Monday, October 3, 2011

Two Year Anniversary Events & Economy Patch

In this issue: 
Two Year Anniversary Events • Upcoming Patch Notes • Wardrobe Slots

Let's get business out of the way first: we're patching on Tuesday this week, rather than Wednesday. Servers go down at 8am PDT and will be down for approximately Three to Four Hours or As Long As It Takes To Patch...whichever comes first.


At Fallen Earth? Our events are fashionable. We have fashionable events.

How fashionable, you might ask? So fashionable that they arrive fashionably late. Sticklers will tell you that the second anniversary of Fallen Earth was technically, like, over a week ago, but you don't strike me as the kind of person that consorts with sticklers; you're a smart, funny, and/or beautiful individual who doesn't need gender-specific pronouns just to take a compliment. You're too busy jetsetting and rubbing elbows with high-society to let sticklers remind you that the actual specific second anniversary was like September 22nd or whatever.

And that, my friend, makes two of us.

So rather than focus on things we can't change (like extremely pessimistic cats) we're just going to turn our thoughts toward the positive. We're going to just dive right into what's going to happen during these Live Events (with a capital L and E, because pressing shift a couple times spices up a sentence and doesn't cost a thing).


Inter-factional hostilities have been steadily growing alongside the voracious plantlife in Alpha County. Finally bubbling over the Wall, these boiling tensions between the faction alliances have heated the Wastes as far down as Northfields!  The Travelers have burned too many bridges, the CHOTA are out for a blood bath, and the Vista are evolving a new philosophy on life. The Enforcers have staked their order as peacekeepers and the Lightbearers have stepped in to enlighten their wayward “friends.” The Techs are just in it for the sociology. Now the faction heads have stepped in to lay down the law -- it’s a war they’re gunning for to settle it all, and YOU are their top recruit. Which faction will prevail when the six sides go head to head in New Flagstaff? And will the town be able to handle the destruction?
The faction leaders are in a tizzy, and looking to gather vets and last-minute recruits for an all out battle-royale in New Flagstaff. The recruitment drive begins in S4 and will make its way down to S1, with the various faction leaders garnering support for their cause and engaging in skirmishes along the way.

This will be a PvP and PvE event. Meaning, there will be PvP for those so-inclined (you foul-mouthed, min-maxing lot of tea-bagging miscreants!); for those not inclined, there will be plenty of NPCs for you to beat on whilst you and other similarly minded folks of opposing factions cast viciously admonishing glances at one another.

For more deets on the Two Year Anniversary Live Event Faction War, click this internet hyperlink.


Find them here. Of interest:

  • Node placement has been rebalanced
  • Recipes have been rebalanced
  • Merchants that sell craftable items have either been yanked or had their inventories changed significantly. One step closer to a fully player driven economy!
  • Consumable duration set back to one hour, but will no longer persist through death. This is a direct result of your feedback, woo!
  • No more character build drop down menus on the skills/attributes window. This was done because as of July they were no longer relevant, and proved more confusing than helpful
  • Resist values in the gear window display properly (they've always been calculated properly, but weren't displaying right)
  • Various performance improvements
  • Wardrobe slots will show up on the equipment window...


There's a new system eventually going into place that will allow you to spend Reward Points to unlock Wardrobe Slots -- slots that will make whatever you wear in them appear on your character instead of whatever you have equipped in that slot. Hit the G-Key if you want to look-but-not-touch before the system is active.

In case it isn't obvious, this is awesome. As great as it is to see all the fantastic looks out there already, right now you're somewhat restricted from being able to really roleplay the character you want if you also want to be competitive. A small part of me died the day my newbie-self had to give up my beloved duster for some large awful breastplate. Wearing it didn't jive with how I thought of my character, but getting destroyed by NPCs in the name of roleplaying didn't jive with how I wanted to spend my free time. I thought "Hey, why can't I just wear this obnoxious-yet-protective-breastplate under my duster?" And now I can. And so can you.

When adding this system to the game, realism was a slight concern -- how can someone wearing full body armor soak up as much damage as a dude in jeans and a t-shirt? Then we realized that trying to mesh "realism" with the concept of "hit points" is silly, and we might as well give everyone an enjoyable experience by making their character appear how they want.

You won't be able to do anything with the Wardrobe tab yet except gaze at it until October 12th, when the unlock items will be put in alongside the other minor update we're doing that day. Oh, and some of you will be getting some of these slots for free; more details on that as the system gets closer to being ready.


  1. yes, wardrobe slots, very nice. but you guys should focus on territory control, more different real gear and IMPROVING SERVER PERFORMANCE if you want this game to survive the next year.

  2. As a traveler i#m happy with my Kingpin's suit and a dye kit. Looking good in the wasteland.

  3. If you want to have truely player driven market you need localized auction houses so every little market is diffrent, one all mighty hub in each sector could probably rise like Jita in eve, but trades must be able to compete on local market not worldwide, to much price cutting there. Crafters should be able to find they right enviroments and also transporting from one hub to another should be profitable... though fast travel kill this wasteland courier feel.


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