Wednesday, October 12, 2011

On Free2Play and Beyond!

In this issue: 
Inc. Free2Play! • Gifts Recap • Patch Notes / World Events Delayed • Economy Big Picture

Inc Free2Play!

We're on the cusp! 

Today marks the day we've been building up to for the last four months. As of today, everyone with an account will be able to log in and play Fallen Earth without buying a box or paying for a sub! Free players will be able to gain every level, craft every item, join and create clans, and visit every place in the world (including all instances) without paying a dime. Current subscribers will be upgraded for free to the Commander Premium Subscription (until their current sub or game time ends or re-ups), and everyone who has ever bought the game or had a sub will be receiving their Spiked Chopper. Check this page out for the full rundown on playing free or supporting the game with a Premium Subscription.

We know the ride hasn't always been smooth, but it's been a crazy fun journey and we're honored to be taking it with you!

Gifts Recap
If you're an existing subscriber, please check below to make sure you receive everything for which you've qualified. We've spent a lot of time on these, and we'd hate it if you missed out on them!
  • July Subscriber Appreciation Gifts: Fancy White Boots and Skindog Pet. Sent to anyone with an active subscription or game time in July. Keys sent out in August.
  • August Subscriber Appreciation Gifts: Snazzy White Hat and Chupacabras Pet. Goes to anyone with an active subscription or game time in August. Keys sent out in September.
  • September Subscriber Appreciation Gifts: Sexy White Jacket and Classic Creeper Pet. Goes to anyone with an active subscription or game time in September. Keys sent out in October.
  • Free2Play Transition Subscriber Appreciation Gift: Chest, Legs, and Groin Wardrobe Slots unlock item. Goes to all who had an active subscription in July, August, September, and October. Keys to be sent out today.
  • Vet Reward ItemSpiked Chopper. Keys to be sent out by the end of this week.
  • Commander Subscription Upgrade: Free upgrade to Commander level Premium Subscription on any game time/sub active when the game goes Free2Play. Lasts until the end of the current billing cycle.
  • Permanent Commander Subscription Discount: Permanent discount on Commander Premium Subscription ($29.99 to $19.99), available to all players who have ever purchased or subscribed to the game. Effective permanently as of October 12th.

As with all of the code-based gifts (Vet Reward Chopper and Subscriber/Transition Gifts), you can check your e-mail for the code OR find it in your account's "Codes" page.

Patch Notes & World Events Delay

Besides Free2Play, here are some changes of note:
  • Loot on many creatures fixed (drop rates shouldn't have been as low as they were)
  • Bridges fixed to lower incidents of people falling through them
  • Bandages back on merchants
  • Fastener count in recipes reduced (to reflect the fact that they are now rarer)
  • Bandages require less cotton
  • New items on Reward Merchants: "Commander's Best Crafting Kit" (can be used in place of any crafting kit) and Wardrobe Slot unlocks
We wanted desperately to release World Events along with Free2Play, but the realities of testing mean we've uncovered enough bugs and performance issues to have to push it. As a consequence, World Events will be added in next week. And they'll be awesome when they do.

Check out the full patch notes here.

Economy Overview:
Subtitle: Where are we going with all this??

We understand that before the last patch it was easy to run out to a waypoint and snag some components you knew would be there. Completely understated, it sucks to not be able to just do this now! This is the way Things Have Always Been, and changing it up is stressful to everyone that has been doing it since forever. There were, however, three huge problems with maintaining that status quo: One, it wasn't fun. Two, when things are easy to get (as they were), they don't matter as much. Three, there was no reason to interact with other players. At best, it was a simple way to get whatever components you needed with little challenge; at worst it was an unengaging pre-requisite to crafting that devalued both cooperation and final crafted products. Everyone got the resources they wanted whenever they wanted them and everyone could craft anything easily, meaning there was no real value to resources and not much of a market for components or products. Nobody needed to trade or cooperate to achieve goals, and there was never any competition for resources. While this was a fairly laid back system to participate in, it was not particularly good for Fallen Earth's long term health.

Now we're in the process of changing that up for the better, even if the changes right now seem like they make things a little more difficult. With the addition of World Events and Faction Territory Control, there will be more substance to resource gathering, and all the activities dependent on acquiring resources. Where before resource gathering meant going out to your waypoints and getting the resources you need, soon it will mean competing with opposing factions to control territory and cooperating with your faction and clan to harvest unique nodes from that territory, finding a suitable plot of land and placing your own resource harvester (and defending it), participating in dynamic World Events, hunting for resources in PvP areas, or just exploring to find resources on your own, using what you need and trading what you don't. 

You'll have to make a lot more interesting choices, and there will be more game there to play. All in all it should be a lot of fun, and we're looking forward to it -- and all the other new developments that the transition to Free2Play will enable!


  1. I have a quick question about the Chopper loyalty-reward. Will that chopper ever be available in the cash shop, and/or are there going to be other chopper versions we can build in game besides the "spiked" version?

    I've been wanting to see Choppers in game forever and a day, and if I had the extra funds I would have subbed to get the spiked chopper, but alas for the time being I'm sort of pinched between a nickel and dime if you catch my drift. For what it's worth, when the time comes I have the extra funds, I fully intend to do at least the $10/month premium, just don't have it now... but would so love to know that there's either more than just that one chopper type, or at the very least know that there'll be ways to obtain that chopper later on!?

  2. I apologize for questioning things before actually seeing them in action, but are those of us who have no interest in joining a faction/clan (or fighting other players) now going to be basically cut out of the crafting world, short of buying things at the auction? That ... well, I will wait and see how it works, certainly, but that description is worrying to me.

  3. @Projekt PlayAction The vet reward chopper will never be available any other way, but there are other choppers with different models and stats that will be rolled out in-game, Reward Merchants, and on the marketplace.

    @quarex While others are quibbling over some patches of irradiated dirt, you'll be busy doing World Events and running farms :)

  4. When is the "Permanent Commander Subscription Discount" going to get in? I played for a while when the game was first released and it still shows the full price on the website.


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