Tuesday, August 7, 2012

August Update!

This July was a pretty great month in terms of what has been done to eliminate some outstanding issues, and also build towards the future with our Next Big Thing update coming in September. Some highlights:
  • Mounts: We've made loads of progress on how mounts are handled on both the client and server side. Expect to see a lot less weirdness (rubberbanding, disappearing vehicles to name a few) when cruising the Wasteland, reducing some of the everyday annoyances that folks have to deal with.
  • The Dump: We know the debuff issue has been lingering for a while, a result of the fix requiring a ton of investigation on how the engine handles area-bound buffs. Our new developer-ninja has been working to eliminate root cause of the underlying issue, and we hope to have a fix out soon.
  • Server stability under load: Some players may be more familiar with this than other, but issues that sometimes cause levels, character models and inventories to display weird/incorrect data should be resolved with upcoming patches.
  • Bloodsports: Our next major project from a "fix stuff" perspective will be focused around Bloodsports, including everything from movement prediction to objective completion bugs. We hope to release this around the same time as our Next Big Thing.
And just because we've been spending loads of time fixing things doesn't mean there isn't still good stuff on the horizon. Next up is Neverender, with a glimpse at some of the upcoming game updates.

Next Big Thing
Ahoy, Neverender here! I’m sure you’ve all been wondering what those silhouettes were in the last update we did. If you guessed “completely badass new weapons that will melt your face off”, you were correct.  GlobalTech Ordnance of Rapid Extermination (G.O.R.E.) weapon plans have been discovered and these babies are unlike anything else in the Wasteland you’ve encountered! But be warned, it can be a bit hazardous to acquire the plans and necessary materials to construct these instruments of destruction.
Some of the materials required can be found at an abandoned GlobalTech dump site, but there have been reports of a creeper den in that area. But this isn’t just any creeper den, as it is protected by the monstrous Crabbahoak. Nobody that has laid eyes on this beast has survived. But they were clones, so they still told us all about it. It’s pretty gruesome; I’ll spare you the details.

In other parts of the Wasteland, the Cult of the Dead has re-emerged with a scheme to use G.O.R.E. technology to further their own interests. Protected by Queen Lilith and her Pale One minions, this technology will have to be pried from their lifeless fingers.

There’s been a lot of buzz about the last area. Well, a lot of buzz, and then some screaming, and a lot of running. As soon as we’re able to get more intel on that we’ll be sure to let you know!
Anyway, the team has had a lot of fun designing and testing this new content and we’re looking forward to sharing more with you soon.

-Neverender and the Fallen Earth Team


  1. This comment has been removed by the author.

  2. AWESOME!!! more things to pound into crafting mats :) looking good.

  3. Beers for Admins, that they do that game better ;)

  4. Actually looks...interesting. Now the major question:
    How varied are the weapons?
    Will there be 1 of each type(assault rifle, shotgun, battle rifle, sniper, light pistols, medium pistols, heavy pistols, 1hand melee, 2hand melee etc)?
    Will the fights be interesting fights or boring heal/dps fights?

    At least seems interesting...guess will have to see. Although hopefully pvp picks up at that time(for some reason i doubt it with the release of guild wars 2).

  5. There are 3 new weapons, which can be spotted in the screenshots posted here as well as the silhouettes in the earlier blog post. By the numbers, the new weapons are each in a category of their own and don't really fall cleanly into the types you listed. The rifle is a bit of a sniper/battle rifle hybrid, the pistol puts my Neverender's Revenge guns to shame, and the melee weapon is an awesome 2-handed sword.

    Regarding the fights themselves, we're very pleased with how they've turned out. We don't expect groups to survive their first attempts fighting any of the three new bosses. With skill and strategy, the bosses can be defeated with a small group of players. For the most part, all three of the classic roles (Tank/Heals/DPS) will be needed. Our goal was to end up with three unique boss fights that are both challenging and a lot of fun to play.

  6. Thanks for adding new weaponry and bosses :)! any chance we get any other goodies like housing or new vehicles or bug fixes?please let us know though i know it is early,housing especially would boost morale of the players also the same would happen with new vehicles!We love you guys!

  7. Housing and more vehicles would be awesome. Also, will fasteners be craftable again anytime soon?

    1. i remember people asking for those things over a year ago.. dont think its ever going to happen. sorry.

  8. Still no mention of serious balance improvements and making the character build system less one sided.

    I cancelled my premium to this game because they completely ignore the things I care about patch after patch after patch.

    1. Good to see improvements and bug fixes but... I wonder how adding 3 uber weapons will increase the weapon variety. In the end there will be no choice: these 3 tools are going to be the best in the game so everyone will have them.

      And still no AI improvements and fixes to the XP system. Which means that we will always do the same tings, just with a new weapon :|

    2. That's exactly why I stopped paying for this game. The devs don't seem to understand that free build system should mean that you get a large variety of character, but they set up the whole system so that there are a tiny number of uber builds that everyone who wants to be competitive uses. You get more variety in a class based system like WoW than in FE because of how bad the skill system is broken.

  9. I cant Update the game It get stuck at %0 No matter what I tried ( Running as Admin disabling firewall and antivirus ) I downloaded the game with 800kbps but now It seems to download the patch with 0.01 KBPS whats this? What can I do?

  10. Nice place to ask for support Bigman... Sometimes the updater seems to be stuck, but it's not. Ask on Tech Support forum!

  11. Why is there a debuff if I can't take keeps?
    You people have the worst marketing strategy I have ever seen.

  12. Is there any chance you can finally let that Blackjack patch move forwards so we can play. A developer posted many updates ago that he had resolved the issues, but it's never moved forwards in any of the past patches.

    Even if it is still a bit glitchy, heck that's why they call it gambling. I'd just like to keep ticking on with getting my achievements, and I need those if I'm going to be able to do them all.

    Thanks for your endeavors!


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