Thursday, December 1, 2011

December State of the Game

Hey Wastelanders,

Before I get to release dates and upcoming features I wanted to take a minute to talk about some of the less sexy but ultimately critical things we’ve been working on. Game stability has been a major issue for us since the conversion to free-to-play (players!) and every relevant resource has been working on isolating and fixing the issues that led to crashes, strange attributes for players and mounts, and the rare but still impactful chickening. Fixing these issues has taken much longer than we would have liked, but as of this STOG, we feel that we have eliminated the major issues allowing us the opportunity to address some of the legacy issues and “pre-existing conditions” such as rubber-banding and frame rates . Programming will address the rubber banding, while the Art team works on frame rate issue starting with the town that affects the most players – Embry.

In order to fix the Embry issues Devo and his team have redone the majority of the assets for the town, replacing older high-poly, high-batch buildings with newer ones that will improve performance and the overall aesthetic appeal of the town – in short the town looks and functions better. During this process Devo has developed new methods of town-building that will allow us to quickly address other towns that have similar frame rate issues, we have our list of known offenders, but we also want to hear from you. Post towns that you regularly experience issues with in the comments or on the forums!

So, while programming and art have been working on stability and frame rate issues – along with some other projects Devo may have been hinting at on the forums, scripting and content have been continuing to work on improving and developing new features. Neverender has been testing and tweaking Territory Control on the PTS – huge thanks to everyone who has gotten on and tested with us -while Affa has been working on…well everything from World Events and Faction Mechanics to Harvesters for Territory Control. He and Maenad and the whole team really have also been working on a ton of future content in the form of Farms and my personal favorite new system…the augmentation system! We started preliminary work on this earlier, but its back and better than ever. More details once we get closer to a release date.

Fafnir and the content folks have been putting the X-mas event together as well as working on some missions for that dreadful 30-35 gap. We’ll be taking the opportunity to get into some more LifeNet and Global Tech storyline as well as start to get to know one of our favorite villains a bit better. Our goal with content is to parallel track the addition of more sandbox features with more storyline and lore. There are some plot threads we want to pick up and run with, so the next few months we will be gearing up for some major stuff on the plot side cumulating in what will be one of our biggest events ever.

Okay, so - dates. Territory Control, a more useful Map, the first World Events and New Embry will be mid-December along with any other features we can ninja in before the QA cutoff date.

Early next year, we will be taking Territory Control Globally and making the shoulder faction changes , check out the last blog for more details.

You guys know how much I hate to give dates so from there things get a little less specific, but shortly after Global Territory control we will be adding more progress towns, farms, the augmentation system, and a few systems still too new to mention.

It’s going to be busy around here, but we always try to find time to read the forums and be in game to hear what you have to say.

See you in Territory Control!



  1. Haven eats frames rates and spits back nothing. Always has IMO its worse than Embry.

  2. Great feedback that touches on current issues.

    The towns that seem to cause the most crashes for me are Haven, New Flagstaff and Traders Flat.

  3. Haven is by far the worst. New Embry is looking great!

  4. I always had alot of problems at Pass Chris. lots of rubberbanding and problems with the mailboxes. it was never that populated, but it always had lots of issues. New flagstaff could use a makeover too. So whats the ETA for the new missions for the lvl 30-35 gap?

  5. Nice, most thanks(since I'm not that into PvP in FE yet)for working on the frame rate issues in the towns. For me the worst towns, regarding frame-rate, I have visited so far are Embry, Haven(by far the worst) and i guess it either is Picus Ridge or New Flagstaff, at least I can tell whenever I'm in the Gallows or so and turn in direction of Picus Ridge/New Flagstaff my FPS drops to a felt 10 or less, this for me personally makes combat in the Gallows quite difficult since you cant always avoid turning in that direction :/ But still many thanks that you're working on it! Love Fallen Earth <3