. We started by focusing on the largest issues present in the existing economy - specifically the inconsistent implementation of rarity in both recipes and node placement and the overabundance of cooking components and their application in recipes. Solving the first major issue actually went a long way towards the cooking problems as we were able to either reclassify components as uncommon or rare or create new components to fill those roles in recipes. We have also redone the placement of most of the nodes in the game- uncommon and rare components will now be found in higher risk areas, especially PvP zones. This may sound scary at first, but it’s important to remember that their being in PvP areas doesn’t make them impossible to get – they can still be found in non-PvP areas, but now we’re taking the first steps into making good on our promise to provide tangible motivations for engaging in PvP.

Many recipes have been changed to reflect the new rarity. Base recipes will now use common components, improved will have uncommon, and advanced will include rare components as well. To complement this system, we have also added components that can only be found at some merchants. These changes were made to ensure the value of the finished item would work with the value of the components.

We will also be removing finished gear merchants as well as pulling rare and uncommon components from merchants. This is an important change is it brings us closer to a player driven economy.

The second part of the economic changes will begin immediately after the push as we continue to adjust pricing and availability. Once we have completed the transition to Free2Play in October we will be able to finalize any adjustments.

Also with the Free to Play patch we will be releasing the World Event system. It was originally scheduled for September, however we wanted to put the full focus of the entire Fallen Earth dev team on both systems , necessitating a transition on the schedule from late September to early October. We want to raise the standard of quality for all of our releases – this will help us do that.

World Event system which will create random events throughout the world for players to participate in, from defending towns from hostile factions to healing sick and injured townspeople, these events will provide more content across the world while giving the canyon more life and a bit more excitement. The system used to create the events is a pretty robust one, so we will be able to create more sophisticated ways of delivering and unlocking content for players as we go forward.

Late October we should be seeing the return of a long lost friend, who can help us test these new systems. One I’m sure you’ve missed as much as we have.

Next month I’ll be able to go into detail on territory control and the direction of faction warfare. Until then, thanks for making these past two years so much fun, and here’s to two more!!

See you in the wastelands,



  1. hmmm not much news.. actually you couldve just said "pts coming back late october." :P

    to the rare nodes in pvp areas thing: i still think if you do that, you should make the scavenging animation interuptible by the player.
    nothing more frustrating than seeing that shotgun guy walk up to you, readying his bullseye, and not being able to do anything.

  2. Rare nodes in PvP...guess everyone needs a Traveler or CHotA crafter now.

  3. Interrupt with P,C or U , as for removing finished gear vendors , way to fail in my opinion , makes it so that every account will have to have a dedicated farmer and or crafter....

  4. @Dunkare


    (gut das ich rifle bin ;)

  5. As a non-pvp'er, I find that trying to force crafters into a pvp zone to get rare nodes to be a totally craptacular move.

  6. Mark my words people!
    Maybe in less then a month when you install this patch pvpers will start all over on pushing pveers out even further more. Just watch!, they will not rest until last pveer leave FE. you will never satisfy both parties at the same time on the same server. Cant you see what happen on both game and forums, pvpers crying loud to drive pveers away? Giving them resources, so they can have easier and faster way to scavenge? you only give them means to drive pveers away, on the other hand, if you give them more means to spend dts to buy resources from pve community? that will ensure safety of both communities. They already said they've stock to much dts, so give them means to spend all those dts. Don't take away the only means to make chips to pvpers.

  7. Pvpers said that they have to much dts and chips, they said they hate pve grind, so give them something to do what they do best and give pveers something to do to of what they do best.
    Scavenging, exploring doing missions and crafting.
    And both parties meet at AH for trade, and create some world events beside Trivia Knights.

  8. @Arixson-Your thought that you have to have an alt as a crafter is the typical view of most WoW players. Any build can craft, so your not really limited there.

  9. "tangible motivations for engaging in PvP" Why? the PvPers already do and the PvE'rs dont really want too. Seems you're just trying to give the PvPers more targets.