Thursday, December 5, 2013

2013 is winding down here and we're going out with a bang!

We've been putting the finishing touches on our Xmas event - the Grunch will be making his return to the wasteland and bringing with him new goodies for players to collect including but not limited to a new car, new camp, clothes and more. 

We also have some new and timely items we will be adding to the cosmetic boxes at the end of December that celebrate some of the many nationalities or our players.  We will be continuing to add to this particular collection so everyone who wants to can represent!

On top of that we're doing some "winter cleaning" and focusing on getting some bug fixes checked off our list as well as some long requested storage features.

From bug fixing we go into the New Year and The Outpost. 

The Outpost will be a combination of different features we have been working on for the past few years. We will be combing them to provide players will a new area to not only explore, but build. Our focus for this expansion is putting more control of the players experience in their hands and giving crafters more of a role at the higher levels.  

The Outpost will also tie in a lot of the separate systems, we wanted to give people who have a favorite activity a way to use that to grow the game.  We don’t want to phase out any existing system, but make them a key component in the growth of Fallen Earth. 

2014 is shaping up to be an exciting year in the wasteland. See you there!

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Happy November!

As we move in to the Holiday season the team is concentrating on some of the more pervasive issues that have cropped up in Fallen Earth. The first priority is resolving the unforeseen issues involving the datacenter. While this is not a simple task, we can say we have discovered the cause of the issues and are quickly moving to eliminate the problems. 

While we investigate the other issues we have moved to a twice a week maintenance schedule to help reduce the impact on players.  While it’s not a solution to the lag, it is a step towards finding  a long term solution.
On the design side we are working on an Xmas event that will bring some new seasonal –themed recipes and clothing to the wasteland as well as some new non-holiday clothing rolled out between now and the end of the year.  

And we are starting on The Outpost.  While I can’t go into too much detail yet, this will be content for high level players that focuses on exploring and reclaiming the wasteland with a strong emphasis on crafting.  We’ll also be revealing a bit more about the original occupants of the Canyon.  

While we work on the Outpost we will also be putting out small quality of life tweaks to Group EXP and DT formulas and other bugs and balance issues so keep an eye on the forums for upcoming PTS test times and dates. 

See you in the Wasteland

Monday, September 23, 2013

Anniversary State of the Game:

Happy anniversary Wastelanders! Starting on the 23rd we are kicking off a week of in game events, special sales, exclusive items, and prizes ending with a huge celebration hosted by our favorite GM Tiggs!
In addition to these events, we will also be releasing a patch on Wednesday that will bring a bit more balance to the wasteland as well as some new hoodies and outfits for the Black Box.

We are also opening up the PTS to everyone for some final testing on the AP Augmentable weapons. We had originally wanted to put them on live with the anniversary patch, but after initial testing we decided that this was a system we wanted more testing and feedback on, so rather than release a potentially unfinished system we are going to give it a bit more time on the PTS.

So while you guys are taking a break from testing on the PTS, hop on to live and play with the Devs, win prizes and chat about future projects! Devs will be in game various times through the week and this Saturday from  12pm -9PM EST Tiggs is throwing a huge party in Barret Manor.

Thanks for making these past four years some of the most fun we’ve ever had!


Thursday, September 5, 2013

State of the Game:

Happy Birthday Month Fallen Earth!

In a few short weeks Fallen Earth will be celebrating its 4th year.  To properly celebrate  we will be releasing the AP Augmented weapons. In order to get these out we will be enlisting PTS testers to give feedback on balance.  Keep a close eye on the forums and FaceBook for instructions on how to send in your testing application.

The goal of the AP weapons is to give players a new way to build out their characters and make use of all the extra AP floating around. This system will allow players to not only add additional damage types, but buff stats and some skills.  Similar to stating your character there will be limits to how many points players will be able to spend in each stat, skill and damage type. 

In addition to releasing the AP weapons, we have also been looking at the state of weapons overall.  Rifles have been long regarded as underpowered, with Assault and Battle rifles not filling any particular role in combat. We’ve been testing a few different potential solutions with an overall goal of making the rifles more useable in combat without seriously detracting from pistols. Our current plan is to release these changes and some minor effects tweaks on live along with the AP weapons.  

We’ve also been working on getting some of the more requested clothing items out to players, for more on that here is Wiggles with some behind the scenes info on what the artists have been up to.

Hello, Wiggles here. 

Time for some new fall fashion, with some new outfits to replace some of those worn out rags you be wearing. With the approaching winter months coming up, it's always good to have a few hoodies around to fight the chill. We have the Camo Hoodie for hiding, Wing Hoodie for rocking out, and the Gearhead Hoodie and Gear Pants for cruising and working on your ride.

 I've always liked the look of Phoenix Plate armor, so I made a painted up version and you can color it however you see fit.

For the game's 4 year anniversary in September, the Lifenet suit got a revamp and will be given out to subscribers for being awesome.

Ninja pitched in and made an awesome new duster with some removable spiky shoulder pads, so it can be used for safe hugging or scrappy fighting, your choice. Some things to keep an eye out for later are more dyeable accessories and clothes like boots, belts, and head wear, as well as holiday wear. My favorite thing though, is a special surprise in the works for any fans of the Breaking Bad series, for its final season, and is on track to be out before it concludes.

And of course we had to make something Tiggs would like - 

See you in the wasteland!

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

August State of the Game

Now that the Dome is on live, we can turn our attention to the AP Augmented Weapon system. We delayed releasing these with the Dome to ensure that we were able to fully focus on one major project at a time.  Now that we can give the weapons our full attention, we can also tell you more about them!

What are they?
AP Augmented weapons are high end weapons that have stats and skills you can spend excess AP on. These stats and skills will add buffs to your character, increase the amount or change the type of damage weapons can do, and give you another path to improve your character beyond just leveling up. 

How do I get them?
The recipes and components for the AP will be purchasable from either the Dome merchant or at one of your local neighborhood Deathtoll Merchants.

Are there going to be shotguns?
Yes, a rifle and a pistol shotgun

Are you going to fix rifles?
When we introduce the new AP weapons we are also going to look at the balance point of several different types of weapons that already exist in FE and bring them more in line with what we want the damage levels to be.

Are they going to be on PTS?
Yes.  We want to get everyone’s feedback on these so we are going to make sure they are on PTS for a bit before we take them live.

What are you doing after that?
We want to look at opening the map a bit but in less of a traditional, discover quest hub, do missions, and move on kind of way.  After looking at the player response to features such as Citadel and Farms, we want to focus more on the players impact on the world and let everyone drive the action more.  We have a rather ambitious plan for both PvE and PVP and once we get the AP weapons on live we can start revealing more details about it.

See you in the wastelands – and on the PTS