Monday, October 1, 2012

October State of The Game

October State of the Game:
Summer is finally over, and as the days get longer and colder the Fallen Earth team is doubling down in to one of our oldest fall traditions – bug fixing. We’ve added two new programmers to the NC Team to help us with this, both of them old friends we’re happy to have on the team. So If you see Alarick or Tee Affo wandering through the wastes, please take the time to stop, say “Hi!” and tell them what bugs you want squashed.  In the short term Alarick has been digging in to stability issues while Tee Affo has been looking into World Event issues and cleaning up Road Rally bugs. From there we have a list of issues ranging from further improving Mount behavior to fixing “stuck” cooldowns and reload bugs.

As we get most of these (and other major) bugs into QA, it’s back to content.  In the coming months we are going to be rolling out some new features that are designed to raise the difficulty level for our max level players, and wanted to provide a bit of a power boost before then. The G.O.R.E. system is part of this, and while I can’t go into too much detail yet, I can say that there will be new experiences for crafters, PvErs  PVPers, lore fanatics and everyone generally wondering what’s going on with the District.  We will be adding challenges specifically for small groups as well as larger team based scenarios, new max level recipes and what will be the first step towards a feature we’ve been wanting to add to the game for a very long time… It promises to be one of the most “fitting” additions to Fallen Earth, so stay tuned for more info in the weeks to come!

Trick or Treat!


  1. I think my housing-sense is tingling! Keep up the good work folks.

  2. I Hope so it is housing or new vehicles and weapons and armours,keep up the work guys!!!

  3. If you're saying about housing system, so you got my ears and eyes focused.

    New recipes are yet a good-to-go, but, I wish to recommend that the dev team take a look at the whole recipe list, as some items became, somehow, "obsolete" with other kinds of crafting (example ... why make a single Enhanced Armor torso lv 50 if you can make/buy a Mesoprene/Hexweave suit?)

    For sure bugs and bugs, can't say much. Keep the work on it, folks. A stable game is a good game. And ... a word of advice. Give some value to the "personall conversation" with the players. Some of them have enough experience (ingame and, sometimes, with programming and computer system or other knowledges) to help the dev team. Remember the community is also part of the game team, indirectly, so ... use it as much as you can: we won't complain, much opposite, we will be glad to help enhance the game ;D

  4. Yes I will agree with Rogerio here,listen to the community many people want to add a hand or two :) we need to help you out guys :)!