Wednesday, October 17, 2012

October Bug Blog!

I mentioned last time that we were working on some bug fixing, but thought you might appreciate some more specifics on what we’ve been doing, and will continue to work on.

What we have fixed on Live:

We’ve found one cause of a reoccurring bug where players are not getting the correct deathtoll for CFT kills and matches. We’ve put a fix for this on live and are monitoring the situation to make sure we have addressed all cases of this

Also on live is a fix for players with no faction entering keeps.

What we have fixed internally, waiting to be pushed Live:

We have fixed one case of doors not opening in the Earthbound bunker instance.  We had a similar issue with the Briggs Point instance that required a more drastic fix and as a result the Access Denied mission chain is being reworked.

In some cases harvesters were not correctly communicating their state and appearing broken to players trying to use them. We have added more ways to communicate the current state of the harvester to the players.

Neverender has also restored functionality to the broken keep lifenet pods and adding vaults to the keeps that are missing them.

What we are currently fixing:

Cooldown Bug:
Alarik and I were able to track down more information on the most problematic causes of this bug and he is now working towards a solution. 

Commander Aura bugs: 
Our fearless producer Napalm got into the bug fixing action on this one and is working with Alarik on a solution.

Art Bugs:
Ninjanomicon has been smoothing out locations where players get stuck and looking into an exploit or two.  He’s also looking in some issues with weapons causing framerate issues.

Effects issues:
In addition to the cooldown bug, we’re also looking at effects in general. There have been issues with equipped mutations affecting weapon damage so we are working on diagnosing that issue as well.

What we’re going to fix next:

Vehicle bugs:
We have fixed some cases of vehicles becoming “super parked” or vanishing while players are riding them, there are others out there we are working to identify.  There are also some vehicle exploits we will be addressing.

Bloodsports Bugs:
Tee Affo is going to be addressing possible Bloodsports exploits and difficulties players have been having leaving Bloodsports.

So we’ve got our hands full for a while.  We’ll keep you posted on our progress. We will continue to update the Patch Notes page as these fixes are pushed Live.



  1. Good luck and happy bughunt!hope it turns out victorious :)!each bug squashed=game stability and success!best of luck to the team :)!

  2. What can I say? I'm glad to see such feedback / description about the current bug killing of you guys. Most people are raging about lotta things, but bugs are the most complaining thing on a game. So, well, keep up the work and good luck on it. =)

    I suppose that we won't have any kind of future improvements (like GORE and stuff) while the team is very busy correcting the bugs, right?

  3. is this a bug i am finding it hard to fined my way round lifenet the very beginning of the game but all i see i the color white and my game keeps on lagging to hell

  4. According to the Framerate issue, I got an Idea. it's as follows:

    I used to play a Game Called Jade Dynasty, however there was an option where you hide all other players/pets, you can only see NPC and monsters, it saved a lot of Framerate issue. it might help if you'd develop something the same. I'm sure it's not easy and would take a lot of work, but it's for your developers to put the weight of the story card. =)

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