Friday, April 5, 2013

April State of the Game

Happy April!
The cold weather seems to be behind us and all of us at FE are focusing on the New! Except for Tee Affo, he’s still bug fixing like a maniac, but more on that later. Last month Neverender gave an inside peek at the new feature he’s working on as well as the new augmentable weapons Alarik and I have been  designing, this month everyone’s favorite ninja is here to show off his latest labor of love -

An all new vehicle: the Vandal!

Hi friends, Ninjanomicory here!
I'm getting an opportunity to put the finishing touches on this project that's been in the works since the chopper debuted. The screenshots are of the high detail model of one of the versions of the car, and I'm in the process of getting this into the game world. There will be hood scoops, and air dams, and side pipes. I'll be doing several different (read: awesome) custom color options for this ride once it hits the wasteland.

As mentioned above, Tee Affo would also like to fill us in on the bug fixes he’s been working on over the past few weeks –

Hey guys, It's Tee Affo,
My recent work has been attempting to track down remaining Blood Sports issues.  Some of you may have noticed that, at random, Assault liked to kick you for no reason.  We tracked down the issue in the code, and are still arguing vigorously over who introduced the bug, Neverender or myself. While that argument may never be settled, the issue is gone for good.

Secondly, I dug into the "boss disappearing" Assault issue. Although initially we suspected that he was just going on vacation to Hawaii, we eventually figured out that the big guy had somehow managed to lodge himself under the floor.  So now, if we notice he's down there, we put him back where he's supposed to be.

Thirdly, sometimes absolutely insane things happened related to teams in Bloodsports.  Some players ended up on teams that no longer existed, sometimes players spawned in on no team, and sometimes all players were all on the same team.  That shouldn't be happening anymore either.

I'm hard at work on the handful of major issues we're still seeing - hopefully none of you will be cloned at lifenet facilities when you leave a Blood Sport very soon.

It’s been a busy month for us, and we’re not letting up any time soon!



  1. Is that car would be craftable or market only? Do you plan make combat version as well?

  2. And finally it will be multipassenger vehicle? If so, i buy it even from shop!

  3. Don't bicker over who may or may not have introduced the bug, instead just work together as professionals and get it done. Granted, you fixed this one but there will always be bugs around. As a professional programmer myself, I know that it matters not who coded something that had a bug in it, it's who steps up to find the damn bug and squash it, even if I or someone else created code that was buggy. Just remember, bugs are everywhere, there is no coder that has ever created perfect code.

    We're human, software is created by humans as is the hardware, it's not perfect nor are we.

  4. Dear Alex B.

    I believe it's called "humor", a small playful line of words to give people a good harmless giggle and therefor is not to be taken so seriously.

  5. But Will it be Craftible? ,, If So How Long And How Much Would it Cost To Make?.
    I Also Think Other Modles Of That Car Should Be In The Shop.
    Like Basic Modle should be Craftible..

  6. I really hope this thing is craftable.


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